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Monday, June 22, 2015

Who Cares??

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today was a beautiful day!!  Our nice hot summer weather is finally here!! :)
Today I spent the day at the beach!  I don't think I went to the beach at all last year.  With my pool and all I just felt like I should be here using it.  But sadly, as you may or may not know, my pool is with us no more.  (read more about that HERE)   Now I have no reason not to go spend the day with the sun and sand!!  For years I have taken my kids to the beach. They've all grown up loving the beach.  I remember seeing "singlets" (our word for single people at restaurants, movie theaters, etc...) at the beach and feeling sorry for them.....wondering why would they be at the beach alone, without kids....how lonely and boring that must be.  Well, you know what?  That "singlet" was me and I was not even a little bit lonely or bored.  I loved sitting there in the hot sun, reading my Kindle, hearing the waves against the sand, and listening to the sea gulls.  Hearing other peoples children laugh and play made me a little nostalgic, but then I was like, hey enough I'm trying to read here :)  I'm just kidding :)  Later in the afternoon my sister and brother in law came and camped out beside me which was wonderful!  We even went in the water which is still a bit cold at 63 degrees, but so refreshing!!

Isn't my beach set up cute and fun?? 

One part of me finding myself is pushing myself to do things that I normally wouldn't do. Going to the beach, walking to find my spot, setting up my beach stuff, taking off my cover up and sitting in the sun...ALONE, was a big thing for me.  I am usually awkward and self conscious.  I usually rely on others to lead the way and go first, but guess what?  I'm a big girl now and I don't care how it looks, who sees me or what they think.  I'm me...take it or leave it, I happily don't care anymore.

That in itself is me finding myself!


"The unhappiest people in this world,
 are those who care the most
 about what other people think."

~C. JoyBell C.


  1. This post reminds me of my mom. :) She is the same way and is learning to go off on her own a bit more. I'm always self conscious too-- I suppose it's the "always wondering what other people are thinking of me" thing. It's hard to shake that thought process and just do your own thing!

    1. It is hard, but the more you do things out of your comfort zone, the easier it is.....well, that 's what I've been told anyway :)

  2. I absolutely agree with the quote at the end of your post. I'm glad you enjoyed your day at the beach. And I love your beach set-up and how color-coordinated it all is!