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Friday, April 17, 2015

Feeling Good on a Friday!! (Real Food Challenge Day 5)

Happy Friday!!

My real challenge today was trying to avoid all of my favorite fun snacks while I was shopping!  I stayed true to myself tho and am in such a good mood for it!!

Breakfast Today

2 Cups Grapes
Cheese Stick

This is the lunch that I packed in a little cooler for shopping

Cheese Stick
1 Egg
Bagged Carrots

My Dinner

Carving Board Ham
Mixed Fruit
Plain Yogurt

I ended up mixing the fruit into the yogurt because the plainness of the yogurt, I just couldn't do :)

I felt really good today.  It felt like I had a lot more energy and I kind of felt lighter if that makes sense :)   So, when I'm in a good mood I love to shop!!

I wanted to share some of my purchases with you from today!!

From the Salvation Army Store

$2.99 Reebok Flip Flops in awesome condition and in my size!!!!

$2.99 For this beautiful print to go in my computer room!! 

This cute pair of shoes that I found at Burlington

I had a great day feeling quite in control of my food!!  And a great day full of fun purchases!!  


"If you're happy, if you're feeling good, 
then nothing else matters."

~Robin Wright

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  1. Oooo I love shopping! I need to find some comfy flip flops that I won't slip and slide in now that I'm carrying a baby in my arms!