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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Girls Trip!!

Hi Friends!

Whew!  This has been one busy week and weekend!  We were super busy at work because we were taking the weekend off for a girls trip!!  My sister, my daughter and I left Friday morning and came home Saturday night!  

All packed and ready for adventure!! 

We went to "Falling Water".  If you want to know more about it click that link :)  Real quick tho, it is the name of an amazing house designed and built in 1936 by the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.  The house is the type of design that is called organic architecture.  This is combining humanity with its environment.  The house is built around the mountain with stone and rocks kind of poking through into the house itself in a lot of the rooms.  Anyway, that's what I learned.  I never thought much about architecture, but during this tour I found myself tearing up a few times just thinking about his vision for this house and admiring all the beauty! :)

Just sharing a few pictures of this amazing house, Falling Water.
Just the name makes me teary :) 

Our first view of the house.

The next two pictures are my favorite of the house.

This little area has steps from the living room 
down to a small spring fed pool
 that the owners used in the mornings
 to wake them selves up.

These steps lead down from the living area also
down to the stream!  
Part of the waterfall starts just behind the stairs there....
How cool would that be?

A view from across the stream.

Connie, Blayne and I at the back of the house.

The drive to Millrun, Pa, where Falling Water is, took about 3 hours and 15 minutes.  During that time we stopped a few times of course for coffee, and snacks, we also listened to a podcast that my daughter listens to.  It's called "Lore".  Lore is a "folklore exploration podcast that combines historical record and eerie stories".  (To quote someone who did a review on it)  Anyways it was interesting, and a little scary....just what we love!  Driving during a girls trip is half the fun!! :)

We stayed at a beautiful old Inn called Summit Inn in Farmington, Pa.  This beautiful, historic Inn was built in 1907, and has had many famous people stay in her!  We checked in and immediately went right for the outdoor pool, hot tub, and then even the indoor pool!  They love the water as much as I do, thank goodness :)

Just a picture of the lobby that I wanted to share.

A shot of part of the front of the Inn.  
This place was so massive 
that it would take like 4 frames 
to show the entire thing.

We ate a wonderful meal on the veranda (doesn't that sound so cool?)  and stayed up all night snacking on chocolate, eating junk food, and deciding whether or not our Inn was haunted. :)  In the morning, we drove to Laurel Caverns  which was just 5 minutes from the Inn.  We toured the cave which was amazing.  I took a few pics, but it was darkish so many of my pictures didn't come out.

 This one is on our downward decline into the cave. 
 It just kept going and going :)  

We had so much fun on our girls trip.  I am so blessed to have my sister and my daughter in my life as my family and as my friends!

Now, back to reality..........



  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! I would love a waterfall at my house :)

    1. Me too! Just hearing the sound makes you feel so relaxed :)

  2. How fun! Love the picture of the house with the waterfall...I would have to put some kind of seating at the spot so I could always enjoy the view.

    1. Yes! Right near the falls would be perfect!

  3. That looks like a really fun trip! I've been to quite a few caves and they just freak me out! I don't think I ever want to go in one again.

    1. I know what you mean. I was a little nervous in there too!

  4. Think I found you through Shelley's blog so came over to take a look. What a fun trip and the inn you were staying is beautiful.

    1. Thanks for stopping in! The Inn really was beautiful...old...huge, and set on top of an enormous hill :)