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My blog was started to help me come to terms with turning 50, to find myself as I become an empty nester, and to help me with my weight loss journey. (Update Here)
I am in an amazing place in my life so now follow me as I move forward with the good and the bad, my continued wieght loss journey and just my life!!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!  I have off today!!  My sister and I decided to take a mini vaca in order to gear up for our holiday rush of dogs that we always have in November and December.  Of course everyone likes their "babies" pretty for the holidays :)

Anyway, I am feeling much much better and feel like a real person again :)  Today, my daughter Blayne and I met for coffee near her apartment.  This cute little Coffee Shop is called "The Brew Ha Ha"  isn't it fun looking?  They are dog friendly outside, but since we had planned on sitting outside (One of my Fall To Do things)  I left little Ava at home because she is always cold :)

Inside is just as fun!  
They sell all kinds of unique items and t-shirts :) 

Our very own pumpkin 
on our table :) 

Enjoying my coffee 
the sun, and Blayne!

We had a nice time catching up, since I didn't get to see her last weekend, because she was busy, and I was still coughing like crazy and feeling not so perfect.


Yesterday was my weigh in day!!  I am pretty happy with my loss.  I wasn't expecting anything huge because I had that 6 pound loss the week before, but who know what my body is up to and it gave me a loss this time too!!  I'll take it!!

My goal was 10 pounds in 4 weeks, so hopefully I can keep up my loss!  I am feeling pretty in control with Weight Watchers, and you know how much I love to be in control with my food :)   I've been really good not bingeing.  I think I am realizing that I can't cheat the whole weekend and expect any kind of loss.  I used to think hey, so and so can eat like this, but what I forget is that so and so, is not overweight.  Sure, there will be a time, after I hit my goal weight, that I can eat more openly on the weekend, but for now, I HAVE to watch!  I'm not thin yet!  Sometimes I forget that :)   I also used to tell myself that I deserve to eat this, that and everything else, on the weekends because I watched all week.  Eating junk on the weekends was fun for me, still is, but I am realizing that I don't need to over indulge to feel good about myself.  I don't need it to have fun, or unwind after the long week.  I am finding happiness in NOT bingeing.  I am feeling good about myself for staying on track, for being in control. I still have a small treat here and there, but I track the crap out of it so I don't go over without realizing.  OK, so I know its only been 2 weeks, but I am still going with my new attitude :)


Tonight Greg, Ava and I are going over to my sisters to pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters.  Even though we live in the same neighborhood, I am on the outside loop and usually on get 10  or so kids, where as my sister and the rest of my family live behind me on the main loop and they get about 80 kids.  Parents like to drop off their kids and they walk the loop but I am more on the main road, if you can call it that way out here in the boonies :)   Anyway, my sister opens up her garage and we all go over there and sit together.  I'll show ya pictures later :)   I kind of miss taking my kids trick or treating.  They would get so excited to get dressed up and go out at night.  They would bring back their stash and we would all go over to our parents and they would separate their candy and the trading would begin!  Of course, my sister and I always found some way to scare them!  Sigh......But....honestly, it's nice to finally get to stay home, sit back and watch all the kids come up to get candy :)   Now I just have to say a prayer that my now big kids are safe!!

 Well, I am off to make some fun yummy sandwiches to bring to my sisters tonight.  I've  made these a few times before and my family loves them.
Calories and WW Points??  I have no clue :)

This isn't mine, this is from the website :)  
Mine usually don't look this pretty :) 

Here is the recipe if you are interested.  Hawaiian Baked Sandwiches.  I don't use the poppy seed or onion and they turn out great!

Have a wonderful night whether you are staying home, going to a party, or taking your little ones trick-or-treating, have fun, be safe, and watch out for the Boogie Man :)


Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Week.....

How come when the weather gets colder all you want to do is tuck in and hibernate?  Well, I still have my nasty cold so that hasn't helped me.  All have been wanting to do is, well, nothing.  Anyway, here is my week recap since I've been to blah and lazy to write all week........

As I said, I'm still a bit sick.  I did go to the Dr. on Friday, thinking I must have some terrible new illness since I've been fighting this cough, sore throat, horse voice, and feeling like I've been hit by a truck, but no....I just have a cold.  I almost felt like throwing my Dr. up against the wall and demanding he diagnose me with something more, something worse, just so I could justify my yucky, no energy feeling.  I could have, since I totally outweigh him, but I held back and took my "just a cold" diagnosis like a good girl.  :)  


Wednesday, after work my sister and I decided to do some pumpkin carving fun.  Connie saw this idea in her magazine and I loved it.  Here is some of the pumpkins we did.  Since this was on my  Fall To Do List, I can check Carve Pumpkins off!! :)  Yay!!

Me just a carving away!

So, we left everything alone, 
but just cut out holes for the eyes.
Insert little tea light battery candles,
and add the eye masks!!

Here they are in the dark!!

We made one for each of us, one for my daughter Blayne, and one for our Mom and our 2 sister-in-laws.  Since we all live next to each other, we just dropped them of anonymously for them to find as a surprise!!


My sister is someone who everyone would want for their sister, or at the very least, they would want as a friend!!  Not only is she super fun, but she is very thoughtful and I am so lucky to have her as mine!  Earlier in the week, she not only brought me delicious homemade chicken noodle soup but also a little bag with candy and lotion in it.  Then this week, I went into work and found this little bit of Halloween fun on the desk all wrapped and waiting for me!!

This adorable mug and fun Halloween nail polish set!!  Thanks Connie!!
I don't know why I got so lucky that God gave her to me, but I thank Him every day for her!


The 3rd check off my Fall To Do List........Bake Fall Cookies

I decided to make some today and decorate them for Halloween.  I couldn't for the life of my find my cookie cutters, and I know I have a pumpkin, so I opted for just round and then just decorated them :) 

It was so fun making them Halloweeny! :) 

All finished.  Not to many, just enough for me to have 2 today, point them out and move on :)   

Oh yeah, speaking of points.........:

On Friday, I went to my first weigh in at WW.  I didn't intend on staying for the meeting, because of my nasty cough, but once I was there, I really didn't want to leave.  I need the meeting to keep me motivated.  I went armed with cough drops and took some cough medicine earlier, so I only had one coughing fit and I walked up front so I wouldn't disrupt everyone.  When I returned to my seat a little older lady offered me a cough drop.  She was so super cute!! :)   Anyway here is my weigh in for this past week!! 

Ok, so I know how my body works.  I always start off with a bang (water weight and all) and then level off, but regardless, any loss keeps me motivated!!   Yay :)  Let's hope this is the beginning of a change in "The Yo-Yo Diet" that has been my life lately. :)  

Have a great start to your week everyone.  Remember to take a little time out to take a breath.  Take a breath and think about something positive about yourself.  Keep that thought and let it motivate you to be the best you can be!


"One small positive thought in the morning, '
can change your whole day."

~Pinterest Quotes

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Decision, A Check, & A Warm Head

Hi Friends!!  This weekend sure has flown by!!

Friday I made the decision and joined Weight Watchers!!  I have been thinking about it for a while now.  I did WW years ago, and I lost 50 pounds on it in less than a year.  I don't know why I stopped, but I gained 30 of it back and have been fighting with it ever since.  I really liked WW, but I just wasn't sure if I wanted to go back to learning all the points again, spending the money, and just...yeah.  I've been doing well, tracking on Myfitnesspal, but I tend to cheat some, especially on the weekends, so I really am not losing anything, I've just been going up and down and I sick of it.  I say if something isn't working the way you want, then it's time for a change.  At WW, I know I will have to weigh in every week, and that will push me to stay on track....to not cheat.  Plus the fact that I am paying for it makes me want to succeed!  Last time I joined, my sister went with me and I was confident and comfortable walking into the little school where our meetings were.  This time, I went to a new, bigger, scary center, and I was all alone.  I was so nervous that I sat in the parking lot for a good 15 minutes deciding whether or not I should go in.  I did.  I opened the door and immediately new that I made the right decision.   Everyone was so nice and welcoming.  I payed and weighed in and I felt so good just doing that!!  I quickly found out that everything is new since I last did WW.  There is a lot to learn, and I know that will help me stay motivated!   

So, this is me.  My new life for at least, the next 3 months.  Just the kick in the butt I need for the holidays!  

After my meeting, I treated myself to a Tall, Non-Fat, No Whip, Pumpkin Spiced Latte.  See how good I am getting at remembering how to order at Starbucks?? :)   Anyway, It was as yummy as I remembered it to be, and only 5 points.  (Talking in points instead of calories, is going to take getting used to!)  

So, I am checking off #3 on my Fall To Do List!!  Yay!

I have been fighting a cold since Thursday.  I woke up today feeling worse, so I didn't go to Church or to teach my 2nd grade CCD class.  (CCD is like bible school)  Anyway, I bundled up in the chair and read all morning.  My little Ava sat right with me watching me read and snuggling in to keep me warm!  She has the warmest head ever on a dog!  I just love her so!!

I took it easy all day, and now I'm off to a hot shower and to get ready for The Walking Dead. :) 

Have a great night everyone!!

Remember change is good even if it scary and uncomfortable.  :) 


"Whenever you are making an important decision, 
first ask if it gets you
 closer to your goal or further away.  
If the answer is closer, 
then pull the trigger.  
If it's further away, 
then make a different choice.  
Conscious choice making 
is a critical step
 in making your dreams a reality."

~Jillian Michaels

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall To Do List

I've decided to make a "To Do" list for the Fall Season.  I have a weird thing about not rushing things, so I wait until I feel the appropriate time is, and then I do it.  For instances.  I can not decorate for Fall until September.  But....only apple candles, and wax in my burners until October, then out comes the pumpkin everything.  No Pumpkin Spice Latte until time middle of October because otherwise, I would get one every week until December when I move on to the Peppermint Mocha.  See how controlling I am with my seasons.  I know I can do these things at any season, but they just scream FALL to me :)

Anyway, here is my Fall To Do list.........

1.    Read a Fall type book, either scary, set in Autumn, or 
       about Salem or something like that.  

      *I just finished The Discovery of Witches, but now I need another
       one, if anyone has a suggestion.  Last year my sister
       and I read "The Legend of Sleep Hollow by Washington Irving.
       Even though you know the story it still was a wonderful read!

2.    Walk through a corn maze.
      *We used to take the kids every year, but why can't I just do it
        as an adult? :)

3.    Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.
      *Yes, I know...it's so cliche, and  everyone is tired of hearing
       about this yummyness but I need it in my life!!

4.    Walk in the woods and find leaves.

      *Again, why just for kids??

5.    Our annual Fall Fun Trip

      *My daughter Blayne and I do this every year.
       It is planned for next Monday so I will share then :)

6.    Coffee at a coffee shop, outside regardless of the weather.
       (Except rain)

      *I love a good coffee shop, and there is something about
       being bundled up outside, with a steaming cup of coffee..Sigh!

7.    Go on a picnic.

      *Blanket on the ground, leaves falling, wine, fruit, cheese.
       Oh Yes!

8.    Bake Fall cookies.

      *I will be giving them to my little niece and my nephews.
       I'm looking for a leaf cookie cutter :)

9.    Take pictures of old, falling down, maybe haunted :)
      *I have some places in mind :)

10.  Carve pumpkins

      *I didn't even carve any last year, with it being my
        first year as an empty nester.  How sad it that!?

So, that's it!!  I will be working on these and posting pictures to see how many I can do.  Making a list helps me actually do things, not just think about doing them :)

Have a wonderful day!  Remember to put yourself first today!  Be a little selfish, and make yourself happy!


Monday, October 12, 2015

Time Management

Time management.....What's that?

My parish had their annual Roast Beef Dinner yesterday, and I have been mentally and physically preparing.  Helping to set up, meetings, and trying to find kitchen workers has been occupying my time.  My blogging and my exercise routine has been pushed to the back burner, but now I can breathe! :)   The good news is our dinner was a success, and it all came together beautifully!  :)  Yay!

I have actually been killing it with my tracking.  Sometimes not always the best choices, but at least I am tracking and staying within my 1200 calories give or take a little. This is mostly because I am in 2 challenges.  One is for the month of October, and it is a Tracking Challenge.  The other is a Healthy Holidays Challenge for the last 100 days of the year.   Both are helping me stay accountable with my tracking!!  I like challenges.  I need things like that to push me to be my best.

Anyways, this is short because I have housework to catch up on, not to mention my blogs to read.  I miss everyone and seeing what they've been up to!!

I know it's not good to put your personal life aside when you are busy.  But that just seemed the first thing to move when I got preoccupied with life this past week.  Although, I am 50 now :)  I still have to work on putting ME first ALWAYS!!  :)

Since Greg is off today, I am still not in my routine.  Tomorrow is a new day!!  Back to life, back to the gym, and back to me!!


Monday, October 5, 2015

An Awesome Monday!!!

Happy Fall Monday!!

It is just beautiful out today!  My windows are open, my wash is on the line, and now I am taking a (nother) little coffee break!!  After the gym this morning, my sister and I took our usual McDonald's coffee and sat and visited with my parents on their porch.  Even tho they are right next door, it's hard to find a time when we are home the same time that they are.  They tend to be out and about so much lately...but that's a good thing!!  After our visit,  I decided to actually stay home on my day off and get some paper work done.  Do you ever just keep piling paper work up until you've realized that somethings may be over due?  I have a little stack in my kitchen to work on, and one on my computer desk.  I am slowing whittling away at my piles!   Yay!

Of course I spent some time outside, since we may not have many nice days left!!

Ava found some sun today on The Sanctuary!  
Note the toys....
I swear it's like having a toddler again! 

Laker is usually here when she's outside.  
Standing guard 
and waiting for her Greg to get home.

My new door hanger and decoration!

Back inside for some baking!!

I made these cookies for Greg!!  He has a limited palate :o),  so usually it's chocolate chip cookies.  I love them too so it's hard to have them around so much.  I did eat some cookie dough.....who can resist that?   I'll save my cookies for tonight and Real Housewives of Orange County.....Ahem...I mean Discovery Channel :) 

While the oven was hot, I baked some eggs.  Does anyone do that?  I saw it on, umm...probably pinterest a while ago and have been doing them that way ever since.  30 minutes at 350 degrees then cold water for 10 minutes.  They peal much easier and are yummy and creamy.  It's a nice way to do hard boiled eggs, as long as you can get past the brown dots on the shell, from the oven :)   I can! 

As I putter around my house today, in such a good mood, being active,  I wonder why.  Why am I so upbeat today?  It's not like I'm usually down or anything...I'm always happy,  but days like this I feel like I'm all hyped up on something!  Is it the beautiful Fall weather?  Is it the fact that I am getting things accomplished?  Is it because I don't have to work?   What dictates your mood?  Number one for me is whether or not I am on plan with my food.  Now, I know that shouldn't be, and I know it's wrong, but I can't get past that rationalization.  It's dictated my life for so long, that it's hard to break!  Everything else falls into place when I'm eating good.   I know I need to change this, because those days that I fall off, I get down, and that means more eating, and that's just a vicious cycle that just doesn't work.   I have so many blessings in my life that I should be able to change this.  I should be able to find something else that can dictate my mood.  I don't think I've really thought about this until I began my blog, so that is a step in the right direction!  :)

Enjoy your day friends, and stay positive, stay upbeat and stay happy, regardless of what and how you are eating :)  


Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Results

So, my little two week "stop the insanity " experiment is over.  I mean most parts of it I will continue, but there are a few things I just didn't like.  Let me break it down for ya.......

*No Scales*

I liked this.  It was hard not weighing myself every day, or twice a day like normally, but it was freeing not to feel so attached them.  It was nice to not let a number in the morning dictate my mood for the day.   *This part of the experiment I will continue!*

*No Tracking My Daily Food*

This I didn't like.  Although it did help me to not think so much about food, I really missed tracking and being in control.  I like being organized and knowing just how many calories I am eating.    *This, I will not continue.*

*No Diet Foods*

This I liked.  I liked eating cleaner foods.  I was more satisfied and I think I even saved some money not buying all the little 100 calorie packs and prepackaged low/no calorie stuff.   *This part I will continue.*

*Eat What Greg Eats For Dinner*

This I really liked.  I felt like a normal person, eating normal food with my husband.  I felt more satisfied mentally and physically.   *This I will continue.*

*Eat When I'm Hungry,
 But Three Times A Day, Sitting*

This I loved.  It was hard to eat 3 times a day.  I am never hungry until around 1:00.  I began forcing myself to eat 3 meals a day and I really felt like I was doing good for my body.  *This I will continue*

What I didn't like about these past 2 weeks........

*I felt out of control
*I didn't lose any weight at all

What I liked about these past 2 weeks........

*I liked eating normal food
*I liked not being obsessed with the scale
*I didn't lose any weight at all

So, as you can see the "no weight loss" thing is both a like and didn't like.  I didn't like it because I am spoiled and I am used to seeing my weight go down between 8-10 pounds in 2 weeks like normally when I am really watching.  BUT.....I like this because that is not a accurate loss.  Now my body is adjusting to me eating 3 times a day and eating real food, and that is a good thing, weight loss or not.  I usually loose fast, then as soon as I eat one "bad" meal, I'd gain it all back by the next day.  For me, that is not real weight loss.  That old way hasn't been working for me, which is why I wanted to mix it up a bit.  It's scary to try something new, but I think, when the old isn't working, then experiment and find something that does.

So, here's to weighing myself twice a month, eating 3 meals a day, like a real person (hungry or not) plus a snack, and here's to tracking like it's going out of style!!


"The true method of knowledge,
is experiment."

~William Blake