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Friday, August 21, 2015

Move In Day!!

Disclaimer....This post isn't meant to be sad.  It just came out this way :)
 I'm good...Really I am :)

Well, we are alone!  Greg and I have the house to ourselves once again.  It's so quite here!  Even Laker knows something is up.  First she looses both her sisters....first Samara, then Mia, in the past 6 months, (Our black Lab Samara passed away the day after Christmas, right before I began this blog).... now her boy is gone.  We used to be a big family.....two adults, 3 kids, 3 dogs.  Now we are down to 2 adults and one dog.  Wow....time changes everything!  It will take a while before Greg, Laker and I fall into a routine, but until then, it's an adjustment!!

Laker and friend, waiting for Dominic to get home.
I think she is still waiting for her sisters too....

This is where Dominic and 
my nephew Paul will be living!!
It's just a beautiful campus 
in a small rural area not to far from home,
 but just far enough for them :) 

Ok, now this was Dominic moving in last year..............

This is this year......

What a difference a year makes.  
He looks so much older, not to mention his man bun :) 

Next are some pictures of the boys together.  As I've said before, they have been like brothers from the start.  My sister Connie and I used to talk about when they were older how it would so cool if they roomed together in college.   They used to talk about going to Duke University for school.  Fortunately the school changed to a closer location and they still wanted to room together which makes this so much easier..they will take care of eachother!

  5 and 6 years old...
Dominic telling Paul a secret!

7 and 8 years old...
Not quite sure what was happening here :) 

13 and 14....
Intense gaming!

And now....
18 and 19... 

Setting up their room!

My sister, her husband and Paul...
(New empty nesters....Paul is their only child!)

Me and my baby boy!
(Greg had a meeting and couldn't get out of work)

I know we were annoying them by taking pictures, but we tried to explain to them that we need pictures to remember the occasion. Boys!!  We tried our best to let them do what they wanted with the room, just offering advice and tips, but in the end, they will do what they want.  They are growing up and we have to realize that they have their own opinions and likes.  It's hard to back down and let them be.

While we were "bothering" them, I pulled up this little letter I found on Facebook and read it to them........

"Dear Freshmen who are moving in tomorrow:  A little request....
When your mom wants to unpack all of your clothes 
and make your bed--Let her.
When your dad wants to introduce himself 
to everyone on your floor--Let him
When they want to take pictures of every move 
you make this weekend--Let them.
If they embarrass you or act crazy--Let them.
As you start the new chapter of your life,
 they are also starting a new chapter of theirs.
And believe it or not, this is probably 
more difficult for them than it is for you.
So let them treat you like their baby on last time."

They laughed but I know them. and they understood! :)  

We still think of them as those two little boys who used to play in the woods all day long, who used to play Star Wars hours on end, who lived at each-others houses, who stuck up for each other like brothers.

Now that they both will be on their own, we have to remember to stop and take a step back.  They are growing up and have their own lives that we really aren't a part of anymore.  We trust them, we respect them and oh boy do we love them!


"My little boy yesterday, 
my friend today,
my son forever."



  1. Oh gosh. I still have a good 14 years until anyone goes off to college, but I feel like I should already start preparing myself! Haha.

  2. It's really wonderful that they turned out to be such great friends - how endearing. I also like the facebook letter. :-)

  3. So much of this is all too familiar...from the weirdness of coming home to a quiet, empty house, to seeing Paul sitting on a fully-made bed in the dorm - your sister did that, didn't she? I HAD to get both of my kids' beds made up before leaving them in their dorm rooms.