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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

So Far, So Good (Tracking Challenge Day 3 )

Hi Friends!

Wednesday nights I have choir practice.  Joining Choir was something I wanted to do for awhile.  I put it off for sometime because I just was busy with my family.  Since I've been on my mission to find myself, I have been being a little bit selfish with my time and joining the choir is a result.  My voice isn't the best, but I love to sing and they needed all the voices that they could get.  I really love it because  it is mine.  It is my time to spend relaxing in church with friends, singing and praising God.  Doing things for myself is a change from the old days when my every thought and action revolved around the kids. Any free time was spent at home doing for the kids.  Things are different now and I am taking advantage of all my newly found free time doing things I've been wanting to do :)

Now, on to my challenge.  Today I was still on track.  One of my comments from yesterdays post recommended eating a bigger breakfast with more protein to help with the hunger.  I gave that a try and it did seem to help!  Thank you all, for all of your comments. I love reading them, and they really help me think, and stay focused.  I truly appreciate them!

Here is my food diary for today......

Your Food Diary For:

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 

So far, so good :) 

On my way to choir I tried this new iced coffee......

This is the Vanilla Latte.  It was delicious and for me, worth the 120 calories for a nice treat!


"The only person I am better than, 
is the one I was yesterday."

~Scott Deuty

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