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Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Week.....

How come when the weather gets colder all you want to do is tuck in and hibernate?  Well, I still have my nasty cold so that hasn't helped me.  All have been wanting to do is, well, nothing.  Anyway, here is my week recap since I've been to blah and lazy to write all week........

As I said, I'm still a bit sick.  I did go to the Dr. on Friday, thinking I must have some terrible new illness since I've been fighting this cough, sore throat, horse voice, and feeling like I've been hit by a truck, but no....I just have a cold.  I almost felt like throwing my Dr. up against the wall and demanding he diagnose me with something more, something worse, just so I could justify my yucky, no energy feeling.  I could have, since I totally outweigh him, but I held back and took my "just a cold" diagnosis like a good girl.  :)  


Wednesday, after work my sister and I decided to do some pumpkin carving fun.  Connie saw this idea in her magazine and I loved it.  Here is some of the pumpkins we did.  Since this was on my  Fall To Do List, I can check Carve Pumpkins off!! :)  Yay!!

Me just a carving away!

So, we left everything alone, 
but just cut out holes for the eyes.
Insert little tea light battery candles,
and add the eye masks!!

Here they are in the dark!!

We made one for each of us, one for my daughter Blayne, and one for our Mom and our 2 sister-in-laws.  Since we all live next to each other, we just dropped them of anonymously for them to find as a surprise!!


My sister is someone who everyone would want for their sister, or at the very least, they would want as a friend!!  Not only is she super fun, but she is very thoughtful and I am so lucky to have her as mine!  Earlier in the week, she not only brought me delicious homemade chicken noodle soup but also a little bag with candy and lotion in it.  Then this week, I went into work and found this little bit of Halloween fun on the desk all wrapped and waiting for me!!

This adorable mug and fun Halloween nail polish set!!  Thanks Connie!!
I don't know why I got so lucky that God gave her to me, but I thank Him every day for her!


The 3rd check off my Fall To Do List........Bake Fall Cookies

I decided to make some today and decorate them for Halloween.  I couldn't for the life of my find my cookie cutters, and I know I have a pumpkin, so I opted for just round and then just decorated them :) 

It was so fun making them Halloweeny! :) 

All finished.  Not to many, just enough for me to have 2 today, point them out and move on :)   

Oh yeah, speaking of points.........:

On Friday, I went to my first weigh in at WW.  I didn't intend on staying for the meeting, because of my nasty cough, but once I was there, I really didn't want to leave.  I need the meeting to keep me motivated.  I went armed with cough drops and took some cough medicine earlier, so I only had one coughing fit and I walked up front so I wouldn't disrupt everyone.  When I returned to my seat a little older lady offered me a cough drop.  She was so super cute!! :)   Anyway here is my weigh in for this past week!! 

Ok, so I know how my body works.  I always start off with a bang (water weight and all) and then level off, but regardless, any loss keeps me motivated!!   Yay :)  Let's hope this is the beginning of a change in "The Yo-Yo Diet" that has been my life lately. :)  

Have a great start to your week everyone.  Remember to take a little time out to take a breath.  Take a breath and think about something positive about yourself.  Keep that thought and let it motivate you to be the best you can be!


"One small positive thought in the morning, '
can change your whole day."

~Pinterest Quotes


  1. Hope you feel better soon and get rid of that cough! Wow, what a great first weigh in! It's wonderful that WW is so motivating for you. Keep it up!

  2. Wonderful loss this week! I hope you feel better asap! My cold has been lingering for a bit too.

  3. Great job with the weigh in!

    Sorry you have been feeling icky. Hopefully you have kicked that in the teeth now!!!

  4. We all know that first week of weigh-in is a lot of water weight, but isn't it always so encouraging? Maybe God allows it like, "See?? You CAN do this." :)

    What a cute idea for your pumpkins! I hope you feel better quickly.

  5. Wahoo, great weigh in! (even if it is just water, it's a great motivator!) Hope you feel better!