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Monday, October 5, 2015

An Awesome Monday!!!

Happy Fall Monday!!

It is just beautiful out today!  My windows are open, my wash is on the line, and now I am taking a (nother) little coffee break!!  After the gym this morning, my sister and I took our usual McDonald's coffee and sat and visited with my parents on their porch.  Even tho they are right next door, it's hard to find a time when we are home the same time that they are.  They tend to be out and about so much lately...but that's a good thing!!  After our visit,  I decided to actually stay home on my day off and get some paper work done.  Do you ever just keep piling paper work up until you've realized that somethings may be over due?  I have a little stack in my kitchen to work on, and one on my computer desk.  I am slowing whittling away at my piles!   Yay!

Of course I spent some time outside, since we may not have many nice days left!!

Ava found some sun today on The Sanctuary!  
Note the toys....
I swear it's like having a toddler again! 

Laker is usually here when she's outside.  
Standing guard 
and waiting for her Greg to get home.

My new door hanger and decoration!

Back inside for some baking!!

I made these cookies for Greg!!  He has a limited palate :o),  so usually it's chocolate chip cookies.  I love them too so it's hard to have them around so much.  I did eat some cookie dough.....who can resist that?   I'll save my cookies for tonight and Real Housewives of Orange County.....Ahem...I mean Discovery Channel :) 

While the oven was hot, I baked some eggs.  Does anyone do that?  I saw it on, umm...probably pinterest a while ago and have been doing them that way ever since.  30 minutes at 350 degrees then cold water for 10 minutes.  They peal much easier and are yummy and creamy.  It's a nice way to do hard boiled eggs, as long as you can get past the brown dots on the shell, from the oven :)   I can! 

As I putter around my house today, in such a good mood, being active,  I wonder why.  Why am I so upbeat today?  It's not like I'm usually down or anything...I'm always happy,  but days like this I feel like I'm all hyped up on something!  Is it the beautiful Fall weather?  Is it the fact that I am getting things accomplished?  Is it because I don't have to work?   What dictates your mood?  Number one for me is whether or not I am on plan with my food.  Now, I know that shouldn't be, and I know it's wrong, but I can't get past that rationalization.  It's dictated my life for so long, that it's hard to break!  Everything else falls into place when I'm eating good.   I know I need to change this, because those days that I fall off, I get down, and that means more eating, and that's just a vicious cycle that just doesn't work.   I have so many blessings in my life that I should be able to change this.  I should be able to find something else that can dictate my mood.  I don't think I've really thought about this until I began my blog, so that is a step in the right direction!  :)

Enjoy your day friends, and stay positive, stay upbeat and stay happy, regardless of what and how you are eating :)  



  1. I'll have to try that with the eggs! Thanks for the idea!

    My cats scatter their toys all around the house like that too. I can tell when they've had a really good time by how many toys I have to pick up.

  2. OH my word...I am so going to try that with the eggs....and I called my manager over to look at this (yeah, I'm at work) and she is going to try it too!

    My mood is DEFINITELY dictated by my eating. I like tracking and being on target. It is a victory...I'm in control. so many times with this food addiction I am not 'in control' (or so it seems because even though it is an addiction I am the one responsible)

  3. October is such a nice month, isn't it? Loving the weather and the whole happy vibe - and I see you are, too. :)

  4. Yum- chocolate chip cookies! I have to refrain from making them or I want to eat them all!! Haha

    Making good healthy choices always makes me feel better too. :)

  5. My mood is positively when my house is clean and organized. When I can walk into a room and do something without having to clean something up or find something first makes me feel so good. The trick is getting it that way :) I am definitely going to try the egg baking. The spots are no problem for me....when I saw the picture my first thought was "where did she get those cool eggs?"