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Monday, August 31, 2015

Papers, Computers, and Dogs

Hello Monday!!

I was up this morning earlier than usual, partly because of my promise to myself that that is the one area I am trying to change, as per yesterdays post.  The other reason is because I had these 2 darlings in bed with me, and they wanted up to see Greg in the morning.  Who can stay asleep when I know Greg is getting morning kisses??

Stella was the first awake!!

Josie was a bit more lazy...
until she heard Greg.....
She LOVES Greg!

Stella looking alarmed....or maybe scared?

Ah....this is why!
The other end of the couch,
the Tiny Terror has a bone!

Oh to be a dog!  The only worry is kicking your self for eating your bone to fast, and being forced to watch your sister eat hers :)

Other than play with Blayne's puppies today, I didn't do much.  I took today to get caught up on all of my e-mails, did some paper work for our Rosary Group which I am now President of :), and started getting my curriculum ready for my 2nd grade CCD (Bible School) class which begins in a few weeks.  I was spot on with my meals and snacks today, so that always puts me in a go-go kind of mood!!  Yay!

Paperwork, computer work and dogs!  That was my Monday :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful beginning of the week!  Here's to keeping that momentum up all week!!  We can do it!!


"It's Monday!
Perfect time to re boot your mind, 
and have a fresh start."

~Pinterest Quotes


  1. Awww - so fun to see your pups :) I find myself taking occasional days off too to catch up on stuff around the house. Awesome job on the meals and snacks today!

  2. You have such cute pups and like the names too. Love the Monday quote!

  3. What cuties! I always say I want my cat's life :D

  4. Lovely pics - I love dogs - it's so calming and therapeutic to be around them.