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My blog was started to help me come to terms with turning 50, to find myself as I become an empty nester, and to help me with my weight loss journey. (Update Here)
I am in an amazing place in my life so now follow me as I move forward with the good and the bad, my continued wieght loss journey and just my life!!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Place To Be

Oh boy!  I need to work on setting aside time for blogging again.  I used to try to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  But, since it's been a week since I've been here, I think need to try harder to get back in the routine!

Anyways, I just wanted to share my new space in my house with you!  I have been redoing one of our spare bedrooms into a little room for me and my quiet time.  This used to be my computer room.  Big ole computer desk and book shelves.  Well, I took the computer out and put it in the other spare room which is our "guest bedroom".  (I have a few spare rooms since my older 2 have moved out.)  This room is all mine.  Mine for time outs, journaling, prayer, meditation, to plan my week and to just be.

My Room View!

My Work Space!

My shelves holding my fun stuff!

 My goal is to buy a bigger desk so I have more space to work.  I'd love a big old white Victorian type desk :)  Lately I have been obsessed with those little positive, motivational signs.  I just love them and love looking at them :)  Anything that supports self love is a good thing!

I love spending time here.  I usually light a candle, start with a prayer, and just let my mind go.  It refreshes me, grounds me and gets me ready for what comes next.  I think everyone needs a place to call their own.  It can be in your house, or your yard under a shaded tree, on your porch, even the local coffee shop or library.  Just so it's yours and you are able to spend time there alone.  We all need time to ourselves.  Especially you out there with little ones or children still at home.  I remember those hectic days where you have no time for yourself.  I'ts hard to set time aside for yourself, but it is really a much needed thing.

I found this wonderful list of  benefits to spending time alone, and wanted to share with you!

1)  Your unique brand of creativity flourishes.

Explore your abilities and interests. You may come up with something that will change your life.

2) Gear down, refresh and get ready to tackle the world.

We live in a very hectic society.  Spending time on your own allows you to gear down, refresh and be more ready to tackle the outside world when you re-emerge.

3) Quiet time can help you sort through problems.

Just sitting down and thinking through a problem, thinking about what caused it and how best to resolve it can result in very effective solutions.

4) Get a better understanding of yourself.

Do you truly know yourself? Do you feel you really understand who you are?
While spending more time alone may not bring you the complete answer to this question, it can certainly give you a much better understanding of how you truly feel about things going on in your life. You can discover more of your abilities, your passions, your interests and even your dislikes. You get a feel for yourself, who you are and where you fit in the world. This brings self-confidence.

5) You may find a new best friend.

If you really dig down and get to know yourself thoroughly, and to enjoy who you are, your interactions with the world will work out better too because when you know and like who you are as a person it shows through everything you do and say.

6) Get more done.

Do you have a list of things you need to do, want to do? Spending time on your own will allow you to prioritize your list. You will feel less stressed about the jobs you need to do.

7) Become more relaxed and tolerant.

Do you sometimes feel irritable and get easily annoyed with people?  The more annoying people appear to you, and more of them there are, the more you could benefit from some time on your own. You cannot change the world, you cannot change what other people say or do. But you can change your perspective on them. After some calm, peaceful time on your own doing whatever pleases you, or doing nothing at all, you will find the annoyances in life shrink dramatically because you are now relaxed and more tolerant.

I liked this last one. I love my quiet time when I am annoyed with people or being judgmental.  "You can't change people, but you can change your perspective on them."  I need to remember this! :)

Remember that you are important too!  You matter!   Spend time alone to let things go, to rediscover who you are, and to just be.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

What Is Your Passion?

What a wonderful Sunday!  I have been on a little vacation from the grooming salon since Thursday.  We work Saturdays, and once every few months, we take a Thursday and Saturday off so we have a super long weekend.  (We do not work on Fridays and Mondays)  It has been a beautiful weekend to have off!  Sunny, hot, and not a thing planned to do!  I love that kind of  "stay-cation" :)

I wanted to share with you a few things that I have been busy doing.  Just some little fun and crafty stuff to pass the time, Many of the bloggers that I follow have hobbies and they are just wonderful!  I really don't have any hobbies, that is, until now!

 First, you need to know, that I have always love Fairies.  My sister and I used to pretend there were Fairies in our woods growing up.  Who am I kidding, I still think that!  I do, I do, I do believe in Fairies!   I've always wanted to do a Fairy Garden, and now I finally gotten around to making one.  This is a work in progress, as I will continue to add to it and make it grow next year, but for now........A place for my tiny friends to live............

I wish I could live here!  
It is in my front yard near my front door, 
so people who come can see it :) 

Another fun thing that I have been doing, is something called Glam Planning.  Ok, so I never heard of this until I starting Googling things to do with planners.  Come to find out, there is a whole planner word that I knew nothing about.  I love planners, paper, cards, pens, notebooks, and I thought I was the only one!  I am not!   I began obsessively watching You-Tube videos of people prettying up their planners, started ordering stickers, washi tape, which I never heard about until now, and stared having planning dreams, no lie.  I was hooked!  So, I ordered a brand new planner.  I started playing around and soon realized that my planner was to big to carry around, so I bought a smaller one.  

This is a Websters Color Crush Personal Sized Planner.  Yes, it has a long and important sounding name :)   I adore this little girl and we quickly became best friends.

This is called the Dashboard.  You can decorate it any way you want.  I found the adorable paper clips on Etsy and just had to have them to make my little girl look cute!

Here is a page that I did last week.  :) 

This is the Month View

I have been introduced into a new word that I just love.  New words, phrases, and new things to buy :)  Plus, I found out that there are other people like me who are obsessed with paper. Yay!  I am not a freak!  This is my new creative outlet!  I usually plan my week on Sundays for that week.  I pretty it all up, then fill in my week :)   If you check out my friend and fellow blogger Leah over at My New Ending, she has a beautiful Etsy Shop called DentalFlossLane.  One of her beautiful Travel Notebook Covers are in my future.  I didn't know you could make one into a planner.  See how much I am learning??? :) 

Anyway, this is what I've been up to while I've been away.  Thanks for letting me share my new hobbies with you!

Being creative has made me realize that I am capable. I am more than.  I think everyone needs a hobby.  They force you to take time out for yourself, to slow down.  Go find something you love even if it is something small.  Let it grow, and in turn you will also grow!


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Sunday, July 17, 2016


Hello!  Remember me?  It's been so long since I've been here.  I planned to just take a little break during Lent, just to give myself more time for mediation and prayer.   (Which didn't work as much as I thought.)  The weeks just kept going by, and I got in the routine of not blogging.  I have however been on reading the blogs I follow now and then, just not commenting, but I have some catching up to do!   I had every intention on starting mine up again, but as you all know, time goes by and next thing you know it's 5 months later.  I've had a few people ask where I've been and I realized how much I missed blogging, and I can't believe I waited so long to get back!  Anyway, here I am :)

My life these past few months has been wonderful!  Our youngest moved home for summer break from college, my baby girl (puppy) Ava, had her 1st birthday, Greg and I celebrated our 31st anniversary, and I turned 51 :)   Those are just somethings that have happened.

Ava's 1st Birthday Party.  Cousins Greta and Ellen :) 

My weight loss journey is still going strong after losses and gains, quitting and starting up again.  The main thing that is different from a few months ago, is that I FINALLY really realized that my weight doesn't define who I am.  I am more comfortable in my own skin.  I know, I know, it only took me 50 years to figure that out, but oh well, better late than never!  I actually have been taking a few selfies for my Instagram account.  I swore I would never ever take a selfie.....Stupid trend and gross I hate my picture.  Change!  I feel more confident and what the hell, trends aren't only for the young! :)


 Oh, I quit Weight Watchers.  I wasn't having much success, (My fault) and I was wasting my time and money just messing around.  So for the summer, I decided to stop.  I am just focusing on low carbs right now.  I started June 21st and I am down 12 pounds, so I am sticking with this for a bit :)  I am trying not to let  my "diet" totally consume my thoughts now.  Whatever happens, happens :)  I am more than my weight and I tend focus (obsess) too much on one thing and it never ends up good.

Well, that's all for now.  I am so glad to be back.  I have forgotten how happy I feel sharing my thoughts.  It is really very cathartic.  It really helps me stay focused, stay organized, and kinda helps give my life a purpose.  

You know when you are gone a long time from something you really love?  When you go back to it, you feel calm and happy....it feels like coming home :)