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Sunday, June 14, 2015

I Will.....

Happy rainy Sunday!!

Wow has it been that long since I've posted?  It has, and I can tell.  More about that after the fun stuff!!

Friday was my sister Connie's Half Birthday.  What is a Half Birthday?  Well, her birthday is December 13th.  You all know what December is like.  Everyone is crazy busy with thoughts of Christmas, and if you live where I do, it's cold, snowy and yucky.  We usually go out to eat or something but she feels that she never gets to go out and celebrate in the "fun weather".  Our solution??  Half Birthday!!  6 months after her real birthday!!  My nieces weren't able to be there due to work and babysitting troubles, and my other SIL is driving cross country with my brother on a road trip vacation, so it was just a small gathering to celebrate my sister :)

Clockwise from the left....My sister Connie, Me, 
my daughter Blayne, and SIL Julie

There is nothing that makes me feel more like Lori, than girl talk, and dinner with the girls!!


OK, now about the "I can tell I haven't posted in awhile."  I've said it before, I always slack off when I'm not blogging.  I don't know why, but I do so much better when I'm telling everyone my life.  Whatever the reason, I should know by now not to miss too many days in between posts.  So, as you you might guess, I've been not quite up to par with tracking and staying within my calorie range.  I've still been walking to work every day, which is a big change and a good thing, but I haven't been to then gym in a while, except to tan but that doesn't count :)  I usually tell myself, I'll start on Monday.  After last night's feeding frenzy tho, I decided to start getting back on track today instead.  Just that small change might be the thing I need to make this work longer than a week :)  My track record is.....I do absolutely wonderful all week.  Track, make great food choices, then the weekend hits and I seem to think I can eat whatever I please Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I really don't know what comes over me.  It's all mental.  I can talk myself into anything, by lying to myself.  Sad thing is, I believe it.  At least I want to believe that since I was good all week that I can over eat and it wont hurt a thing.  In reality it is total sabotage, because whatever good I did, was ruined and then some.  I used to have my weigh in days on Friday.  Then Friday night I pigged out, and it continued the rest of the week.  That will change.  

Here are my goals for this week

1.  I will track everything that goes into my mouth.
2.  I will stay under my allotted 1260 calories
3.  I will go to the gym at least 3 days this week.
4.  I will drink at least 64 oz of water every day.
5.  I will be in bed by 11:15 and wake up earlier to add steps to my walk to work.

I will weigh in next Sunday and give an update on my goals.

I will do this!


"I can.  I will.  End of story."

~Inspirational Quotes


  1. Yay to the half birthday celebration (I should have done that....I'm a December 10th baby! And December birthdays do get lost in the shuffle and cold weather!!)

    The rest of your blog could have been written by me....from not blogging equalling not tracking and eating right....to conning myself into the foods that are bad for me. Everything! I'm in....starting right now I'm tracking with you! We can do it!!! The weekend too!!

    When I lost the bulk of my weight the first time around I was actually working on Tuesdays and had off Sunday and Monday as my weekend. I weighed in on Tuesdays. (Essentially the Monday of my workweek!). It worked perfectly as I watched what I ate through the weekend because of that weigh in. I weighed in (weight watchers) after work and then after the meeting allowed myself on free meal. Then back at it for the rest of my work week! Hmmmm. Good for thought!!!

    1. We've got this! Keep On Tracking :)

  2. What a great idea to celebrate a December birthday and not compete with the Christmas and holiday madness! I find that I am more consistent and do better when I am blogging on a regular basis too. There is more accountability, but not just that, I feel more connected to my support system. And I'm glad I read your blog this morning, because I've gotten so bad about tracking, I just realized I haven't logged my breakfast yet!

    1. I agree on the accountability thing. Just knowing someone, somewhere might be reading or waiting to read really helps me to good :)

  3. My husband's birthday is December 14th- I should check with him and see if he feels the same way! Any reason to celebrate. :)

    Having weigh in on Sunday should most definitely keep you on track over the weekend! I have weigh in day on Friday too because I know I need a little wiggle room over the weekends...!