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My blog was started to help me come to terms with turning 50, to find myself as I become an empty nester, and to help me with my weight loss journey. (Update Here)
I am in an amazing place in my life so now follow me as I move forward with the good and the bad, my continued wieght loss journey and just my life!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Results

So, my little two week "stop the insanity " experiment is over.  I mean most parts of it I will continue, but there are a few things I just didn't like.  Let me break it down for ya.......

*No Scales*

I liked this.  It was hard not weighing myself every day, or twice a day like normally, but it was freeing not to feel so attached them.  It was nice to not let a number in the morning dictate my mood for the day.   *This part of the experiment I will continue!*

*No Tracking My Daily Food*

This I didn't like.  Although it did help me to not think so much about food, I really missed tracking and being in control.  I like being organized and knowing just how many calories I am eating.    *This, I will not continue.*

*No Diet Foods*

This I liked.  I liked eating cleaner foods.  I was more satisfied and I think I even saved some money not buying all the little 100 calorie packs and prepackaged low/no calorie stuff.   *This part I will continue.*

*Eat What Greg Eats For Dinner*

This I really liked.  I felt like a normal person, eating normal food with my husband.  I felt more satisfied mentally and physically.   *This I will continue.*

*Eat When I'm Hungry,
 But Three Times A Day, Sitting*

This I loved.  It was hard to eat 3 times a day.  I am never hungry until around 1:00.  I began forcing myself to eat 3 meals a day and I really felt like I was doing good for my body.  *This I will continue*

What I didn't like about these past 2 weeks........

*I felt out of control
*I didn't lose any weight at all

What I liked about these past 2 weeks........

*I liked eating normal food
*I liked not being obsessed with the scale
*I didn't lose any weight at all

So, as you can see the "no weight loss" thing is both a like and didn't like.  I didn't like it because I am spoiled and I am used to seeing my weight go down between 8-10 pounds in 2 weeks like normally when I am really watching.  BUT.....I like this because that is not a accurate loss.  Now my body is adjusting to me eating 3 times a day and eating real food, and that is a good thing, weight loss or not.  I usually loose fast, then as soon as I eat one "bad" meal, I'd gain it all back by the next day.  For me, that is not real weight loss.  That old way hasn't been working for me, which is why I wanted to mix it up a bit.  It's scary to try something new, but I think, when the old isn't working, then experiment and find something that does.

So, here's to weighing myself twice a month, eating 3 meals a day, like a real person (hungry or not) plus a snack, and here's to tracking like it's going out of style!!


"The true method of knowledge,
is experiment."

~William Blake


  1. I'm glad you stuck with it and figured out what worked and didn't work for you! Great outlook on the weight part of it :)

  2. Love this - you're figuring it out! :)

  3. For me tracking and knowing I am on track is empowering. :-)

    Sounds like you learned some real and valuable lessons! Now you can move on with what works!

  4. I think it's important to experiment and find what works for you. We're all different and one plan won't work for everyone! Great job on changing things up.