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Monday, August 24, 2015

A Wonderful Monday!!

Happy Monday!!

Today started out with some much needed gym time!!   I felt so blahh....that I didn't even want to go, but since I knew my sister was counting on me to go, it helped push me.   Lifting was exhausting, and  Pliates killed me, but I am better for going!!   Of course we stopped for our post workout coffee :)  Always something to look forward to!!


My sister bought this beautiful 
customized print for me from Etsy and had it framed.  
What a wonderful tribute to my baby girl.    

Mia was known for her pearl necklaces.  
She adorned many, 
so Connie wrote on the back...

She is so thoughtful, 
and I am so blessed to have her!!  


We drove over to see the boys this afternoon.  No, we weren't checking up on them...really we weren't.  We wanted to give them their "back to school" treats.  We got this tradition from our Mom.  Every year since Kindergarten, we bake a special treat for them for when they get home.  I started this with my oldest daughter Blayne, 23 years ago when she started school and haven't stopped yet.  Our families traditional back to school treats are called Nut-Mallow-Goodies.

I think what makes them extra special, is that I only make them one other time during the year.....at Christmas time. So they really look forward to them all day during that first day of school :)

My sister makes these amazing cookies called Monster Cookies.  They have a little bit of everything in them and they are delicious!!

I managed to snap a few pics to share with you all.
My Dominic......

My nephew Paul.....

We asked a few questions on how they were doing and they said something like oh my gosh we just saw you guys 2 days ago.  We corrected them and said, no, it was 3 days :)   Regardless they grabbed the treats fast enough and thanked us :)  Sigh......


I ended up eating 2 of the treats that I made, but made really good choices the rest of the day, so I am happy with my first day back on track!!  Yay!!

Good luck to all of you, and your kids who are starting school this week, or have begun already!!  It's such a magical time, new classes, new friends.  I am taking advantage of this fresh new beginning as well.....anything is possible!! 



  1. What a lovely tradition. Those nut-mallow-goodies look delish. Would you post a recipe?

  2. You are right Lori...there was no hesitation or annoyance when it came to taking the treat bags from us LOL! Remember part of the fun of vacation is enjoying foods that you normally don't indulge in...I know we'll jump right back on track! Going to the gym today was a great move :)

  3. What a sweet (literally!) tradition! I love it. And you know they were probably a lot more excited about those treats than they let on!

  4. Those nut-mallow cookies look really good! Eating just two is an accomplishment. Great job with your morning workout!

  5. I love your tradition.....if I go back to school will you bring me some goodies too? Hahaha.

    Congrats for keeping the treat eating to a minimum and for tracking and adjusting everything else to say in line!!!!