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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Yay's and Boo's

Happy Fathers Day!!

I love honoring the men in my life who are fathers!  This morning we had a Men of Faith breakfast at our church to honor all the men of the parish.  We, the Ladies of the Rosary cooked for them and we had a wonderful time!  I love spending time with my parish family because that includes my real family as well!!!

My Men
In front, my nephew Josh and my father 
Back left, my brother in law Paul, my nephew Paul
my son Dominic and hubby Greg :)


Now, on to another fun subject!  Happy Weigh in Day!!

I'm pretty happy with my week.  I liked having to weigh in on Sunday because it really helped me stick with it over the weekend.  Now, before you congratulate me, I have to tell you that I do lose fast the first week.  I know it's mostly water but seeing the number jump is good fuel for me to keep going!  With that said.....I lost 6 pounds this week!!   Best of all.  I stuck to most of my goals for the week....

1.  I will track everything that goes into my mouth.
     I did.  Every day.  Everything!!  Yay!

2.  I will stay under my allotted 1260 calories.
     I did!!  I even had calories left over some days.  Yay!

3.  I will go to the gym at least 3 days this week.
     I didn't.   I only did once.  Boo!

4.  I will drink at least 64 oz of water every day.
     I did!  It was hard tho!  Yay!

5   I will be in bed by 11:15 and wake up earlier to add steps to my
     walk to work.
     I was in bed by 11:15 each night, but it rained all
     my work days, so I didn't walk to work!  Yay!! and  Boo!

My thoughts for this weeks goals.

I never realized how little water I drank each day.  I was taking bathroom trips constantly which was hard to do at work!!  I  enjoyed tracking everything and felt more in control than I have felt in awhile, and you all know how much I like to be in control of my food!! :)   I felt an accomplishment staying under my calories.  When I woke up in the morning, I immediately thought about how I didn't over eat junk food the night before and it felt amazing!!!  Now if I can only get back to the gym!!! :)

This is just the beginning.  If I can do this for 2 more weeks, I'll be fine.  It usually takes a good 2 or 3 weeks for me to get into the flow of new habits and to get rid of the need to over eat and make bad choices.   I'm ready!!


"To change your life, change your habits."



  1. Great weigh in! And great job sticking to most of your goals for the week. I hate drinking water, so I need to work on that too.

  2. Awesome job! It's always so encouraging to see a big loss on the scale- it makes you really want to keep on track!