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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Randomness and Passions

Well, my first week of my Walking to Work Challenge is over.  I don't work on Fridays, but I did get a small walk in just I could keep my momentum up.

I work on Saturdays.  Sometimes I wish that I didn't, but we need to be accommodating for those customers that work during the week.  I actually don't mind it at all, unless there is something going on that I have to miss.  Our Saturday doggies are all regulars and we know exactly what to expect so it makes the day easy :)

My walk to and from work on Saturday was lovely.  I really didn't even mind doing it.  I actually looked forward to the walk home to decompress before dealing with home and Greg:) 

Here is poor Laker
watching Mia and I leave her behind :(

This is our new friend, from a neighbor's house, 
who watches us walk home every day :) 

I wanted to get a walk in today, but it has been raining all day here.  I have to admit, that I wouldn't have even had to make myself walk.  I really am beginning to enjoy it.  It's not as boring as I made it out to be:) 


Last night my daughter Blayne spent the night with her two doggies.  I love having her here.  We both love movies.  We watched Disney's "Frozen", which she has seen many times, but I haven't.  I loved it of course.  We also watched "Cabin in the Woods", which we both have seen but it's been awhile.   I know, two totally different movies, but I am a horror movie freak and I'm not ashamed to admit it :)   

I have to share this picture of her two pups.  They are just adorable and even tho the "tinny black terror one" rules the house, my dogs love them....for the most part :) 

Meet Josie (ears down)
and Stella (ears up)

Last picture.....I promise :)

I wanted to share an updated picture of  My Sanctuary.  I added some curtains to it.  It really makes it feel so homey.  I feel like I'm in South Carolina on a plantation or something.  Greg loves it too.  Blayne saw this look on Pinterest and I just loved it!!


Today at our church, our graduating senior's were acknowledged during Mass.  Afterwards, I stopped to talk to a friend whose youngest is graduating and leaving for the Air Force.  We talked about the empty nest feeling and how now we have to find ourselves.  I think that many of us have this feeling.  Whether you work outside the home, or are a stay at home mom, our lives revolve around our kids.  In my case, I was a stay at home mom until our youngest was 5, then we started our business.  I really think that I gave up my self in the process of being that mom who did it all.  I know many moms who do both.  Moms who are able to be wonderful, hands on moms, and still have a life.  I, unfortunately didn't do that.  I forgot that I was supposed to live too.  I never cultivated any close friendships because I didn't work outside of the home and I just never took the time to do it.  I never developed any hobbies, or did things just for myself.  That is my fault.  I am making that conscious effort to change that.  That's what "Finding Lori" is all about.  My weight, my mental and emotional growth, my social development, it's all a process that should have been a priority years ago, but for whatever reason, it was all put on the back burner.  I think the first thing that started my change, was when I started going out socially.  Girls night out with my family, coffee out with my sister, these little things have shown me that I am a women, not just a mom.  I never really used to do these things on a regular basis.  I can get dressed up, look good, have fun and it's OK.  I'm bringing Lori back.  

I think we all need to have a hobby.  To have that one thing, or more, that is ours.  We all need to find our passion.  Finally, I am finding a lot of things that I am passionate about.  Choir, blogging, my church meeting groups.  Even having lunch or coffee with a friend.  Anything that shows you that you are important.  That you are a women.  That you matter.  Anything that puts you first.  Joining the choir at my church was the first hobby type thing that I did.  I had wanted to join for awhile, but that meant sitting in the choir, and leaving Greg in the pew without me.  Besides, there was practice every Wednesday night, and that meant time away from the family.  I finally made the decision to put myself first, and joined.  There....Done.  I have loved every minute of it since.  We all need to make that decision.  Do it now,  Don't wait until you are almost 50, and your kids are grown and gone before you realize that you need to live.  Find your love, find your passion, find yourself!!


"Finding your passion
 is about finding your authentic self.
The one you've buried beneath 
other people's needs."
~Kristin Hannah


  1. Great advice. Even though I'm a new mom, I feel like I am "finding myself" now. I was always so busy with work that I was too tired and never had the time to do things I loved or make friends. While I don't have a ton of time now, I'm trying to make time for myself and am beginning to make friends.

  2. Great job with the walking! And I love that quote at the end of your post. I am very quick to take care of others but tend to neglect myself.

  3. I really love the design of your blog. I want to get mine changed now too.Your dogs are so cute,
    Thanks for dropping by :)

    Really like that garden, gnome!