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I am in an amazing place in my life so now follow me as I move forward with the good and the bad, my continued wieght loss journey and just my life!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Papers, Computers, and Dogs

Hello Monday!!

I was up this morning earlier than usual, partly because of my promise to myself that that is the one area I am trying to change, as per yesterdays post.  The other reason is because I had these 2 darlings in bed with me, and they wanted up to see Greg in the morning.  Who can stay asleep when I know Greg is getting morning kisses??

Stella was the first awake!!

Josie was a bit more lazy...
until she heard Greg.....
She LOVES Greg!

Stella looking alarmed....or maybe scared?

Ah....this is why!
The other end of the couch,
the Tiny Terror has a bone!

Oh to be a dog!  The only worry is kicking your self for eating your bone to fast, and being forced to watch your sister eat hers :)

Other than play with Blayne's puppies today, I didn't do much.  I took today to get caught up on all of my e-mails, did some paper work for our Rosary Group which I am now President of :), and started getting my curriculum ready for my 2nd grade CCD (Bible School) class which begins in a few weeks.  I was spot on with my meals and snacks today, so that always puts me in a go-go kind of mood!!  Yay!

Paperwork, computer work and dogs!  That was my Monday :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful beginning of the week!  Here's to keeping that momentum up all week!!  We can do it!!


"It's Monday!
Perfect time to re boot your mind, 
and have a fresh start."

~Pinterest Quotes

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Just One Thing

What a beautiful Sunday!  First things first.  Today is my weigh in day.  I knew it would be good, because I watched all week, and I had that big gain, so I knew some of it would be water......

I'm down 5 pounds.  I'm in a better place now than I was last week, and this loss, even if it is water,  will only help me :)  Yay!


Today Blayne came over to drop off her little pups for a little sleep over tonight.  She brought me two super fun things that I just have to share with you!  You see, Blayne is a longtime good friend with one of the bloggers that I follow, Goal of Losing, and she has an Etsy Store, Anything Rustic, that I have been wanting to buy from for a while.  Anyway, long story short, she bought me two things from the store!!   

First is this cute county banner :) 

This is how it looks in my room!!

Next is this awesome slate chalk board.......

This is how it looks in my kitchen!!

Thank you Blayney!!  I am so lucky to have such a sweet thoughtful daughter!  I'm also lucky that she has such a wonderful talented friend :) 

As I told you, I have been redoing my rooms a little at a time.  Dominic came home for a nice visit.  Aka..... to eat food,  get some money, and to drop off laundry :)  He was shocked at the changes.  First he said, wow, it looks different in here.  Then later, he's was like, "I don't get it.....when did you buy all of this stuff, I didn't know that you even bought this stuff".   I kinda giggled to myself, because the first thing I thought of was, hmmm.....I have a life he doesn't know about too :)   

Just a few more walls that I finished. 

 I think I am feeling the need to redo some areas in my house, because I am trying to make changes in other areas of my life, so I am just going all out everywhere!!  I am really making honest attempts to make changes my life, my habits, my whole well being.  One change I'm making, is that beginning tomorrow, I am going to start getting up earlier than normal.   This will allow me more time in the morning to read my blogs, post a little more, do my daily readings, and just have a nice start to the day.  Sometimes I get up right before I have to be at work and am scrambling around trying to get things together.  This way, I can also plan my meals for the day and maybe eat a good breakfast, which is really hard for me.  Usually I eat breakfast at around 11:00, and I know that reeks havoc on my metabolism.  Anyway, I feel that  if you make just one small change, it can snow ball into prompting other things in your life to fall into place.  That's my thought anyway :)


"You will never change your life 
until you change something you do daily."

~John C. Maxwell

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Books = Love

I just wanted to share 2 new books that I will be starting.  This first one is a 21 Day Makeover type book.  Have you every done one?  I have done a few books that you do something every day, and also done some online makeovers.  This one, my sister sent me.  As soon as I read the Introduction, I knew I needed to do this!!

This is from the introduction:

If you've ever said, "When things get back to normal, then I'll . . . " 
this is for you.

If you've ever felt too tired to do what you know you really need to do,
 this is for you.

True change really is possible. And it can start here an now.

Our culture tells us that we have to "Go big or go home." 
But research on change reveals a very different story:
 it's the small things that make the greatest difference over time. 
And with God as our partner in the process,
 that's amplified even more.

This is your moment. 
Are you ready to simply do what you can 
for the next twenty-one days? 

No matter what you've already tried or been through,
 there's a "yes" still being spoken somewhere deep inside you.

If you've ever made a goal or resolution 
and not kept it, this is for you.

Oh boy this is so me!  I am the queen on needing to "Go big or go home."  I never think that little changes will make any difference, therefore I don't do anything at all. I really need help in this area!!  I can't wait to start this!!!


The next book is the 11th book in a series by author Louise Penny.

If you are looking for an amazing series to begin, I highly recommend this one.  The books take place in Canada, in a small, not-on-the-map, rural village of Three Pines.  There you will fall in love with the main character,  Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, his family, the investigators who work under him, and most of all, the wonderful towns people from Three Pines.  You will wish you lived there!!  These books have it all....mystery, murder, love, friendship, the quaint life living in a small town, and beautiful scenery in every season!  My mom, my sister and I have read them all in order, and have been waiting for a year for this new one to get here, and I can't wait to start it!!  I just need to finish the book I'm reading now, and I'm at 86 percent on my Kindle, so it wont be long now.  

I am so excited to go back to Three Pines and see what everyone has been up to.  
I'll say Hi for you all when I get there :)   


"I love books.
  I love that moment when you open one and sink into it.
You can escape from the world, 
into a story that is way more interesting 
than yours will ever be."

~Elizabet Scott

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Wonderful Monday!!

Happy Monday!!

Today started out with some much needed gym time!!   I felt so blahh....that I didn't even want to go, but since I knew my sister was counting on me to go, it helped push me.   Lifting was exhausting, and  Pliates killed me, but I am better for going!!   Of course we stopped for our post workout coffee :)  Always something to look forward to!!


My sister bought this beautiful 
customized print for me from Etsy and had it framed.  
What a wonderful tribute to my baby girl.    

Mia was known for her pearl necklaces.  
She adorned many, 
so Connie wrote on the back...

She is so thoughtful, 
and I am so blessed to have her!!  


We drove over to see the boys this afternoon.  No, we weren't checking up on them...really we weren't.  We wanted to give them their "back to school" treats.  We got this tradition from our Mom.  Every year since Kindergarten, we bake a special treat for them for when they get home.  I started this with my oldest daughter Blayne, 23 years ago when she started school and haven't stopped yet.  Our families traditional back to school treats are called Nut-Mallow-Goodies.

I think what makes them extra special, is that I only make them one other time during the year.....at Christmas time. So they really look forward to them all day during that first day of school :)

My sister makes these amazing cookies called Monster Cookies.  They have a little bit of everything in them and they are delicious!!

I managed to snap a few pics to share with you all.
My Dominic......

My nephew Paul.....

We asked a few questions on how they were doing and they said something like oh my gosh we just saw you guys 2 days ago.  We corrected them and said, no, it was 3 days :)   Regardless they grabbed the treats fast enough and thanked us :)  Sigh......


I ended up eating 2 of the treats that I made, but made really good choices the rest of the day, so I am happy with my first day back on track!!  Yay!!

Good luck to all of you, and your kids who are starting school this week, or have begun already!!  It's such a magical time, new classes, new friends.  I am taking advantage of this fresh new beginning as well.....anything is possible!! 


Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Little Bit of Everything

So, first things first.  Today is my weigh in day.  I almost didn't weigh in, because I have been way off track for the past week.  Technically I am on vacation and I think my mind thought I deserved to be totally on vacation from tracking, from making good choices, from everything.  I need to be accountable, and honest with myself, so that is why I've decided to just do it...post it....and move forward....

As you can see, that is a 9 pound gain.  This isn't a total shock,  but I'm not proud what I've done in just a few days.  I know I'm recommitting tomorrow, but that does excuse the fact that I could of recommitted any day this week.  I haven't made bad choices all the time, but enough to do this much damage I guess.  I need to stop messing around, yo-yo-ing all over the place and get serious for my December goal!!  That's about all I have to say because it's embarrassing, depressing, and frankly I'm tired of having you all read the same thing every week... first my losses, then my gains.  It's got to stop.   Tomorrow I'm moving on, starting fresh, and hopefully stopping this cycle of self destruction that I seem to like to do.


I woke up Saturday and remembered that Dominic was at school.  It really is a different feeling after 27 years to not have any kids home.  It's not bad, it's not good, it's just different. Because I didn't have to work, I was able to sit on The Sanctuary with Greg and have coffee!

I ended up sitting there reading for hours.  It was wonderful and relaxing!!

Later in the day, daughter Blayne came over to help me redecorate a few rooms in the house.  I've been buying things for awhile, and just waiting until Dominic left to Fall Clean and get a fresh start with our new routine...hoping it will help springboard a fresh start with my food and exercise routine as well.  Things like that go hand in hand for me.  If I'm organized in one area in my life, I am more apt to carry it over to other areas.

 Anyway, here is a picture of my new living room wall.

This wall is almost finished.  I just need a few more things to fill in :)

These are old frames that I purchased and Blayne painted them and we hung them in the hall going up the stairs.  I still need a few more, but I wanted to get these ones up just to see where I am.

This is a picture from Pinterest that I saw and loved.  
That is where I got the idea :) 

I'm still working on another wall in my living room, along with my family room, kitchen and dining room.  I just felt the need to revamp my house :)


So you may have read that I have been on vacation all week.  Actually we call it a "stay-cation" because we didn't go anywhere.  My sister and I wanted this week off to spend with our boys, and then to clean their living areas after they moved out :)

All in all it was a wonderful week, if I look past the over eating.  Relaxing, stress free, I got things accomplished that I wanted to....just what a vacation should be :)

I'll leave you with two adorable pictures of my grand puppies while they were here this weekend :)  We tend to nick name all our pets.  I don't know why we even give them names, because they always get a few different ones once they've been around a few weeks :)

This is Stella.......
aka  Button, Snap Dragon 
or Vanilla Bean

This Josie
aka Jo-Jo, Short Stack,
or Jo-G


"A vacation is having nothing to do, 
and all day to do it in."

~Robert Orben

Friday, August 21, 2015

Move In Day!!

Disclaimer....This post isn't meant to be sad.  It just came out this way :)
 I'm good...Really I am :)

Well, we are alone!  Greg and I have the house to ourselves once again.  It's so quite here!  Even Laker knows something is up.  First she looses both her sisters....first Samara, then Mia, in the past 6 months, (Our black Lab Samara passed away the day after Christmas, right before I began this blog).... now her boy is gone.  We used to be a big family.....two adults, 3 kids, 3 dogs.  Now we are down to 2 adults and one dog.  Wow....time changes everything!  It will take a while before Greg, Laker and I fall into a routine, but until then, it's an adjustment!!

Laker and friend, waiting for Dominic to get home.
I think she is still waiting for her sisters too....

This is where Dominic and 
my nephew Paul will be living!!
It's just a beautiful campus 
in a small rural area not to far from home,
 but just far enough for them :) 

Ok, now this was Dominic moving in last year..............

This is this year......

What a difference a year makes.  
He looks so much older, not to mention his man bun :) 

Next are some pictures of the boys together.  As I've said before, they have been like brothers from the start.  My sister Connie and I used to talk about when they were older how it would so cool if they roomed together in college.   They used to talk about going to Duke University for school.  Fortunately the school changed to a closer location and they still wanted to room together which makes this so much easier..they will take care of eachother!

  5 and 6 years old...
Dominic telling Paul a secret!

7 and 8 years old...
Not quite sure what was happening here :) 

13 and 14....
Intense gaming!

And now....
18 and 19... 

Setting up their room!

My sister, her husband and Paul...
(New empty nesters....Paul is their only child!)

Me and my baby boy!
(Greg had a meeting and couldn't get out of work)

I know we were annoying them by taking pictures, but we tried to explain to them that we need pictures to remember the occasion. Boys!!  We tried our best to let them do what they wanted with the room, just offering advice and tips, but in the end, they will do what they want.  They are growing up and we have to realize that they have their own opinions and likes.  It's hard to back down and let them be.

While we were "bothering" them, I pulled up this little letter I found on Facebook and read it to them........

"Dear Freshmen who are moving in tomorrow:  A little request....
When your mom wants to unpack all of your clothes 
and make your bed--Let her.
When your dad wants to introduce himself 
to everyone on your floor--Let him
When they want to take pictures of every move 
you make this weekend--Let them.
If they embarrass you or act crazy--Let them.
As you start the new chapter of your life,
 they are also starting a new chapter of theirs.
And believe it or not, this is probably 
more difficult for them than it is for you.
So let them treat you like their baby on last time."

They laughed but I know them. and they understood! :)  

We still think of them as those two little boys who used to play in the woods all day long, who used to play Star Wars hours on end, who lived at each-others houses, who stuck up for each other like brothers.

Now that they both will be on their own, we have to remember to stop and take a step back.  They are growing up and have their own lives that we really aren't a part of anymore.  We trust them, we respect them and oh boy do we love them!


"My little boy yesterday, 
my friend today,
my son forever."


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Packing and New Friends

This week has been a busy one, getting our youngest packed and ready to leave for school.  I did manage to make time for some fun and met the girls out for coffee.  3 of them work at the local high school and will be going back to work tomorrow, so it was nice to get it in before then!!

This is the cute coffee house we were at.  It's called The Brick House and it stared out just selling coffee and baked goods, and now, as you can see they added alcohol.  I think adding the words on the awning makes it look a bit tacky, but it's still a wonderful old house!  Anyway, we sat outside on the beautiful porch and visited for a few hours :)

Here are some pictures that I forgot to share of our recent girls night :)  We went to the outdoor restaurant that my son Connor works at.  I just love it there :)

Our amazing view from our table!!

The girls :) 
Left from the front.....Michelle, my SIL Julie,
me, my sister Connie, Angie, and Lori :) 

This group of ladies, as a group, is new.  We have all known each other for years, but just all came together as a group over the summer.  We are all in the same stage in our lives for the most part, with only one of us still having young children at home, so we can all relate to this growing older empty nesting thing!  We all get along so well, and I am blessed to have found this wonderful group of ladies :)

Now, I am off to continue laundry for Dominic and to help finish packing him up.  I just can not believe that the summer is over and he is leaving us again.   No matter how old they are, it never is easy when they leave.  He is insisting on taking every movie he owns along with his 2 gaming systems, his big TV, record player and all his albums.  Is there any room left for clothes??   I will let you know how tomorrow goes :)


"Friendship is born 
when one person says to the other, 
"What?  You too? 
 I thought I was the only one."

~C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Few Things on a Tuesday

Today was one of those mom and son days that I don't get to much anymore.  Youngest Dominic and I went out to lunch and did a little shopping before he leaves on Friday.  I kept trying to push clothing, shoes, and socks on him, but he is a simple kid and likes his old lived in things.  Then I tried to get him to let me buy new bedding, and some fun things for his room, but again, he says his comforter is his favorite and he loves his ratty old pillowcases.  In the end, he did agree to new pillows, a pair of shorts, new boxers (thank goodness) and a few t-shirts.  Sigh!  Boys! :)

Last night we, along with my sister's family went to the horse races for dinner and a fun night out before the boys leave.  If I didn't tell you, my nephew Paul and Dominic are close like brothers and they are rooming together this year!!   Anyway, I managed to snap a picture of Dominic to remember the occasion. :)  He didn't even know until I was done and he just smiled and shook his head like..."oh mom" :)

I still haven't gotten used to the hair :)

 My sister dragged me to the gym this morning, for pilates and weights.  Even though I am still coming off my food hang over and feel crappy, I knew if I went I would feel better, and it would put me in a good mind frame for food choices during the day.  I thank her for that because it did help me today!!  :)  She's so smart :)

Due to my self wallowing, I hadn't been to the gym since last Friday, and hadn't been for almost a week before that, so I am feeling it!  Last Friday we made my daughter Blayne go with us to experience the wonders of pilates.  I wanted her to see why I love it so much!  She wasn't as enthusiastic about it as we are.  She did like being told when to breathe :)  Pilates just didn't sing to her!   I didn't like it the first few times I did it but now, yes...I love it!!

Just a little picture of us after class :) 

Our routine after the gym....
  A cup of fun to look forward to!

My day ended up pretty good in the food department.  I made descent choices at lunch today, and the rest of the day went pretty well too.  I guess it does help to get up and out to the gym just to start my day off on the right foot!!  Thanks Connie :) 


"One small positive thought in the morning 
can change your whole day."


Monday, August 17, 2015

Winner Announced!!!!

Happy Giveaway Day!!

Today I drew the winner for my Favorite Things Giveaway.  Before I announce the winner, I would just like to thank everyone for being here, listening to my life.  Even if you've only stopped by once, it means everything to me!  Who would have thought that writing down my successes and failures, my day to day, and my fun outings would help me so much in my journey of finding myself.  I have always known that I needed to be held accountable when it comes to eating and being healthy, and keeping up my blog is the exact thing I need to help keep me accountable!

Now, on to my announcement............(Insert Drum Roll Here)

The winner of my Favorite Things Giveaway is........

Christina @ Love Yourself Healthy!!!

Christina is a blogger friend whom I follow :)

Christina, please send me an e-mail at laa198@aol.com to let me know your address or PO Box and I will get this box of fun out to you as soon as possible!!

Again, thank you all for your support and for taking part in my first giveaway!!


Image result for quotes on thank you for support

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dusting Myself Off

Before I begin, don't forget to sign up for my GIVEAWAY!!  I will be drawing tomorrow sometime!!  I'm super excited to be able to share some of my favorite things with someone!!  If you haven't signed up, just add a comment to this page and you will be entered!! :)

Ok, so I realized that I have been MIA for the week.  Everything is coming at me at once.  First my baby Mia leaves me, now my other baby Dominic is leaving for college on Friday!  That along with the fact that I have had my monthly friend visit only 1time since February (Damn my 50 year old body)  Needless to say, emotions are running high so of course my food is totally out of control, and that just makes it worse!   I  don't know why I do this to myself.  In the book I am reading right now, the cop, who is a recovering alcoholic, fell off the wagon and went on a 3 day bender.  His actions, feelings, thoughts really hit home!  I thought....that's me!  I felt, thought and acted like he did, when I fall off the wagon with my eating.  Nothing else matters, I don't feel like going anywhere, doing anything, unless it's to the store for more goodies.  I'm miserable after eating so much, but the only thing that helps is more food, and not matter how sick I am, I still eat it.  In the book, the man's friend came to visit him.  He said....

"You need to get better.  You need to physically and mentally restore yourself, only then can you restore your spirit.  First the spirit gets sick.  Then the body.  Then the mind."

Now, I no way am comparing food to alcohol.  There is alcoholism in my family, and it is so much more harder to recover from, so I am not making any comparisons.

 Anyway  this really made since to me.  I've been down because of Mia, so everything else followed, first my spirit, then my body, then my mind.  I know how to fix it.  I just keep telling myself, tomorrow I will do it.  Tomorrow comes and it starts all over again.  Mia's passing, and Dominic going off to school are not that big of a deal.  I could have much bigger problems to deal with.  It is just some excuses to feel down and eat, I know this, but it's still hard to snap out of it.  Added to this, the fact that I am probably stepping into menopause is adding to my mental stability.  Not like I want another baby, but just realizing the fact that I can NEVER have another baby is just so sad for me.  Don't get me wrong....I love my life.  I am truly blessed.  I have no complaints.  It's just when my "Dark Passenger" (Yes, I'm stealing from "Dexter") emerges, I just get out of control and it just takes a few day, to get that control back.  So, yes, this past week I have been out of control, but tomorrow is a new day, and I am more than determined to get back on track.  I am on vacation until next Monday, so I am hoping that because I will have time to read my blogs and post more that it will help me stay on track because that is one thing that really seems to pull me together!!  Because of this, I want to thank you all for being there for me in my dark times, even if you don't know it :)   My friend at A Journey to Thin posted her weekly "Sunday Inspiration".  It said........"Never Give Up"  and it reminded me that I am not alone....all I have to do is do a little reading to be inspired.  Do alittle reading to realize that we are all in this together, we all have our ups and downs, we all have our tips at staying above water.  Do a little reading and it always snaps me out of it and puts me back on track!

 Life is funny......Some days are good, and some days you just want to stop everything and give up.  The best thing about life is that you can realize what you're doing wrong, make a choice to change it, and just move the hell on!!


"What defines us,
 is how well we learn after falling."


Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Gain and a Painful Loss

It's with a heavy heart that I write to let you know that my baby girl, my sweet friend Mia is gone.  We had her put to sleep on Thursday and I just got up enough strength now to write about her.  I wont go on and on, but I miss her terribly.  I don't want to make everyone sad so I will just say that.

So, with the stress of this loss, I have not made very smart choices with my food the past few days.  I kept telling myself, that Mia would be pissed at me for eating this or that, but it didn't stop me.  I needed comfort and it came from my other old friend......food.  In the end, I only felt worse and today have been doing well, and I think Mia would be proud of me for pulling myself together!  

Oh,  I did go out and buy myself a purse and matching wallet, which made me feel better too.  I'll try to continue the shopping binge instead of food from now on, if I feel the need :) 

I bought this beautiful almost new Vera set on a site called Varage Sale.  It's a virtual garage sale site in my area!  I "bought" in on Friday, and paid for it and picked it up this morning.  Well, Greg actually bought it, he said Mia wanted me to have it :)    He is the best! 

So, anyway, today is my weigh in day, and here is the result..............

Since I do not recognize the points on my weigh ins,  this is a 1 pound gain.  It could have been worse, it could have been better, no excuses, just a gain.  I'll do better this week!  Mia says I will :) 


"Make yourself stronger than your excuses."


Friday, August 7, 2015

For The Love of Accessories!!

I love to accessorize!  I think because I am a girly girl and love getting all dressed up when I go somewhere.  I am in stinky dog clothes all day with no make up or no jewelry, so I take advantage of it when I can!  I love accessories too because they are all one size!  No matter what I buy, it looks good on me and that is a big ego boost! :)

Purses are my number one love!  It's more of an obsession really.  Purses, totes, wallets, heck even those cheap-o cloth or plastic totes at the grocery store.  I just love them all!!  I have many, and continue to buy them even if I don't need them.  If I feel sad....I buy a purse!  If I am stressed....I buy a wallet!   I just can't help it! :)

Jewelry and shoes are next in line for me!  I usually shop consignment for my jewelry and shoes, because you can get more expensive brands for a good price.  I love flats, heels, boots....earnings, necklaces, bracelets, Oh My!

 My love for accessories doesn't stop there.  Since joining the gym, I have purchased new socks, new shoes, a sweat towel, I already had a nice pink gym bag, so I held myself back from a new one even tho I still look at them when shopping :)   I have bought 2 different water bottles, different colored t-shirts, not to mention a cute cosmetic bag for some fun trial size stuff "just in case I need them".   I think it makes working out more fun if you have new, cute, fun, things to use, or have.

Here are two new shirts that I just bought! 
I still can't get away from the oversize T's to work out in.
Maybe someday!

My new water bottle, after the gym this morning!
Yes I think it is supposed to be for little girls, 
but I just loved it so.....Yeah!  Mine!

My pretty bag! 

My comfy shoes!

My cute cosmetic bag of fun!
Yes I use men's deodorant. 
I can't remember why I started, 
but I love it!

So, that's that!  I live for accessories in my life!  They bring me joy and that's what life is all about! :)

Don't forget to sign up for my GIVEAWAY.  Keep adding yourself in for more chances to win!! :)


"Accessories are the exclamation point 
of a woman." 

~Michael Kors