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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weigh In Day!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

 How come the week goes by so fast during the summer?  Not fair!  Any ways, I hope you all had a great week, as I did.

So, today is weigh in day!!

Yay!!  I am down 2 pounds!  I am happy with my progress so far, I mean it's only been 2 weeks, but still!!  It's keeping me motivated!  I have also notice a difference because of my strength training and Pilates.  Things just feel more tighter and I'm holding myself better.  Even if it's in my mind, I feel better!  Does that make sense?  Anyways, I'm loving the feeling I have working out and watching my food choices.  I feel totally in control, and for me, that's half the battle!!


On my days off, Mondays and Fridays, it seems like I'm spending them at them beach.  It's kind of become an obsession.  First I hit the gym, then the beach.  Like, I have other things I want and need to do, but I just feel the pull to be there.  Heck, we only get 3 nice months to actually use the beach, so I am taking advantage of them :)   Here are some pictures from Fridays Beach day :)

My view over my Kindle.  The lake was so rough.  
Notice the ugly brown up close, 
then the beautiful blue farther out.  Crazy!

I made a mistake and took pity on the gulls 
that were screaming for my pretzels.  
Once I gave some to one....the rest came flocking. :) 

I made a few friends who ventured close to visit :) 

Question for those of you who have Instagram.  Do you post the same pictures on Instagram that you do on your blog?  I've started an Instagram account, and I'm not sure what to do with it.  I don't want to double post pictures and that be taboo....I need Instagram help :)  

So, instead of hitting the beach today, I am staying home, catching up on my blogs, cleaning, and just relaxing on my Sanctuary :)

Enjoy your Sunday!!


"A Sunday well spent, 
brings a week of content."



  1. Congratulations on your weigh in! Have I mentioned that we have the exact same scale? :) I don't use Instagram so can't be much help there. Hope you get your answers!

  2. Don't say "only" when you lose weight - two pounds is a big deal! Congrats!

    I don't have a FB account for my blog (I have a personal one), nor do I do Instagram or Twitter, because quite frankly, I couldn't come up with enough different content for those platforms. I followed a couple of bloggers when they made a FB page, but all they posted was links to their latest blog post...which I was already reading. I suspect the more social media platforms you use, the more you have to work at creating interesting posts/pictures.

  3. I have thought about Instagram, but I was concerned about the same thing - would it be repeats of my personal FB or my blog? I usually follow people on one platform - i.e. read their blog or their FB - so I haven't really figured out how others handle it. Great weigh-in! The is nothing like success to keep us motivated :)

  4. Great weigh in!

    I have an IG. Most of my IG posts do end up on my blog too but I find that I have a different audience on IG than my blog so most of the times if you go to either, you probably won't be seeing duplicates. I know with my IG feed, I follow like 500 people. And I don't check IG every single day so I know there are people that I do follow that I'm sure I miss pics of. I don't think it's too much of a big deal if you double up. Does that make sense?

  5. Two pounds is awesome! Congrats!!!!!

    Let's just not talk about how fast time flies! (Except when I'm bored at work....then it drags. Hahahaha)

  6. I'm learning to use IG to complement my blog--I use it for the more "in the moment" type of posts, and there is a different audience on IG. Let's say I post 7 things to IG in a week, I might include 1-2 of those pictures on my blog, depending on what it is. FB is another story; I haven't really figured out how to best use it to complement the blog yet, so right now it's just another platform for sharing my posts. Great loss!