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Friday, June 5, 2015

Family Love

Happy Friday!

Yesterday was GRADUATION DAY for my nephew Paul!!

First let me post my pictures from my Walk To Work Challenge.  :)

This is just an old crocked sign that I liked 

Not sure what type of flower this is.
It is just growing at the side of the road.

One more day and my challenge will be over.  You may think that since it is just 1/2 mile total to and from work that it is not really a challenge.  But, like I said......it is for me, the non moving, non walking Lori :)

So, last night I got to see my nephew Paul move from being a high school kid, to a soon to be college adult.  It was a wonderful evening and I am blessed to be able to have been a part of it.   This is the same High School that Greg and I graduated from oh so many years ago.  At the end of the evening, it is a tradition to sing the Alma-mater.  While we were signing, I looked over at my father and he was smiling and singing too.  It had slipped my mind that he and my mother both graduated from their as well.  I think in 1961 but I'd have to check to be sure  :)  Sigh!!!  It made my heart sing!!  It was a beautiful ceremony. I think my sister was happy, a little sad, but mostly proud.  Proud of the man her son has grown into.  Compassionate, loving, independent.  He is definitely his own person with his own opinions and his own convictions.  Can you tell I am proud too?? :)

Our high school is on the smaller side.
But hey....we are a small town :)

The Graduating Class of 2015

Here is the Graduate with his dad, my brother-in-law.  
Paul and Paul :)

My beautiful Sister Connie with her boys.  
They are an amazing family and
I am so lucky to be part of their lives.

Isn't my sister just adorable?  She has such style and class :)  Her and Paul have been married 20 years and their love shines through to everyone they are around.  They have raised a wonderful son and I am so glad that he and my son Dominic are so close.  They have been lucky enough to grow up together, cousins, neighbors, friends.  Family is everything!!


"Family is the most important thing in the world."

~Princess Diana


  1. Kudos for the walk to work challenge!!! You are rocking it!!!!!