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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Just One Thing

What a beautiful Sunday!  First things first.  Today is my weigh in day.  I knew it would be good, because I watched all week, and I had that big gain, so I knew some of it would be water......

I'm down 5 pounds.  I'm in a better place now than I was last week, and this loss, even if it is water,  will only help me :)  Yay!


Today Blayne came over to drop off her little pups for a little sleep over tonight.  She brought me two super fun things that I just have to share with you!  You see, Blayne is a longtime good friend with one of the bloggers that I follow, Goal of Losing, and she has an Etsy Store, Anything Rustic, that I have been wanting to buy from for a while.  Anyway, long story short, she bought me two things from the store!!   

First is this cute county banner :) 

This is how it looks in my room!!

Next is this awesome slate chalk board.......

This is how it looks in my kitchen!!

Thank you Blayney!!  I am so lucky to have such a sweet thoughtful daughter!  I'm also lucky that she has such a wonderful talented friend :) 

As I told you, I have been redoing my rooms a little at a time.  Dominic came home for a nice visit.  Aka..... to eat food,  get some money, and to drop off laundry :)  He was shocked at the changes.  First he said, wow, it looks different in here.  Then later, he's was like, "I don't get it.....when did you buy all of this stuff, I didn't know that you even bought this stuff".   I kinda giggled to myself, because the first thing I thought of was, hmmm.....I have a life he doesn't know about too :)   

Just a few more walls that I finished. 

 I think I am feeling the need to redo some areas in my house, because I am trying to make changes in other areas of my life, so I am just going all out everywhere!!  I am really making honest attempts to make changes my life, my habits, my whole well being.  One change I'm making, is that beginning tomorrow, I am going to start getting up earlier than normal.   This will allow me more time in the morning to read my blogs, post a little more, do my daily readings, and just have a nice start to the day.  Sometimes I get up right before I have to be at work and am scrambling around trying to get things together.  This way, I can also plan my meals for the day and maybe eat a good breakfast, which is really hard for me.  Usually I eat breakfast at around 11:00, and I know that reeks havoc on my metabolism.  Anyway, I feel that  if you make just one small change, it can snow ball into prompting other things in your life to fall into place.  That's my thought anyway :)


"You will never change your life 
until you change something you do daily."

~John C. Maxwell


  1. Great weigh in! I find myself wanting to make changes in my home too, sort of like getting everything organized and improved.

  2. I saw the first few pictures before reading anything, and I thought, "That banner looks like one of Goal of Losing's!". Haha. Your house is so... homey! Reminds me of my parents' house growing up. It looks like the kind of place I'd walk into and immediately smile and sigh and think, "This feels like home!".

  3. I love that you are keeping your son on his toes with this redecorating, which looks super cute, btw! :)

    Congrats on the great weigh in!

  4. HI Lori - good job on the loss! Congratulations! I love the banner - it's really lovely - what a great present from Blayne!