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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Packing and New Friends

This week has been a busy one, getting our youngest packed and ready to leave for school.  I did manage to make time for some fun and met the girls out for coffee.  3 of them work at the local high school and will be going back to work tomorrow, so it was nice to get it in before then!!

This is the cute coffee house we were at.  It's called The Brick House and it stared out just selling coffee and baked goods, and now, as you can see they added alcohol.  I think adding the words on the awning makes it look a bit tacky, but it's still a wonderful old house!  Anyway, we sat outside on the beautiful porch and visited for a few hours :)

Here are some pictures that I forgot to share of our recent girls night :)  We went to the outdoor restaurant that my son Connor works at.  I just love it there :)

Our amazing view from our table!!

The girls :) 
Left from the front.....Michelle, my SIL Julie,
me, my sister Connie, Angie, and Lori :) 

This group of ladies, as a group, is new.  We have all known each other for years, but just all came together as a group over the summer.  We are all in the same stage in our lives for the most part, with only one of us still having young children at home, so we can all relate to this growing older empty nesting thing!  We all get along so well, and I am blessed to have found this wonderful group of ladies :)

Now, I am off to continue laundry for Dominic and to help finish packing him up.  I just can not believe that the summer is over and he is leaving us again.   No matter how old they are, it never is easy when they leave.  He is insisting on taking every movie he owns along with his 2 gaming systems, his big TV, record player and all his albums.  Is there any room left for clothes??   I will let you know how tomorrow goes :)


"Friendship is born 
when one person says to the other, 
"What?  You too? 
 I thought I was the only one."

~C.S. Lewis

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  1. What a great group of friends! I laughed out loud about packing up your son and all the stuff he "has" to take--I was always kind of minimalist when it came to "What should I take to school?" but my best friend, who was my roommate, always brought EVERYTHING you could ever possibly think of to need in a dorm room. Probably why we get along so well ;) Love that quote!