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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Goodbye Old Friend

Hello Friends!!

Our pool is dead.  Did I already tell you that?  It's true.  I know it is silly, but this is really sad for me.  Our pool is about 17 years old.  In our area, we only can use it about 4 months out of the year, so it is something that I really look forward to.   I have never not had a pool to swim in. Growing up we always had one, and when my older kids were little, we had a small one, but darn it I used it too!!  I am a water baby and love my pool.  Now it is dead.  We are getting ready to take it down.  Greg and I talked it over and really can not see the point in getting a new one.  Now that the kids are grown and gone, they hardly use it.  He barely uses it.  It was just all me, and although I matter and I am important, it is just not feasible for us to buy a new one and then monthly put so much money into it.  So it was decided that we would not be getting a new one.  We have had so many fun times as a family in that pool.  All my nieces and nephews, and then great nephews have used it, as well as my my kids friends and neighbors.   It has been a wonderful way to spend time entertaining.  We have so many fun memories of our pool.  Now it is gone.  I realize that this is just another step in me growing up and finding my way, but man it is hard.  It is just one more thing that is changing and making me realize that my kids are not kids anymore.  On a positive note, now I need to find something new and fun to occupy my summer time with :)    
(That is me trying to fight the sadness)

Now, some pictures to help say goodbye to my old friend........

In full swing with the boys and summer fun........

Samara, our black lab used to jump in off the ladder :) 

Blayne watching Laker....She loved it so!!

My sweet Mia in all her glory.......

And now, it is over.........What a sad sight!!

We will be tearing her down soon so send me your strength because I will need it :) 


"Life is better by the pool."



  1. So sad :( I too will miss the pool...many memories there for sure! Now you can go to the Peninsula without feeling guilty!

  2. awwww so sad! I have always wanted to have a pool and I can imagine how you wouldn't want to get rid of it! You'll have to get yourself a small and inexpensive pool to set up.