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Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Little Bit of Everything

So, first things first.  Today is my weigh in day.  I almost didn't weigh in, because I have been way off track for the past week.  Technically I am on vacation and I think my mind thought I deserved to be totally on vacation from tracking, from making good choices, from everything.  I need to be accountable, and honest with myself, so that is why I've decided to just do it...post it....and move forward....

As you can see, that is a 9 pound gain.  This isn't a total shock,  but I'm not proud what I've done in just a few days.  I know I'm recommitting tomorrow, but that does excuse the fact that I could of recommitted any day this week.  I haven't made bad choices all the time, but enough to do this much damage I guess.  I need to stop messing around, yo-yo-ing all over the place and get serious for my December goal!!  That's about all I have to say because it's embarrassing, depressing, and frankly I'm tired of having you all read the same thing every week... first my losses, then my gains.  It's got to stop.   Tomorrow I'm moving on, starting fresh, and hopefully stopping this cycle of self destruction that I seem to like to do.


I woke up Saturday and remembered that Dominic was at school.  It really is a different feeling after 27 years to not have any kids home.  It's not bad, it's not good, it's just different. Because I didn't have to work, I was able to sit on The Sanctuary with Greg and have coffee!

I ended up sitting there reading for hours.  It was wonderful and relaxing!!

Later in the day, daughter Blayne came over to help me redecorate a few rooms in the house.  I've been buying things for awhile, and just waiting until Dominic left to Fall Clean and get a fresh start with our new routine...hoping it will help springboard a fresh start with my food and exercise routine as well.  Things like that go hand in hand for me.  If I'm organized in one area in my life, I am more apt to carry it over to other areas.

 Anyway, here is a picture of my new living room wall.

This wall is almost finished.  I just need a few more things to fill in :)

These are old frames that I purchased and Blayne painted them and we hung them in the hall going up the stairs.  I still need a few more, but I wanted to get these ones up just to see where I am.

This is a picture from Pinterest that I saw and loved.  
That is where I got the idea :) 

I'm still working on another wall in my living room, along with my family room, kitchen and dining room.  I just felt the need to revamp my house :)


So you may have read that I have been on vacation all week.  Actually we call it a "stay-cation" because we didn't go anywhere.  My sister and I wanted this week off to spend with our boys, and then to clean their living areas after they moved out :)

All in all it was a wonderful week, if I look past the over eating.  Relaxing, stress free, I got things accomplished that I wanted to....just what a vacation should be :)

I'll leave you with two adorable pictures of my grand puppies while they were here this weekend :)  We tend to nick name all our pets.  I don't know why we even give them names, because they always get a few different ones once they've been around a few weeks :)

This is Stella.......
aka  Button, Snap Dragon 
or Vanilla Bean

This Josie
aka Jo-Jo, Short Stack,
or Jo-G


"A vacation is having nothing to do, 
and all day to do it in."

~Robert Orben


  1. When I get off track, I am always tempted to not weigh in. I have found, though, that facing the scale and getting that number is the best way to make a new start and get back at it.

    Sitting and reading for hours sounds wonderful! I love to read and have stacks of books all over the living room calling my name :)

  2. A common thing my husband and I kept saying for about a month after our last kid went away to college was "this is weird" - like you said, not bad, but different.

    I like your Americana decorations! And the frame wall will be fun to see develop. Does your husband understand that one? Mine would be all "but when are you going to put the pictures in the frames??" - LOL

  3. I'm no stranger to the "I'm on vacation and so is my diet" mentality. It happens... be kind to yourself. I always find that for me eating well, budgeting and organizing at home go hand in hand. Your Saturday morning sounds very relaxing and wonderful. Glad you were able to enjoy it despite the "different-ness"

  4. What a relaxing day! I love a good stay-cation. Remember that there's no possible way you gained 9lbs of fat in a week, so most of it's water that's going to come off lickity split :)

  5. No stressing the 9 pounds...recommit and they will come off. That's the past...right now is what matters!!!