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My blog was started to help me come to terms with turning 50, to find myself as I become an empty nester, and to help me with my weight loss journey. (Update Here)
I am in an amazing place in my life so now follow me as I move forward with the good and the bad, my continued wieght loss journey and just my life!!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Hi Again

Hi Friends!

In attempts to try to rid my life of Instagram,  I am back to start writing again.  I have high hope that this time I will stay and not fall back into the Trap.  I just continually get caught up in that web of posting photos and it slowly takes over my life.  I know I've tried before, but this time I will succeed!!

This little blog,  will continue to be what it always has been.  My joys, my struggles.... just sharing my life.  And, even though I try not to make my life all about my weight loss journey, it still is a part of me.  So,  I've decided that I will do a little update, about my past week, on Mondays.  Just so I can share my ups and downs with someone.   If you've been here before, you know that I post it all....The good, the bad, and the horrific.  It helps me if I am accountable to someone, even if I just put it out there for whoever.

Since today is Monday, I will give you a little update on how my journey has been going.   The last time I was here, I was following the Weight Watchers program.  Recently, for reasons I will write about soon, I had to cancel my membership in May.  Thinking bout it, I was on WW for a year, and actually gained and lost the same 10 pounds the entire time.  That doesn't sound to good, but at least I didn't continually gain, like I would have if I was following no plan at all.  I like WW and probably will go back in the Fall.  I like the accountability at the scale every week.  I like the meetings, and sharing. I miss all of that.  After leaving WW, I floundered for awhile and I gained a considerable amount of weight and was at my highest weight in years.  In the middle of June, after feeling miserable and sorry for myself,  I vowed to cut my carbs down, watch my fat, and stick to or around 1200 calories a day.  I have lost consistently every week since then and am down a total of 19.2 pounds!  I "overindulged" twice but didn't go totally crazy, and was able to get back on track the next day.  Limiting carbs does that to me.  It helps me stay on track and not crave the gooey stuff.  It's all mental for me.  If I tell myself that I can not have a lot of carbs, then I don't eat them.  WW allowed me to have anything I wanted as long as it was within my points.  That works great for some people, but for me....right now....I can not "just have one".  I have to be strict for awhile, so, I am sticking with this for now.  It seems to be working, and I feel amazing :)

Other than that, life has been wonderful!  There have been big changes over here, and I will let you in on what's been going on,  later this week.

Have a wonderful night and don't forget how amazing you are!

xoxo ~L

Monday, February 19, 2018

A Winter Gala

A little over 3 years ago, my nephew Addison and his then girlfriend Kaylee, lost their 8 month gestation baby girl.  Her name was Addalie.  She was stillborn.  Thanks to a local non profit organization, Emma's Footprints, they were flooded with help.   Emma's Footprints is a support organization for families that suffer infant or pregnancy loss.  They provide grieving and counseling support, and also financial help for burial and memorialization.  They came to Addison's aid so he could focus on grieving his tiny daughter.

Every year Emma's Footprints host their annual Winter Gala, which is their biggest fundraiser.  This year I was able to attend, along with my daughter and my sister.  We went with my sister in law and her 3 children, one being my nephew Addison, and their significant others. It was a fabulous night, where everyone dressed up in their best attire and came together to support this amazing cause.  There were drinks, a wonderful program followed by a delicious dinner, a chinese auction, and a prize wheel.  Later came the dancing and desert!  We had the best time ever!!

Image may contain: text

The Centerpieces :) 

My daughter Blayne, 
My sister Connie and I 

Blayne with The Signature Drink :) 

My Sister In Law Julie
 with her Signature Drink

I just had to capture the beauty
 of this amazing cup of coffee :) 

My Family 
My nephew is in the middle 

The evening was amazing and I am so glad that I was able to be a part of it all.

If you are looking for a wonderful charity to support please check out Emma's Footprints.  It is such a amazing cause.


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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

If It Doesn't Challenge You........

This post should have been up in October, but since I wasn't blogging all that much last year, I just wanted to share it with you now :)

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At beginning of August, I came across some information on line, about an annual 5K that is hosted by our local Runners Club.  It's basically for women only.  Now, I've been wanting to try a 5K for years, but, you all know, I am not a walker or a runner, or anything like that, so I never thought I could do it.  Well, something something came over me that day and I signed up online without even thinking about it.  I decided to tell people right away, so there was no way to back out of it :)  I signed up to walk it, but after a few days, I began to think that I might try running part of it.  I had 2 months to prepare, so I downloaded the Couch to 5K app on my phone and began my "training".  It was tough....mentally and physically.   I quit a few times and had to restart, so when my race day came, I knew that I wouldn't be able to run the entire thing, but I had figured on that to begin with, so that was fine!     I would be happy just to not come in last!!

 I had decided that this was something I wanted to do on my own, by myself.   I am a big baby, and at 52, I thought it was time for me to actually do something out of my comfort zone, and push myself.
The day of the race came and I was so nervous!  I drove there, parked, walked to the crowd of women all on my own. This may not be a big deal for some, but for me, who always relies on others for confidence....it was huge!  I knew that my sister was going to try to go, but Greg had plans for a long bike ride with a friend and my daughter, Blayne had to work.  The race began and about 1/2 way through, there stood Greg, Blayne and my sister to surprise me, holding a sign and flowers, and cheering me on!  It was amazing!

Here I come...In the pink :) 

I felt so a motivated after I saw them!  I kept up my pace the best I could for the rest of the race.
I finished with the time of 45.35  This being my first race, being a newbie walker and a (now reformed) couch potato, I was thrilled with my time!!

After the race...
Blayne, Greg and I :) 

After the race, my sister Blayne and I went to Panera to celebrate with coffee and bagels.  

This was the most empowering and amazing thing I have ever done.  From start to finish.  Signing up, training, finishing.....  It all played a part in changing me. I didn't give up on something that was tough, and I have much more confidence in myself!   These are two things that I most need work on.

 If you ever thought you couldn't do something, look at me...overweight, inactive, 52 year-old, 5K'er......That's me :)


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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

There Is More To Life Than.....


It's a new year, and time for my little blog to transform and take on a new direction.  I created this little place, to find myself after becoming an empty nester.  It slowly morphed into to many discussions on my weight loss struggles and updates.  Although this is and probably always will be a part of my life, I am trying to refocus to not let it be who I am.  You know, when you look at your friends and family and can actually pick one thing that you think of when you think of them?  Like my Sis for instance.  When I think about her, I think of  nature, dogs, books.  My daughter, I think of  dogs, laughing, lipstick.  My husband Greg is, dogs, outdoors, biking.  I asked Greg what words he thought defined me, he said, faith and family.  I loved that, but  I think, when people think of me, they think of  weight loss.  Now, this isn't a bad thing, but it's not what I want to be remembered for.  The woman who was constantly talking about losing weight and food?  No thank you!  It's time to turn it around!

It's time to move past the number on the scale and make my life less about my weight and more about becoming active and healthy.  

So, my New Years Resolution is.....     
To  Lose Weight BECAUSE

BECAUSE I want to get off of my High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol medicine.

BECAUSE I want to become more active and avoid injury from being overweight.

BECAUSE I want to, some day, work for Weight Watchers as a receptionist.

BECAUSE I want to become certified to teach some type of exercise class.

BECAUSE I would love to, someday, work part time at Planet Fitness.

BECAUSE is the only word that I care about now.  It is the only thing that I am focusing on.  I am visualizing all of the things that I want, instead of just the weight loss, and this is a new concept for me.  I am slowly doing things so I can achieve my goals and that includes changing my mindset and not obsessively thinking and talking about food. 

So now that I am trying not to be totally consumed with my weight,  I am trying to figure out where I want my life to go.  Whats next?  Time to make new friends?  Find a hobby?  Explore my creative side?  There is so much more to life than losing weight, so join me in getting healthy, becoming fit,and discovering all the new and exciting things that life has to offer!


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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Old Adage...........

Our mother is the queen of Proverbs and Adages.  We grew up hearing such sayings as, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away", "There are other fish in the sea",  "Two wrongs don't make a right", "The squeaky wheel gets the grease", "Birds of a feather, flock together".  I could go on and on.  While growing up, we hated these phrases.  We would roll our eyes, and think, "Whatever Mom!", never really taking the time to actually think about what she was trying to teach us.  Now, when I hear these phrases, I remember our Mother saying them and by gosh they are all TRUE!  How did she know?  Where the heck did she learn them?  I say these to my kids now and they look at me the same way.  There is one I still continually tell my kids and Greg........"Speed kills".   Hello???  If you are driving at 30 mph and get into a crash you are going to get injured......If you are driving fast.......Well you all know how that could end up.  Incidentally, I believe my Mom learned these from her Father :)

"You are what you eat."  This one has been hitting me in the face the past couple of years.  "You are what you eat."  I've heard it a million times, but never really heard it.  It is the truest of the trues.  I can tell you the exact kind of day I will have depending on what I eat.

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If I am eating good, and healthy, I am productive, have energy, and mentally happy.  If I over load on junk food, I am lazy, sluggish, and depressed.  Isn't my Mother the smartest person alive?

I've been hit or miss with my WW lately.  I've been making excuses to over do it on chocolate and pizza and having a fun time doing it.  Well, I haven't trained in over a week for my 5K.  I just haven't felt like doing anything, because my food has been off track so of course "all or nothing Lori" felt my whole life should be off track too.  Well, that and who wants to run when your body is full of  blahhh?!  Monday I decided that I was going to get back on track with my food, and activity.  I went to the park where I do my Couch To 5K training and took up where I had left off.  Oh my gosh did my body scream Sugar, Fat, Calories.  I tried to do the first 90 second run, and I almost got sick.  I had to stop.  I almost went home defeated, but I thought about how far I've come so I decided to just start the program over again.  I am now back on Week 1, Day 1.  All because I poisoned my body....

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I set myself back, just to have a little fun with junk food.  Was it worth it?  At the time, I thought, "what they heck,  It's only food."  I am realizing that food is NEVER only food.  It is fuel.  It is my legs running, my mind thinking clearly, and my heart beating strongly.
It is life.
It is nourishment.
It is a gift.

And I intend to start using it  more wisely :)


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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Back To School Traditions

It's that time of year again.  Time for all the kids to go back to school!  I love this time of year.....now until Christmas is my favorite time of year.....even more so than summer I think!  In the past, this time of year brought us the tradition of school clothes shopping.  When my older 2 were young, they went to Catholic School, so the clothes shopping wasn't as fun.  Uniforms were on the list.  Blue and White everything!  When they were older, I remember them dictating which stores we needed to go to, depending on what trend they were into at the time.  Sporty, (Dicks and Champs)......Preppy, (American Eagle and Abercrombie).....Then there was the Pacsun phase with anything Billabong, Roxy and Quicksilver.   All three went through all these different phases and I loved seeing what they were into each year!   The last phase was College, and my daughter was still fun with this phase, wanting, or at least letting my buy her at least a few new items to start the school year with.  Dominic, our youngest, just started his Sr. year at Edinboro University.  He wants nothing!  No shorts, shirts, he doesn't wear socks, so socks, not even pens or pencils!  Ugh!  That's not fun for me!  I did however order him a desperately needed new pair of shoes, so I at least had a little fun doing that!  Our tradition was that you weren't allowed to wear any new back to school item until the first day of school.  Not even socks.  Last year I was out shopping around this time, as saw a little family with 3 elementary age boys.  It tugged at my heart watching them pick out shorts and t-shirts.  I went up to them and told them that I was missing buying back to school clothes now that my kids were grown and I gave them $75 to spend on their boys.  They were extremely grateful and so was I  :)

Here are my 3 babies.  2001.  The first time they were all in school at the same time.

Blayne, 13, Connor 12, and Dominic 5

Back to school also means our traditional Back To School Treats.  I started this when our oldest, Blayne started Kindergarten and I've been making them every year since, and usually only make them this time of year.   This may be my last time making them, depending on if  Dominic needs more credits next year :)  Anyway, the year Blayne started college, I made the treats for Connor and Dominic, and make another batch for Blayne and drove them to her dorm and dropped them off.  Each year I did this and last week when Dominic started classes and I again made 2 batches....one for Dominic and my nephew (they are roommates and my sister also made them her back to school cookies), and another batch for Blayne and Connor to split.  Traditions are important to me.  I think my kids look forward to different traditions throughout the year.  It's those little extra touches that they remember the most :)

Nut Mellow Goodies
Our Back to School Treat

1 pk Chocolate Chips
1 pk Butterscotch Chips
1 c Peanut Butter

Melt in a hot not boiling double boiler.

Add 1 c Spanish Peanuts
4-5 c Mini Marshmellows

Pour in a foil linned 11''x7" Pyrex dish

Refrigerate till firm

Needless to say, I was a little sad looking at all of my friends posting pictures of their kids' first day back to school, but then I realized how much I love my life now, and how lucky I am to have those memories of my kids and all the back to school pictures I've taken :)


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Monday, August 28, 2017

Hello Strangers

Hi Friends!

I know, it's been quite a while since I've been here. There really isn't any reason why I've been MIA.  I've just been blah lately, no creative thoughts or desires pouring out, and honestly, I've been spending way to much time over at Instagram and watching IG Stories.  I've been working on it, and  think I've finally broken the habit.  It's been over a week since I've watched any stories, and I really don't miss them much.   I can post and read the posts and it doesn't take up much time, but once I get watching those stupid stories..........uggh!   Funny how something so little and dumb can capture and keep your attention so much that it is all you want to do.  How weird is wanting to know what strangers are doing and eating.  I'm sure I'm not the only one, but It's just crazy when I think about how much time is wasted watching.  Oh well, like my sister says, "it is what it is", and I hope it's over for good.  I should have much for time on my hands now :)   I've even started posting more on Facebook :)

Just a little update about what's been going on.  I am still doing Weight Watchers.  I haven't been doing terrible.  I have been more or less in a maintenance mode.  I am up and down, which has been OK for the Summer, (kinda)  but I am ready to buckle down and see some changes happen.  I had a little break down at my meeting in July and my leader reset my starting weight as of that day.  My weight was up quite a bit from last November, when I started WW.  Prior to that,  I had been following the Keto diet and had dropped 30 pounds.  Once I started eating carbs again, or should I say, totally over did it on carbs and junk,  I gained most of the weight back.  Anyway, I was up from November, so she restarted me a new booklet and now I have a new starting weight.  Mentally that helped me a lot and I am grateful!  OK.....enough weight talk :)

My life lately has been very relaxing and slow.  Summer has been wonderful here!  I only got to the beach 3 times, due to our cooler summer temps, but I will take what I can get!  Oh and guess what?     I started walking!  If you've read my posts before, you will know that I never walk.  I don't like it.  That has certainly changed.  I love it now.  I look forward to it!  I actually signed up for a 5K!!  It is October 1st.  I also decided to do the Couch to 5K program.  I am now on week 2, day 3, which is 2 minutes fast walking and 90 seconds running, for a total of 31 minutes.  I am so impressed with what my overweight, inactive body is capable of.  I struggled a bit on week 1 day 3, but since then, it's been fine.  I mean I am not all out sprinting, but its more that I have ever done.....ever! :)  I have hopes of running 1/2 of the 5K in October, and my goal is to sign up for another later and run the whole thing!  I am super proud of myself for this.  Me, "I hate walking" Lori :)

Well, I will leave you all with the promise of posting a few times a week.  If I go missing again, you'll know that I have fallen off the Instagram wagon, so send reinforcements and plan a intervention :)

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