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My blog was started to help me come to terms with turning 50, to find myself as I become an empty nester, and to help me with my weight loss journey. (Update Here)
I am in an amazing place in my life so now follow me as I move forward with the good and the bad, my continued wieght loss journey and just my life!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Girls Weekend!!

Saturday we left for our annual girls weekend to celebrate my 2 nieces and my daughters birthdays.  We do this every year just to celebrate the girls in our family.  This year since I turned 50, my SIL bought some decorations and a crown for me too :)

We go to a beautiful big old resort that has gold, zip-lining, a huge obstacle course in the trees, plus the usual, pool, hot tub and sauna.  In the winter they have snowboarding, tubing, and skiing.  We drove up early so that my sister and daughter could do the obstacle course and zip-lining.  I opted out of both due to my knee, and I just didn't want to do it....it's a height thing and it just looked way to hard for me being this size.  While they were gone (3 hours)  I sat and read and just wandered around the Inn.  Later my SIL and nieces met up with us!  Here are some pictures of our fun weekend :)

Just a picture from the website to show you what the obstacle course looks like....Maybe someday I'll be able to do it.......

My daughter Blayne and my sister Connie, gearing up for the course!

Here we are in the hot tub.  My niece Alyssa is expecting so she just sat with her feet in and took the picture for :)   Note the male sitting among us ladies.....That is Trayton, my great nephew with his mom Ariel, no sitter for him so he was the first boy to infiltrate our girls weekend :)  He was an absolute sweetheart!! :)

At dinner....My SIL Julie, and sister Connie :) 

Little Trayton :) 

Nieces, Ariel and Alyssa :)
Sisterly love :) 

Me and Blayne :) 

Our toast to family and love!

Outside on the playground getting ready to go home.

We had such a wonderful time swimming, relaxing, talking, eating and drinking with a little bit of mischief of course :)  Girl time is something that I crave!
Spending time away from home, is just what we needed!  We are in all stages of life, and I learn something new from them all the time!!


Friday, September 25, 2015

A Day in My Life

I thought I'd try something a little different and fun today and show you what a day in my life is like.  I picked a Wednesday.  Wednesdays are our long days at work, so we don't start until noon,  and then we work later to accommodate some of our working customers.  Since there are only 4 or 5 Saturdays in a month we need these late days for overflow from Saturdays.  Yes, I work every Saturday, but we have Mondays and Fridays off, so it all works :)  Oh, and if you don't know already, I am a dog groomer.  My sister and I opened up The Dapper Dog Grooming Salon 15 years ago.  The salon is located in our small town in a building on my sister's property, which also happens to be just thru my back yard about 1/4 mile from my house.

Anyway here is my typical Wednesday.......

I usually start my days around 7:00.
On nice days like today, I am always 
out on my back porch, we call The Sanctuary.
Coffee and my kindle are heaven!

My sister, my daughter Blayne and I are doing a book club and this is the book we chose. We love reading books pertaining to the season, so we thought this one would be fun for Fall!! 

Watching Laker and Ava play on The Sanctuary.

My breakfast, since I'm trying to eat that now :) 

11:30.....Time for work........Ava hates her leash!!

We just got to the end of the driveway 
before she needed to be picked up.
Lazy or Spoiled??  You decided! 

I get to see my parents home when I walk to work.  It's calming knowing they are both in there puttering around, probably getting ready to go the Casino :)   They live right across the road from my sister. 

My sister's house, and our business!!

My sister Connie, hard at work 
cleaning our friend Macey's ears!

For our coffee break, when its nice, we go to a place in my sister back yard we call, "The Adirondacks".  Beautiful comfy Adirondack chairs hidden behind a big fence, is the perfect spot for a coffee break!  ( See sweet Ellen in the background )

This is Connie's huge sunflower that I told you about!  
Isn't it just beautiful??!!

Back to work and Connies dogs
 Ellen and Greta, know the way!  
They wait like this for us every day!!

We don't take a lunch break, we just eat when we have time.  
We take a longer break for coffee instead because that is more important :) 

My lunch.

 Snuggle time with cousin Greta 
while we are working.

On our way home, Ava and I 
walked through the woods instead of the road :) 

Usually on Wednesdays, I have Choir practice at 7:00 at my church, but today, we got out of work after 7:00 so I couldn't go....So it was out to the The Sanctuary for some down time to just sit and relax!  We do this most days as long as it's nice! 

 Time for Dinner!

Our typical night includes Seinfeld, 
even tho we've seen every episode 10 times :)
It's a classic!

After Seinfeld, I usually go down stairs to the family room to watch my shows, and Greg stays upstairs and usually watches 10 shows at a time...Yes....he is a flicker!

Wednesdays are the new My Big Fat Fabulous Life.  This is Whitney and her father Glen doing a 5K called the Tuxedo Trot :)  I just love her and she helps me love myself!

Next is usually Netflix for me.
Right now I am watching Heart of Dixie. 
 It is super cute and fun!

After my shows, I usually try to get in some reading, but usually I am to tired.  I try to be in bed by 11:30 or 12:00.  

Well, that's a day in my life.  All in all it's pretty low key and relaxing.  It's so very quiet with all the kids gone.  I feel very blessed to be able to just slow down now.  

Thanks for taking the time to see what my days are like.  
Maybe we will get to see what a day in your life is like?!?!  :) 


"Take a deep breath, 
and just enjoy your life."


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Take Care of You!

I came across this the other day and it made me think.  I know we look at a lot of these kind of things, but do you ever really SEE them?  

We all know you should take care of yourself physically.  Taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally is just as important.  I think working on this aids in success in whatever you are trying to accomplish.   It may be weight loss, a new relationship, letting go of a relationship, dealing with children, etc.  If you don't put yourself first and work on yourself it's harder to achieve whatever goals you have set.  If you work on your life, you can give much more to others.

Take a look at areas in your life that you can improve on.  On that list, my biggest problem is that I am a people pleaser.  I tend to go along with things I don't don't want to do or don't believe in just because I don't want others to get mad at me.  That is a silly way to live.  I count!  I have my own opinions!  Right?  I am getting better, especially after this year of "finding myself", but I still have some work to do in that area :)

Take care of yourself.  Mentally, physically, emotionally.  Get your life in order.  Be strong. Put yourself first, and you can accomplish anything!


"Taking good care of you means
 the people in your life will receive the best of you, 
rather than what's left of you."

~Carl Bryan, Tennis Coach

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Little Bit of Nothing

Happy Monday!!

I just hate being away so long!  My week flew by and the next thing I know, the weekend is over and I haven't put out a new post all week!  Holy cow!  Forgive me for being so lax in writing :)

My week was good!  Work, shopping with Ava, casino birthday fun with my niece Ariel, movie night with my daughter Blayne.  Geese, no wondering I haven't gotten anything done this week!  I finally did get my fall decorations up outside.  I've been so lazy lately, with no energy.  My sister bought me a beautiful yellow mum, so I was forced to take down my summer stuff.  Pastels and summer theme just didn't go with my mum :)  Thanks Connie for the mum incentive!!  My house looks more in season now :)

My beautiful mum.  It's a little smashed on one side because it blew over in a wind frenzy!

Just sharing some fall fun :)

The chair that Greg hates :) 

Greg's sunflowers.  Ours look a bit sad this year. 
The heads always tilt, but the yellow flower part stayed small.
My sister had one that towers over these! 

 My pumpkin sign.

Fall flag time!

My new sign I just bought! 

Laker was feeling left out of the photo taking :) 

I just love fall.  I am sad that the hot weather is gone, but I do love fall :)


I've been shopping for doggy things for Ava.  Trying to find small bowls and a better carrier than I have now.  Mine, you can see into, and I'm looking for one that is a little more discrete :)  Anyway, I'm also in search of a new purse.  It's fall now and I need a new fall purse!!  I've always been a big bag, kind a girl.  I've recently been looking for a cross body purse, just to change it up a bit.   Do you think I could find one that actually crosses and hangs low on my hip????  Heck no!!  Are they all made for tiny girls?   Every purse that I tried on was way to short and looked ridiculous!  GRRRR!!!   I refuse to buy a new cross body purse until I can either find one that fits, or I lose weight so it will fit!  Incentive?  Oh yes....I do love my purses!!

Let's end with a photo session of Ava on our shopping trip :)   She has a little car seat that she just loves to be in.......

She watches me while I drive :) 

She found the strap!


Remember, if I get to obnoxious with my new baby here, just slap me into reality :) 

What a wonderful start to the week!   Do something little this week to help you be a better friend, a better neighbor, a better person.  

Find something that motivates you to stay on track and have an amazing week!  Mine is a new purse that fits!!  What's your motivation this week? 


"Do something today 
that your future self will thank you for."


Monday, September 14, 2015

A Positive First Day!!

Before I begin, I have to post a picture of little Ava, just because she is so darn cute :)
She is doing great at home, at work and with her "sister" Laker!!

OK, so, I was going to begin my 2 week experiment yesterday, (click here if you haven't read my latest idea) but we celebrated my daughters birthday, and although I could have had my 3 meals and incorporated her birthday cookie cake in my day, I, like usual, went over board, so we just wont talk about that :)

So, here we go........

My weight as of this morning......Don't mind my bad paint job on my toes, I quickly painted them Sunday morning before church, because I forgot to do them the night before.

  Anyway, I wanted to post my starting weight so I could see what if anything will happen.  This is pretty bad considering I WAS doing OK, and I DO have a Christmas goal to get to.  Once again, a gain, and there isn't much more to say about that.  

Today has been a good first day.  I actually had a breakfast.  Eggs and toast with real OJ.  For lunch, Ava and I went to Walmart and went to Subway and I had a 6 inch turkey sub with veggies on wheat bread, and for dinner I will probably get something out with Blayne, because we are going to see a movie.  I feel satisfied so far, but I haven't smelled the popcorn yet.......

Today is a new day!  I am healthy, I am positive, and very thankful for who I am and all that I have!   Nothing can bring me down :) 


"Being positive doesn't mean ignoring the negative, 
being positive means overcoming the negative."

Friday, September 11, 2015

Just Tired

Sometimes I just want to scream, "enough!"....."I'm done!"......"Stop the insanity!"  Does anyone out there remember Susan Powter?  She was a nutritionist and author in the 90's that had the catchphrase "Stop the Insanity!" that she used for her weight loss infomercials.  Anyway, I am feeling that way right now.  For the past 29 years, I have counted calories, counted fat, omitted carbs/sugar, starved myself, and even had a short bout with bulimia.  I have tried diet pills, diet shakes, Weight Watchers, Atkins, "the eat no fat diet", "the eat every other day diet", all in the name of losing weight.  I am tired.  I am tired of constantly thinking of food.  Constantly worrying about not being able to go out to lunch because there is nothing I can eat.  Constantly not eating what everybody else eats, only to go home and eat it anyway and more.  Food is the first thing I think of when I wake up.  Food is the first thing I think of when we plan any outing.  What will I eat?  Should I go off plan for the day?  UGGH.  I am tired.  Tired of having a bad relationship with food.  Food has always been my enemy, when it should be my friend.  Food is a wonderful way to relax with friends.  Breaking bread is one of the oldest practices around.  Sharing food, conversation....why is that a bad thing?  Why??  Because I'm not supposed to eat bread!!  It is the enemy!!  Food is the enemy!!  I'm beginning to think that if I change my relationship with food, then maybe I wont be tempted to over eat, or eat all the wrong things.  I think if  I stop putting so much emphasis on what I'm going to eat, then maybe things will start to change for me with my weight.

What I am doing now is defiantly not working for me.  It's time to mix things up.

Here is my plan for the next 2 weeks.
Yep, here she goes again, making another statement :)

*No scales*

Trying to take the emphasis off the numbers.  
Too much obsessing.

*No tracking my daily food*

I know whats right and wrong to eat.  I know portion sizes.  I know the food pyramid.  I know practically how many calories are in every food.   Sometimes Greg is finished eating, and I am still "plugging" my food into myfitnesspal, then I'm eating alone and shoveling it in with out thinking.  
Too much thinking about food!

*No diet foods*

For me, this is scamming the system.  How much low or no calorie things can I eat so I can eat more.  
Too much processed food!
*Eat what Greg eats for dinner*

I hardly ever eat what Greg eats.  I make my little "diet" food.  Most of the time, I think I cant have what he's having, but in reality his meals are probably the same calories and defiantly more filling, physically and mentally than mine.  This might help me not to binge on things "I can't have".
To much emphasis on the words "I can't eat that"!

*Eat when I'm hungry, but 3 times a day, sitting*

This one is hard.  Believe it or not....I'm never hungry.  I have to force myself to eat most of this time.  Now, when I'm off plan, I can eat like no other, but when I'm watching, usually only eat about 3-4 hundred calories all day until supper time.  I know I have to eat to lose, so three good solid meals a day, sitting and slowing enjoying and I shouldn't be tempted to over eat later in the day, and it will help my metabolism :)
To much telling myself, I need to eat!

I am hoping that this will change my relationship with food.  I am just tired of constantly thinking about what I should eat.  Tired of thinking about what I shouldn't eat, and tired of thinking about when I should eat it.

Sigh......I feel less stress already :)


"Ain't you tired, Ms. Hilly.  Ain't you tired?"

~"The Help",  Aibileen Clark


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Birthday and A New Baby!!

Happy Brithday to my oldest, my beautiful daughter, Blayne!  I can not believe that she is 28 years old today!  I have been blessed since the day she was born.  She was my little white haired wild child, not afraid of anything, and always taking care of her younger brother Connor.  She still is my strong, sweet, compassionate girl, my animal obsessed dog lover, she still "mothers" both of her brothers, isn't afraid to speak her mind, and she is my best friend.  I am so proud of the young woman she has turned out to be!!

 Just a few pictures down memory lane :)

Blayne, 2 years old

3rd Birthday
Ariel the Mermaid Theme :) 
She wanted to be Ariel in the worst way!!

4 years old.
Taking care of Connor :) 

And now, my amazingly beautiful 28 year old :) 

Oh boy does the time go by fast!  It just seems like yesterday we were bringing her home.  New parents.....I just turned 22 and Greg 23.  So young when I look back on it now :)  Sigh!!  


So, now that all my babies are grown, and my little Mia has left me, I decided it was time to get a puppy.  After scanning the papers and internet, setting up meet and greets that never panned out,....searching for just the right little Chihuahua girl, We finally brought her home on Monday..........

Meet our little Ava, or Princess Ava when she's in the mood and acting princess-like :)

She is tiny right now......1.7 pounds and 11 weeks old, but she has room to grow!  She is fitting is so well here, getting along with our Laker,

Fitting in with my sister's dogs Ellen and Greta, when I took her to work with me.  They met Blaynes doggies last night and they all seemed to get along too!!

She is so fun and cute, and has the most adorable personality!  We are just in love with her already!!  I can't wait to go shopping for her and buy her new collars and fun things.  I just don't want to go over board and get strollers, and front carriers for her, because now that I'm done having babies, I could be tempted to go all out and get all of that fun baby stuff that I miss having :)  Stop me if I get carried away please, If  you see picture of me pushing around a dog stroller and carrying a pink diaper bag, feel free to tell me to calm down, and snap me back into reality :)


In other news, I am trying to get back on track after my little vacation.  I blew it Monday, but yesterday I was back on, tracking, and staying in my calorie range.  Hopefully I can keep this up and get out of this gaining, losing rut I am stuck in.  Someone needs to smack me into reality in this area too! :) 

Have a great day!  Stay strong with your choices today, whether it be food or anything else in your life! 


"Whoever said you can't buy happiness, 
forgot all about puppies."

~Gene Hill