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Friday, August 7, 2015

For The Love of Accessories!!

I love to accessorize!  I think because I am a girly girl and love getting all dressed up when I go somewhere.  I am in stinky dog clothes all day with no make up or no jewelry, so I take advantage of it when I can!  I love accessories too because they are all one size!  No matter what I buy, it looks good on me and that is a big ego boost! :)

Purses are my number one love!  It's more of an obsession really.  Purses, totes, wallets, heck even those cheap-o cloth or plastic totes at the grocery store.  I just love them all!!  I have many, and continue to buy them even if I don't need them.  If I feel sad....I buy a purse!  If I am stressed....I buy a wallet!   I just can't help it! :)

Jewelry and shoes are next in line for me!  I usually shop consignment for my jewelry and shoes, because you can get more expensive brands for a good price.  I love flats, heels, boots....earnings, necklaces, bracelets, Oh My!

 My love for accessories doesn't stop there.  Since joining the gym, I have purchased new socks, new shoes, a sweat towel, I already had a nice pink gym bag, so I held myself back from a new one even tho I still look at them when shopping :)   I have bought 2 different water bottles, different colored t-shirts, not to mention a cute cosmetic bag for some fun trial size stuff "just in case I need them".   I think it makes working out more fun if you have new, cute, fun, things to use, or have.

Here are two new shirts that I just bought! 
I still can't get away from the oversize T's to work out in.
Maybe someday!

My new water bottle, after the gym this morning!
Yes I think it is supposed to be for little girls, 
but I just loved it so.....Yeah!  Mine!

My pretty bag! 

My comfy shoes!

My cute cosmetic bag of fun!
Yes I use men's deodorant. 
I can't remember why I started, 
but I love it!

So, that's that!  I live for accessories in my life!  They bring me joy and that's what life is all about! :)

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"Accessories are the exclamation point 
of a woman." 

~Michael Kors


  1. First, I love your hair! Second, you remind me of myself when I first started working out - I needed a sweatband and discovered all the pretty colors that they came in...and then came the matching socks, and before I knew it, I was DECKED OUT and loving it, LOL.

  2. One of the grand things about being a women (in my opinion ) is beautiful things; a pretty scarf, make-up, jewelry etc.! I love the fact that we can be so multifaceted. One day jeans and a tee or workout clothes...the next day...dressy and feminine! You look marvelous :)

  3. I like men's deodorant too - and it is so much easier to find just the deodorant without the antiperspirant with aluminum in it. It appears that all you can commonly find for women is the aluminum kind. :-( I love accessories - makes it more fun to look forward to working out.

  4. What a fun water bottle - and fun is for ALL ages :) And you look great!