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Monday, February 20, 2017

Goals and Friendship

My friend Pam and I have so much history.  We met when I was still in high school, through our husbands, who were our boyfriends at the time.  She and I were inseparable for so long.  Then life got in the way, and so on and so forth, time flew by and miles separated us.  Throughout the years I have thought about her and missed her and what we had.   A few months ago, we reconnected, and it feels like a part of me is restored.  We picked up without skipping a beat.  That is true friendship.  We are still separated by miles, but it never fails that she emails me at the moment I need her.  Here is a recent quote she sent me, which is right on track with what I have been doing.........

"The more reasons you have for achieving your goal, 
the more determined you will become."
-- Brian Tracy

It goes on to say.............

We set a goal for ourselves and we are filled with determination -- this will be done!
Then the alarm goes off in the morning and we think -- it can wait. I can start tomorrow. I don’t really have to do it today. It’s not that important. And on and on.
Research shows that writing down your goals will make you more likely to achieve them. That we know.
But what if in addition to writing down the goal you also wrote down the reasons the goal is important for you? What if you captured on paper that energy and determination you have when you first set the goal?
Then when the alarm goes off in the morning, or when the task you need to do to accomplish your goal is in front of you and you feel tempted to put it off, you can look at your list of reasons, or motivations and remember why it’s important to you.

I personally think this is a wonderful idea!  Not only set a goal, but note why you want to succeed in the goal.  What is the reason?  Goals are so important to me right now.  Even if I fail and do not hit my goals for the week, at least mentally I am thinking of them, making an attempt to change, and trying.  Even this is enough to feel some sort of success.  

With that said, here are my goals for the week......

I want to stay within my points because this will help me feel better, help me feel more in control and help me on the scale.  I need to lose 1 pound to turn this month around.  I have consistently been eating poorly and it is really showing on the scale.  Like I said before, I am tired of it and it needs to change.  I tried hard this past week, but I've been sick and all I want is comfort food and chocolate.  That is totally an excuse, but I tend to do that.  Anyway, these are my goals for this week.  The weekend was super!  I stayed within my points on Saturday and Sunday, and I went to the gym today and have been on track all day, so at least I am starting out in a good place :)  

So, that is all I have.  Thank you for putting up with all of my downer posts lately.  I am trying to turn this around.  I know it's depressing to continually ready GAINS on my posts, but it is what it is and I am determined to turn this around. It's just taking me a little longer than I thought :) 

Thank you Pam, for motivating me, for making me think, and for being back in my life!  I value your advice and truly value our friendship!


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Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentines Fun and A New Day

Happy Valentines Day Eve!

This weekend I made a fun new cookie for my family.  My sister found this recipe in her Better Homes and Gardens magazine and we thought they looked so cute and fun to make.

Here is the recipe for Chocolate Cherry Dips


1/2 of an 8-ounce package cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup finely chopped, drained maraschino cherries
1/4 teaspoon almond extract
60 vanilla wafers
12 ounces chocolate-flavor candy coating, coarsely chopped


For filling, in a medium mixing bowl beat cream cheese and powdered sugar with an electric mixer on medium speed until smooth. Stir in cherries and almond extract. Spread filling on bottoms of half of the vanilla wafers. Top with the remaining wafers, bottom sides down. Cover and chill about 30 minutes or until filling is firm.

In a medium saucepan cook and stir chocolate candy coating and the 2 teaspoons shortening over low heat until melted and smooth. Remove from heat. Using a fork, dip each sandwich cookie in melted chocolate coating, turning to coat completely and letting excess coating drip back into pan. Place dipped cookies on a sheet of waxed paper. Sprinkle with jimmies. Let stand about 30 minutes or until chocolate coating is set.

The filling......

Before dipping.......

All dipped and sprinkled!

I thought they turned out so cute and they were so fun to make.  I didn't like they way to cookie got a little bit soft, and I probably would add cherry flavoring to the filling, because the Marciano Cherries weren't very strong.  Other than that I liked them :)

Tomorrow is not only Valentines Day, but also my hubby's birthday!  We decided to celebrate early to beat the crowds.  Saturday we went to the Casino to spend a little money :)  We don't go much, neither of us like to waste the money, but once in a while it's fun to sit and play!

We ate upstairs at the Casio, and this was our view....

This is the Race Track.  It is so sad in the winter when there are not races going on.  We went to the races twice last year, and plan to go more this year.  It is so much fun!

We had a great meal and didn't spend too much gambling :)  We didn't win, but had so much fun playing Jacks Are Better :)


Last Friday was my weigh in.  I've been struggling and haven't been doing very well, and gained 4 lbs.  So there it is.  I am always honest here, no matter how embarrassing.  It allows me to see it for what it is and then enables me to refocus honestly.  I almost didn't go to my meeting.  I knew I was up, I didn't want to see it in print, in my booklet, but I decided to bite the bullet and go.  I am glad that I went.  I never regret weighing in when I have gained.  It is a starting point for me, and I need that.  I am not dwelling on it.  I know what needs to be done.  I know what I am not supposed to eat. Today is a new day.....Day One....I need about 3 good days to get myself back in the mind set that I need to be in.  Send me your positive vibes.  Three days is nothing!  I can do it! :)  


Monday, February 6, 2017

Organized House, Organized Life

First I wanted to check in on my goals for this past week.  My first goal for the week was to add extras on my gym days.  I am happy to say that I accomplished this!  On my usual, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Ab Class days, I added lifting in each day!  It felt good to get back to lifting again.  I do love it so I hope I can keep it up!  My other goal was to lose 1 pound.  That didn't happen due to some slips during the week.  I ended up gaining .06.  My mind is in the game, I just need it to be ALL in instead of PARTIALLY in.  Know what I mean?  I was doing so well, and have been allowing myself little treats here and there, acting like I am in maintenance, instead of on the losing track.  I just need to tweak my diet a bit.  I know what I am doing wrong.....I just need to stop :)  Hopefully this week will be different.  Being it was Super Bowl yesterday, I got off to a slow start, but today is a new day and I can do it! :)   I am not setting any new goals this week.  I am just working on the ones I 've set the past few weeks and trying to continue them!  They will all help me on my weigh in on Friday!

In our Weight Loss Support Group today, we talked about the correlation between keeping your weight down and keeping a tidy organized house.  I can relate to this.  If my house is in disarray, I tend to let other areas in my life get crazy too, including my diet.  Who likes to come home after a long day and prepare something nutritious if the counters are cluttered and there are stacks of papers on your table?  I find the more organized my house is, the more organized my total life is.  The opposite goes for me as well.  Sometimes, when I am totally off track with my food choices, the more I tend to let my house work suffer.  Why is that?  Is it because I have the "all or nothing" mentality?  Am I creepy crazy?  These are things that wake me up in the middle of this night terrified!  Ok, not really, but you get the severity of it right?  If  I could fix this control freak character flaw in myself, could I actually become a thinner woman?  Hmmmm.......I really need to read more about this and possibly make changes in my life to stop this weird pattern.  That, or hire a cleaning service so my house is always organized and clean so I will always feel in control.   I like that idea better :)


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Monday, January 30, 2017

Surrounding Myself More

I am lucky enough to belong to a gym that allows outside sources to come in and hold classes.  I belong to Snap Fitness and there is a Weight Loss Support Group every Monday morning at 8:30.    This works out perfectly because it is right after my Ab Class.  The local hospital has an Community Outreach Program which allows for a liaison to come in and lead us in discussions on health and weight loss.  You don't even have to belong to the gym to take advantage of this!  We have had blood screenings, we have had a dietician come in to speak with us, and as many of us are over 50, so there have been topics on menopause and our changing hormones and metabolism.  There is always something I learn while I am there.  In my personal life, I have so many people who support me.  My family, my Facebook and Blogger friends, my one friend who lives far away who sends me support and motivational quotes all the time.  I am surrounded by support.  Now, I am getting even more.  It is such an amazing feeling to be in a room full of like minded women who motivate you and lift you up.  We feed off of each other and help each other.  I am motivated and refocused each time I leave, and that is a great feeling.  If you don't have a support group in your life, I urge you to either start one, or find one.  (Local people, mine is open to anyone 😊.)  It does wonders for your self esteem.  Plus you make new friends and there is always more than enough coffee :)

Have a wonderful day!


Sunday, January 29, 2017


I am starting right off with my goal check in from last week.....My first goal was "No Scale".  I am happy to report that I didn't weigh myself one time!  It was so hard not to search for that scale, but I am glad that I didn't.  I think it helped me during the day not to go off track.  Success!  My second goal was "Junk Food 1x A Day".  This was a success as well.  I saved my treat for after dinner and only had one.  I wasn't even tempted to continue!  Success! 

Here are this weeks goals............

As you may or may not know, I have been going to the gym 3 times a week to do an Ab Class.  I love this class, and am seeing progress in my abilities.  Starting tomorrow, I am going to try to push myself to stay after my class and walk on the treadmill, and start lifting again.  I love to lift.  I love feeling strong and love knowing that I am continuing to burn calories after I leave the gym.  I just don't love carving out the time to do it.  Stupid!  I am starting the treadmill because well, we all know I've been trying to walk forever and keep putting it off.  Also, I need to get some cardio in my routine.  Now that I am over 50, I need that extra something because my metabolism is slower than ever and cardio will help that.  That is what the nutritionist who came to speak with our class told us anyway.  I've always know this, but....well, you know how that goes.  I am tired of using my bad knee as an excuse to walk.  The other day I was in our Mall, and there was an elderly gentleman in from of me "mall walking" and he was really trucking along with a very pronounced limp.  I thought "Oh my gosh, if he can do this so can I!!"  On the advice of my sister, I downloaded a book on my iPod so I can listen to it while I walk.  I am hoping this will help me stay motivated for 30 minutes :)  I am actually excited to get started in hopes that it will help me with my high blood pressure as well as my weight.  Anyway, these are my "gym extras".

My next goal is to lose 1 pound this week.  I already did one thing to help me with this goal.  I stayed within my points on Saturday and Sunday.  This is huge.  Lately, I have been letting my weekends take over my life and it has been showing at my weigh ins.  This past weigh in I only lost .02.  I am tired of these little gains and loses.  Time to get down to business.  I don't know why I play around.  I am paying good money at WW, so you think that would help me, but nope.  It's just sad.....

Oh, I almost forgot!  I have a new Great Nephew!  Little Rowan Mitchell was born to my nephew and his girlfriend!  My baby brother is the Granda Pa! 

Babies are such a blessing and bring families closer together! 

This week I am pushing myself.  I can do it!  I will do it!  My goals are toast!  How about yours??


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Late, But Just a Few Things

Hello Friends!

I meant to get this post out on Monday, but the week got ahead of me, so here I am :) 

I fell short on my goals from last week.  They were.....No Sweets, and 10,000 Steps A Day.  My steps averaged around 8,000 a day, and for whatever reason I didn't attempt to get any more in.  I was discouraged, and well, just plain lazy.  Avoiding sweets was a big struggle for me this week.  I don't know what happened, but I failed big time with this one and my weight suffered at my weigh in on Friday.  I was up 1.4 pounds.  I don't know what is wrong with me.  I know what I should do.  I know what I should and should not eat.  Cravings get the better of me and I give in.  The bad thing is, when I give in, I totally over do it because I swear "this is the last time", therefore, I take advantage of the fact that "I will never eat this again".  This hasn't happened in awhile, but feel myself falling back into those bad habits.  This needs to stop.  I need to get a hold of it before it really gets out of control. 

 My goals for this week are

I have been finding myself stepping on the scale way to often throughout the day.  That number has been dictating my mood and most of the time it has been the reason that I've been eating what I shouldn't.  I don't want this to continue, so I told Greg to take the scale and hide it.  I will only weigh in on Fridays at my weigh in.  I will be flying blind all week, but I think it will help me stay on track.  It's going well so far :)

Enough food talk :) 


I've been wanting to let you all know that I won a drawing!!  Leah, over at My New Ending hosted a 100 day Healthy Holidays Challenge.  We posted our goals, and checked in once a week.  This really helped my stay accountable over the holidays.  Anyway, all of us that participated had our names thrown in and there was a drawing, and I won!  I was so excited!  I just love Leah, and all she stands for and was so happy to be the one chosen!  She sent me an adorable package that looked way to pretty to even open.  Inside was a gift card to Subway, a gift card to Starbucks, a cute polka-dot tote bag, a book titled, "The Best Yes", which by the way, my weight loss group is thinking about doing a book club on, and one of her Fabric Travelers Notebooks that she makes in her Etsy Shop!  I have been wanting one of these for a while now, but just never purchased one so I was extremely happy to receive this beautiful one in my package!  It is so pretty and of amazing quality so go check out her Etsy Shop .  Thank you again Leah! 


I am off Instagram.  I know, I know, I was supposed to have been off since a few posts back when I talked about it, and I was, but I found myself casually scrolling through the posts, and before I knew it I was totally back in.  Again, everything was being put on the back burner because I was spending so much time there.....Blogging, Reading, Cleaning.....  You get the picture.  I decided to quit cold turkey, so the other day at work, with my sisters support and guidance, I deleted my account.  DELETE.  There is no going back now!  I miss it, but feel a little more free if that makes since.  :)

Today, share a smile with someone who needs it. :)


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Monday, January 16, 2017

How To......

Happy Monday Everyone!

First of all, I wanted to share my goals for this week.

So, the steps are self explanatory.  You all know how much I dislike walking.  Well, I keep saying that I am going to put forth more effort, so here I am, yet again, making proclamations.  We shall see :) 

No sweets?  Sounds drastic doesn't it?  Well, it needs to be.  I've been taking to many liberties with goodies lately and it's not good.  Oh they still have been fitting into my WW plan, some of them being sugar free, but they have been upping my sugar cravings and the scale isn't moving down, as per my weigh in on Friday.....I was up 0.6 pounds.  So, they have to go!   We'll see how that goes as well!

Speaking of.....My weight has been teetering up and down a few pounds since just before Christmas.  I am happy with how I handled the holidays.  I enjoyed myself and my chocolate and was able to get right back on track as soon as I felt like I needed to.  This is a HUGE change for me and I am super proud of myself!  Progress!

My goal for last week was "At least 72 oz of water a day".   I hit this goal every day except Friday.  Friday I was shopping all day and "forgot" to drink as much as I should.  I am happy with my 6 days tho!  Yay! 


So lately, I have been thinking about finding something to occupy my time and help me with my healthy journey as well.  I have been thinking a lot about cooking.  I've made dinner just about every night, for almost 32 years.  It's always been quick, thrown together, and kid friendly.  It's time that I started venturing out of my comfort zone and try new recipes.  New, healthy recipes that take time, recipes that take effort, and that take more than 3 ingredients.  Now that the kids are gone, I have a lot more time to spend on making more elaborate dishes.  More importantly, now that I am older, my palate is a bit more refined, so I am more interested in trying new foods.  I need to begin by researching some "How To" cookbooks.  "How To Cook For Two".  Better yet, "How To Cook For The Menopause Woman", because I know it is totally different now.  I seriously would like to get input on what I should and shouldn't be eating now that my metabolism is changing.  The foods I used to eat, I know I shouldn't even look at now.  High School Lori used to eat Suzy Q's and Ice Cream Sandwiches for lunch with no problem.  That definitely can't happen now.   Not to mention learning what vitamin enriched foods my body needs to support my changing system.  Getting older is an adjustment in so many ways :) 

Until I can find some recipes that I'd like to try, I thought I would at least prep some meals for myself for this week.  This is new for me and I think I am really going to like it.  I decided on Mixed Veggies, Italian Turkey Sausage and Stuffed Chicken Breasts.  I also cooked up 2 servings of Brown Rice to use.  I decided to keep 2 of each in the fridge, and I froze the rest for next week.  I only need 4 because I also have Soup and Chicken Salad to use up too.

Here is my prep :)  The three containers in the back are still waiting for their chicken to cool :) 

I need to get more containers so I can prep my lunch too.  This will really help me make good choices when I am in a hurry. :) 

So, if anyone out there knows of a good "How To" book for the amateur chef who is menopausal and learning how to cook adult and healthy let me know :) 


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