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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall To Do List

I've decided to make a "To Do" list for the Fall Season.  I have a weird thing about not rushing things, so I wait until I feel the appropriate time is, and then I do it.  For instances.  I can not decorate for Fall until September.  But....only apple candles, and wax in my burners until October, then out comes the pumpkin everything.  No Pumpkin Spice Latte until time middle of October because otherwise, I would get one every week until December when I move on to the Peppermint Mocha.  See how controlling I am with my seasons.  I know I can do these things at any season, but they just scream FALL to me :)

Anyway, here is my Fall To Do list.........

1.    Read a Fall type book, either scary, set in Autumn, or 
       about Salem or something like that.  

      *I just finished The Discovery of Witches, but now I need another
       one, if anyone has a suggestion.  Last year my sister
       and I read "The Legend of Sleep Hollow by Washington Irving.
       Even though you know the story it still was a wonderful read!

2.    Walk through a corn maze.
      *We used to take the kids every year, but why can't I just do it
        as an adult? :)

3.    Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.
      *Yes, I know...it's so cliche, and  everyone is tired of hearing
       about this yummyness but I need it in my life!!

4.    Walk in the woods and find leaves.

      *Again, why just for kids??

5.    Our annual Fall Fun Trip

      *My daughter Blayne and I do this every year.
       It is planned for next Monday so I will share then :)

6.    Coffee at a coffee shop, outside regardless of the weather.
       (Except rain)

      *I love a good coffee shop, and there is something about
       being bundled up outside, with a steaming cup of coffee..Sigh!

7.    Go on a picnic.

      *Blanket on the ground, leaves falling, wine, fruit, cheese.
       Oh Yes!

8.    Bake Fall cookies.

      *I will be giving them to my little niece and my nephews.
       I'm looking for a leaf cookie cutter :)

9.    Take pictures of old, falling down, maybe haunted :)
      *I have some places in mind :)

10.  Carve pumpkins

      *I didn't even carve any last year, with it being my
        first year as an empty nester.  How sad it that!?

So, that's it!!  I will be working on these and posting pictures to see how many I can do.  Making a list helps me actually do things, not just think about doing them :)

Have a wonderful day!  Remember to put yourself first today!  Be a little selfish, and make yourself happy!



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your list. I really like that all your goals are about nourishing your soul - feeling good and being okay with being yourself and not bound by what *people* do. Why is some stuff just for kids? Why can't you have coffee outside when it's cold? I'm looking forward to hearing more!

  2. This list is awesome! It's PERFECT!

    I love making lists--my biggest problem is the follow through :(

  3. It sounds like a great and fun list! Can't wait to watch you experience your things....because I'm sure hoping you will talk about them on here!

  4. What a fun list!

    Would you believe I took an entire college course on literature about the Salem witch trials? It was a really intriguing class. I would recommend The Crucible.

  5. I was sad the first year that we didn't carve pumpkins (after our kids were away at college), but I think the next year we carved one just because. We pretty much skip fall here, so I'm jealous of your seasonal opportunities - enjoy! :)