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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Connie's Goodbye

Just dropping in before work for a little update on my WTW Challenge.  I'm happy to say that I haven't quit yet :)  I look forward to my walks now, which comes as a surprise to me :)  Here are some pictures from Tuesday and from Wednesday.  Monday's I am off  but didn't walk because I had a pretty extensive dental appointment and didn't quite feel like doing much afterwards.

Tuesdays Pictures.......

These sweet little flowers just caught my eye.  
They were all alone in a huge field.

Walking home from work 
I took a picture of this 
little yard island at a neighbor's. 
So patriotic!

Wednesday morning I found this little guy
 laying in the road.  I think he is lost.

These beautiful Willow Trees are from a neighbors house.
We used to have one growing up and 
I just loved playing on and under it!  
Ours was so full, you could be under the skirt 
and no one could ever see you.  I miss it!

Tonight my nephew graduates from High School.  This is my sister Connie's son, who is like my own son, and Dominic's best friend as well as cousin.  (You've seen pictures on here of him before)  Paul is my sister's only child and although she has been better about keeping her "Connie life" separate from her "Mom life", it will be a loss for her when he leaves for college in the fall.  Graduation is the moment in a parents life when you say goodbye to your child and his childhood and say hello to your adult child and his whole new world.  A totally different relationships builds that is just as fun, exciting, and gratifying as the old relationship was.  It is even better, because now you both gain your independence, and you also gain a friend.  She will loose her little boy, but in the process, gain much more.

Have a beautiful day!!


" I closed my eyes and
 a man stood where a boy used to be. 
 I may not carry you in my arms,
 but I will always carry you in my heart."


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  1. That is so true- the relationship changes but it's better in many ways!