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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Whats in a Number and Losing the Control

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Grrr....  It has been raining here all day, all day yesterday, most of the week actually.  I don't mind it if we NEED it, but yeah....we DON'T!!!

Today is weigh in day for me!!  I am happy to say that I am down 5 pounds!!  I realize the my body is adjusting and ridding itself of water etc. but I still like to see my total number going down.  It does wonders for my outlook!!   It just makes me want to continue doing well and to not over do it at all.   I started this new attempt at 232 lbs and last week I was 216 and now I am 211 :)  When I began my blog in January my initial weight was 210 after loosing 22 pounds from October to December with Atkins.  When I went off Atkins around Christmas time, I gain back my weight very quickly.  I've been losing and gaining all my life so this is nothing shocking to me.  I made the decision to count calories and go slowly, allowing myself treats here and there to keep me sane and feeling normal.  This is working for me.  As long as I continue my path, it doesn't matter if I lose my weight.  What matters is that I am making good healthy choices, counting calories, but still living.  I am tired of my life revolving around the fact that I feel the need to get down to a number that someone else says is right for me.  As long as I feel good about my body and how I look, I will be happy :)  I'm not quite sure what weight that will be but I will know it when I hit it :)

I just came home from a small family graduation party for my nephew Paul.  He isn't the kind of kid that likes big huge parties, he love small gatherings with family.  We had a wonderful time and although I did eat a lot of things that I shouldn't have, I don't feel guilty because we should be allowed to indulge once in a while and not have it ruin our life!  Anyway, we had a wonderful time celebrating Paul!  He will be leaving my sister in the fall to go to school, but not far and he will be rooming with my Dominic so that will help her transition to an empty nest :)

Sadly, I only have a few pictures to share.....

The yummy cake!!  

They two youngest family members....
My niece Kierstin and my great nephew Oliver

Reminiscing with my sister and sister in laws was fun, and just a bit sad.   Never again will our kids be little and need us that much.  Never again will we be in control of everything they do, knowing every step, every friend.  Never again will we be in charge of their life.  That is the way life is tho and all that matters is that we raise them to be smart independent kids that can make their own choices, learn from their mistakes and hopefully remember the lessons we've taught them.


"Turning over control of your children's lives
happens whether we want it to or not."



  1. Awesome weigh in! I have been gaining and losing for a long time too, and I want to take control of my weight and keep it steady at a goal weight, which I'm not sure what that is yet, but I will get there :)

    1. You WILL get there!! Failing is not forever! Slow and steady wins the race :)

  2. Great weigh in- you are making progress!

    You are in the phase of life where you're letting your kids fly and I'm just getting started. It makes me want to cherish it moment even more when I read your posts.

    1. They do grow up so fast. The best advise I have is to have no regrets because you can't go back. Continue to enjoy her :)