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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mental Fight. (Real Food Challenge Day 2)

Hello my friends!

Good news!  I ended up doing pretty well yesterday.  After distracting myself with some mindless television, I end up not really needing anything else to snack on :)

Today was still tough, but I think I did pretty well :)

Here is my day in pictures beginning with breakfast....

1 Cup Frozen Mixed Fruit....1 Hard Boiled Egg

Morning Snack at Work

Bagged Carrots

Lunch at Work

2 oz carving Board Ham....1 oz Swiss Cheese

Afternoon Snack at Work

1 Cup Frozen Mixed Fruit

After work Greg and I went to help our son Connor and his girlfriend Emily move some things into their new apartment.  

This is my Snack-On-The-Go.

Cashews and Almonds

My Dinner at Home.

Grilled Chicken Salad.....Oil and Vinegar Dressing

I've noticed today that in addition to my chocolate craving, I am also wanting things like crackers and bread.  I think this mainly is because I know that I can't have them.  Food is really a mental thing for me.  I can talk myself into and out of wanting and eating anything.  Just one more thing to work on :)


"Rule your mind or it will rule you"


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  1. Wow- you get by on so little to eat! I'd be starving...lol. Good job at keeping it all healthy. You're doing great.