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My blog was started to help me come to terms with turning 50, to find myself as I become an empty nester, and to help me with my weight loss journey. (Update Here)
I am in an amazing place in my life so now follow me as I move forward with the good and the bad, my continued wieght loss journey and just my life!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Whats in a Number and Losing the Control

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Grrr....  It has been raining here all day, all day yesterday, most of the week actually.  I don't mind it if we NEED it, but yeah....we DON'T!!!

Today is weigh in day for me!!  I am happy to say that I am down 5 pounds!!  I realize the my body is adjusting and ridding itself of water etc. but I still like to see my total number going down.  It does wonders for my outlook!!   It just makes me want to continue doing well and to not over do it at all.   I started this new attempt at 232 lbs and last week I was 216 and now I am 211 :)  When I began my blog in January my initial weight was 210 after loosing 22 pounds from October to December with Atkins.  When I went off Atkins around Christmas time, I gain back my weight very quickly.  I've been losing and gaining all my life so this is nothing shocking to me.  I made the decision to count calories and go slowly, allowing myself treats here and there to keep me sane and feeling normal.  This is working for me.  As long as I continue my path, it doesn't matter if I lose my weight.  What matters is that I am making good healthy choices, counting calories, but still living.  I am tired of my life revolving around the fact that I feel the need to get down to a number that someone else says is right for me.  As long as I feel good about my body and how I look, I will be happy :)  I'm not quite sure what weight that will be but I will know it when I hit it :)

I just came home from a small family graduation party for my nephew Paul.  He isn't the kind of kid that likes big huge parties, he love small gatherings with family.  We had a wonderful time and although I did eat a lot of things that I shouldn't have, I don't feel guilty because we should be allowed to indulge once in a while and not have it ruin our life!  Anyway, we had a wonderful time celebrating Paul!  He will be leaving my sister in the fall to go to school, but not far and he will be rooming with my Dominic so that will help her transition to an empty nest :)

Sadly, I only have a few pictures to share.....

The yummy cake!!  

They two youngest family members....
My niece Kierstin and my great nephew Oliver

Reminiscing with my sister and sister in laws was fun, and just a bit sad.   Never again will our kids be little and need us that much.  Never again will we be in control of everything they do, knowing every step, every friend.  Never again will we be in charge of their life.  That is the way life is tho and all that matters is that we raise them to be smart independent kids that can make their own choices, learn from their mistakes and hopefully remember the lessons we've taught them.


"Turning over control of your children's lives
happens whether we want it to or not."


Monday, June 22, 2015

Who Cares??

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today was a beautiful day!!  Our nice hot summer weather is finally here!! :)
Today I spent the day at the beach!  I don't think I went to the beach at all last year.  With my pool and all I just felt like I should be here using it.  But sadly, as you may or may not know, my pool is with us no more.  (read more about that HERE)   Now I have no reason not to go spend the day with the sun and sand!!  For years I have taken my kids to the beach. They've all grown up loving the beach.  I remember seeing "singlets" (our word for single people at restaurants, movie theaters, etc...) at the beach and feeling sorry for them.....wondering why would they be at the beach alone, without kids....how lonely and boring that must be.  Well, you know what?  That "singlet" was me and I was not even a little bit lonely or bored.  I loved sitting there in the hot sun, reading my Kindle, hearing the waves against the sand, and listening to the sea gulls.  Hearing other peoples children laugh and play made me a little nostalgic, but then I was like, hey enough I'm trying to read here :)  I'm just kidding :)  Later in the afternoon my sister and brother in law came and camped out beside me which was wonderful!  We even went in the water which is still a bit cold at 63 degrees, but so refreshing!!

Isn't my beach set up cute and fun?? 

One part of me finding myself is pushing myself to do things that I normally wouldn't do. Going to the beach, walking to find my spot, setting up my beach stuff, taking off my cover up and sitting in the sun...ALONE, was a big thing for me.  I am usually awkward and self conscious.  I usually rely on others to lead the way and go first, but guess what?  I'm a big girl now and I don't care how it looks, who sees me or what they think.  I'm me...take it or leave it, I happily don't care anymore.

That in itself is me finding myself!


"The unhappiest people in this world,
 are those who care the most
 about what other people think."

~C. JoyBell C.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Yay's and Boo's

Happy Fathers Day!!

I love honoring the men in my life who are fathers!  This morning we had a Men of Faith breakfast at our church to honor all the men of the parish.  We, the Ladies of the Rosary cooked for them and we had a wonderful time!  I love spending time with my parish family because that includes my real family as well!!!

My Men
In front, my nephew Josh and my father 
Back left, my brother in law Paul, my nephew Paul
my son Dominic and hubby Greg :)


Now, on to another fun subject!  Happy Weigh in Day!!

I'm pretty happy with my week.  I liked having to weigh in on Sunday because it really helped me stick with it over the weekend.  Now, before you congratulate me, I have to tell you that I do lose fast the first week.  I know it's mostly water but seeing the number jump is good fuel for me to keep going!  With that said.....I lost 6 pounds this week!!   Best of all.  I stuck to most of my goals for the week....

1.  I will track everything that goes into my mouth.
     I did.  Every day.  Everything!!  Yay!

2.  I will stay under my allotted 1260 calories.
     I did!!  I even had calories left over some days.  Yay!

3.  I will go to the gym at least 3 days this week.
     I didn't.   I only did once.  Boo!

4.  I will drink at least 64 oz of water every day.
     I did!  It was hard tho!  Yay!

5   I will be in bed by 11:15 and wake up earlier to add steps to my
     walk to work.
     I was in bed by 11:15 each night, but it rained all
     my work days, so I didn't walk to work!  Yay!! and  Boo!

My thoughts for this weeks goals.

I never realized how little water I drank each day.  I was taking bathroom trips constantly which was hard to do at work!!  I  enjoyed tracking everything and felt more in control than I have felt in awhile, and you all know how much I like to be in control of my food!! :)   I felt an accomplishment staying under my calories.  When I woke up in the morning, I immediately thought about how I didn't over eat junk food the night before and it felt amazing!!!  Now if I can only get back to the gym!!! :)

This is just the beginning.  If I can do this for 2 more weeks, I'll be fine.  It usually takes a good 2 or 3 weeks for me to get into the flow of new habits and to get rid of the need to over eat and make bad choices.   I'm ready!!


"To change your life, change your habits."


Friday, June 19, 2015

Must Love Dogs

Just a quick post to share some pictures of my week.

I had a super exciting thing happen today, but I just got home from my long day and  it is going to take some time to post so I will wait until I have more time.  :) YAY!

I've been kicking but with my food this week!!  Tonight I am still sticking to my plan, which is big for me, because Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are my fun days to eat.   I am determined to stay strong.   Tomorrow is our "take out night" so that will be the real test, along with Fathers Day on Sunday, but, I've got this!

My daughter Blayne is spending the week at my In-Laws cottage.  Despite the rainy weather, she is having a nice relaxing time!  My sister and I went down for the day on Monday.   That day, the weather was beautiful and we had a great time, getting some sun and hanging out with the doggies!  The lake is still pretty cold, so no swimming for me :)

One of my sister's dogs Greta :) 

 Blanye's Josie 

Blayne's Stella

Stella, Josie, and my Laker and Mia 
waiting for a treat from Blayne.

I'm a dog groomer, I have two dogs, and yes, I have no grand babies but I love to babysit my grand puppies :)  


"The world would be a nice place
 if everyone had the ability
 to love as unconditionally as a dog."

~M.K. Clinton

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I Will.....

Happy rainy Sunday!!

Wow has it been that long since I've posted?  It has, and I can tell.  More about that after the fun stuff!!

Friday was my sister Connie's Half Birthday.  What is a Half Birthday?  Well, her birthday is December 13th.  You all know what December is like.  Everyone is crazy busy with thoughts of Christmas, and if you live where I do, it's cold, snowy and yucky.  We usually go out to eat or something but she feels that she never gets to go out and celebrate in the "fun weather".  Our solution??  Half Birthday!!  6 months after her real birthday!!  My nieces weren't able to be there due to work and babysitting troubles, and my other SIL is driving cross country with my brother on a road trip vacation, so it was just a small gathering to celebrate my sister :)

Clockwise from the left....My sister Connie, Me, 
my daughter Blayne, and SIL Julie

There is nothing that makes me feel more like Lori, than girl talk, and dinner with the girls!!


OK, now about the "I can tell I haven't posted in awhile."  I've said it before, I always slack off when I'm not blogging.  I don't know why, but I do so much better when I'm telling everyone my life.  Whatever the reason, I should know by now not to miss too many days in between posts.  So, as you you might guess, I've been not quite up to par with tracking and staying within my calorie range.  I've still been walking to work every day, which is a big change and a good thing, but I haven't been to then gym in a while, except to tan but that doesn't count :)  I usually tell myself, I'll start on Monday.  After last night's feeding frenzy tho, I decided to start getting back on track today instead.  Just that small change might be the thing I need to make this work longer than a week :)  My track record is.....I do absolutely wonderful all week.  Track, make great food choices, then the weekend hits and I seem to think I can eat whatever I please Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I really don't know what comes over me.  It's all mental.  I can talk myself into anything, by lying to myself.  Sad thing is, I believe it.  At least I want to believe that since I was good all week that I can over eat and it wont hurt a thing.  In reality it is total sabotage, because whatever good I did, was ruined and then some.  I used to have my weigh in days on Friday.  Then Friday night I pigged out, and it continued the rest of the week.  That will change.  

Here are my goals for this week

1.  I will track everything that goes into my mouth.
2.  I will stay under my allotted 1260 calories
3.  I will go to the gym at least 3 days this week.
4.  I will drink at least 64 oz of water every day.
5.  I will be in bed by 11:15 and wake up earlier to add steps to my walk to work.

I will weigh in next Sunday and give an update on my goals.

I will do this!


"I can.  I will.  End of story."

~Inspirational Quotes

Monday, June 8, 2015

Timeline Of Love

 Jr. High School Hallway....1980

Greg and Lori meet for the first time.  Lori is 14 and in the 9th grade.  Greg is a cool older high-school boy, 16 and in 11th grade.  After a few weeks of harmless flirting, Lori is bold enough to ask Greg to the 9th Grade Send Off Dance.......Greg accepts :)


Lori has strict parents and is not allowed to "car date" yet.  Greg lives in the next town over.  Since this is way before computers or cell phones, Greg and Lori drift apart.
8 miles is a long way when you can not drive.

  Out front of Lori's house....May 1982

Lori, 11th grade, sits outside, pretending to play with her dog Suzie, knowing that that beautiful yellow car will be driving by at any minute.  Greg, older, graduate, working man, drives past almost daily after dropping a co-worker off from car-pooling.  Finally....today is the day!! Greg stops and they talk.  A date is set for dinner and a movie.

 St. Mary's Catholic Church.....June 8, 1985

Three years later, Lori and Greg are married.  Two years later baby Blayne Nicole was born, a year and a half later, Connor Gregory was born.....5 years after, Dominic Brower was born.  Our little family is complete, and it all began in a small town, in the hallway of a Jr. High School.....

Thirty years ago today, I married my best friend, my high school sweetheart, my life.   We grew up together and because of him, I am the woman and mother I am today.  I am so blessed to have had such a wonderful man pick me to be his.  He has giving me everything I need out of life.  He has been with me through it all and has never judged me, or criticized me.   He supports me, he gives me strength, he does all the outside yard work :)   I have loved him since I was 14 years old, and I will love him until they day that I die.

So......Of course, here is the beginning of our life together.......in pictures :)

16th Birthday

My Sr. Prom
(That is the yellow car I told you about)

1983 Graduate!!

My Graduation Party

That's my SIL Julie with the short hair on the right :)
Yeah....she's been with our family forever!!

30 Year Ago Today!!!!

I feel so truly blessed.  Married to this man, who gave me my three amazing children, a home, and a life.  Here's to 30 more...........


"Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, 
love gives us a fairytale."


Friday, June 5, 2015

Family Love

Happy Friday!

Yesterday was GRADUATION DAY for my nephew Paul!!

First let me post my pictures from my Walk To Work Challenge.  :)

This is just an old crocked sign that I liked 

Not sure what type of flower this is.
It is just growing at the side of the road.

One more day and my challenge will be over.  You may think that since it is just 1/2 mile total to and from work that it is not really a challenge.  But, like I said......it is for me, the non moving, non walking Lori :)

So, last night I got to see my nephew Paul move from being a high school kid, to a soon to be college adult.  It was a wonderful evening and I am blessed to be able to have been a part of it.   This is the same High School that Greg and I graduated from oh so many years ago.  At the end of the evening, it is a tradition to sing the Alma-mater.  While we were signing, I looked over at my father and he was smiling and singing too.  It had slipped my mind that he and my mother both graduated from their as well.  I think in 1961 but I'd have to check to be sure  :)  Sigh!!!  It made my heart sing!!  It was a beautiful ceremony. I think my sister was happy, a little sad, but mostly proud.  Proud of the man her son has grown into.  Compassionate, loving, independent.  He is definitely his own person with his own opinions and his own convictions.  Can you tell I am proud too?? :)

Our high school is on the smaller side.
But hey....we are a small town :)

The Graduating Class of 2015

Here is the Graduate with his dad, my brother-in-law.  
Paul and Paul :)

My beautiful Sister Connie with her boys.  
They are an amazing family and
I am so lucky to be part of their lives.

Isn't my sister just adorable?  She has such style and class :)  Her and Paul have been married 20 years and their love shines through to everyone they are around.  They have raised a wonderful son and I am so glad that he and my son Dominic are so close.  They have been lucky enough to grow up together, cousins, neighbors, friends.  Family is everything!!


"Family is the most important thing in the world."

~Princess Diana

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Connie's Goodbye

Just dropping in before work for a little update on my WTW Challenge.  I'm happy to say that I haven't quit yet :)  I look forward to my walks now, which comes as a surprise to me :)  Here are some pictures from Tuesday and from Wednesday.  Monday's I am off  but didn't walk because I had a pretty extensive dental appointment and didn't quite feel like doing much afterwards.

Tuesdays Pictures.......

These sweet little flowers just caught my eye.  
They were all alone in a huge field.

Walking home from work 
I took a picture of this 
little yard island at a neighbor's. 
So patriotic!

Wednesday morning I found this little guy
 laying in the road.  I think he is lost.

These beautiful Willow Trees are from a neighbors house.
We used to have one growing up and 
I just loved playing on and under it!  
Ours was so full, you could be under the skirt 
and no one could ever see you.  I miss it!

Tonight my nephew graduates from High School.  This is my sister Connie's son, who is like my own son, and Dominic's best friend as well as cousin.  (You've seen pictures on here of him before)  Paul is my sister's only child and although she has been better about keeping her "Connie life" separate from her "Mom life", it will be a loss for her when he leaves for college in the fall.  Graduation is the moment in a parents life when you say goodbye to your child and his childhood and say hello to your adult child and his whole new world.  A totally different relationships builds that is just as fun, exciting, and gratifying as the old relationship was.  It is even better, because now you both gain your independence, and you also gain a friend.  She will loose her little boy, but in the process, gain much more.

Have a beautiful day!!


" I closed my eyes and
 a man stood where a boy used to be. 
 I may not carry you in my arms,
 but I will always carry you in my heart."