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Friday, September 25, 2015

A Day in My Life

I thought I'd try something a little different and fun today and show you what a day in my life is like.  I picked a Wednesday.  Wednesdays are our long days at work, so we don't start until noon,  and then we work later to accommodate some of our working customers.  Since there are only 4 or 5 Saturdays in a month we need these late days for overflow from Saturdays.  Yes, I work every Saturday, but we have Mondays and Fridays off, so it all works :)  Oh, and if you don't know already, I am a dog groomer.  My sister and I opened up The Dapper Dog Grooming Salon 15 years ago.  The salon is located in our small town in a building on my sister's property, which also happens to be just thru my back yard about 1/4 mile from my house.

Anyway here is my typical Wednesday.......

I usually start my days around 7:00.
On nice days like today, I am always 
out on my back porch, we call The Sanctuary.
Coffee and my kindle are heaven!

My sister, my daughter Blayne and I are doing a book club and this is the book we chose. We love reading books pertaining to the season, so we thought this one would be fun for Fall!! 

Watching Laker and Ava play on The Sanctuary.

My breakfast, since I'm trying to eat that now :) 

11:30.....Time for work........Ava hates her leash!!

We just got to the end of the driveway 
before she needed to be picked up.
Lazy or Spoiled??  You decided! 

I get to see my parents home when I walk to work.  It's calming knowing they are both in there puttering around, probably getting ready to go the Casino :)   They live right across the road from my sister. 

My sister's house, and our business!!

My sister Connie, hard at work 
cleaning our friend Macey's ears!

For our coffee break, when its nice, we go to a place in my sister back yard we call, "The Adirondacks".  Beautiful comfy Adirondack chairs hidden behind a big fence, is the perfect spot for a coffee break!  ( See sweet Ellen in the background )

This is Connie's huge sunflower that I told you about!  
Isn't it just beautiful??!!

Back to work and Connies dogs
 Ellen and Greta, know the way!  
They wait like this for us every day!!

We don't take a lunch break, we just eat when we have time.  
We take a longer break for coffee instead because that is more important :) 

My lunch.

 Snuggle time with cousin Greta 
while we are working.

On our way home, Ava and I 
walked through the woods instead of the road :) 

Usually on Wednesdays, I have Choir practice at 7:00 at my church, but today, we got out of work after 7:00 so I couldn't go....So it was out to the The Sanctuary for some down time to just sit and relax!  We do this most days as long as it's nice! 

 Time for Dinner!

Our typical night includes Seinfeld, 
even tho we've seen every episode 10 times :)
It's a classic!

After Seinfeld, I usually go down stairs to the family room to watch my shows, and Greg stays upstairs and usually watches 10 shows at a time...Yes....he is a flicker!

Wednesdays are the new My Big Fat Fabulous Life.  This is Whitney and her father Glen doing a 5K called the Tuxedo Trot :)  I just love her and she helps me love myself!

Next is usually Netflix for me.
Right now I am watching Heart of Dixie. 
 It is super cute and fun!

After my shows, I usually try to get in some reading, but usually I am to tired.  I try to be in bed by 11:30 or 12:00.  

Well, that's a day in my life.  All in all it's pretty low key and relaxing.  It's so very quiet with all the kids gone.  I feel very blessed to be able to just slow down now.  

Thanks for taking the time to see what my days are like.  
Maybe we will get to see what a day in your life is like?!?!  :) 


"Take a deep breath, 
and just enjoy your life."



  1. Wow, what a lovely day! Not gonna lie, I look forward to that season of parenting and life :) The L&F Greek Toasted Coconut Vanilla is one of my favorite yogurts! I love how Ava interacts with the other dogs. She's so stinkin' cute! I haven't actually gotten to watch MBFFL yet since we don't have cable, but I'm sure it's great--Whitney and I were friends while teaching English in Korea, and she was pretty fabulous even back then :) Enjoy Hart of Dixie--I finished watching it on Netflix not too long ago, and it was one of my favorite guilty pleasures!

    1. That is so cool that you know Whitney, and that you taught in Korea. I didn't know that :) Oh and I just finished Hart of Dixie :) It was so fun!

  2. How nice that your workplace is so close (and walkable, yay)! Love the dog pictures; honestly, getting to spend the day with dogs sounds pretty dang good to me!

    1. Working with dogs is amazingly fun! We get to take a sweet messy dog and make him clean and pretty again. It's just a plus that I get to bring my own there too :)

  3. Busy day and you have some great places set up to relax!!!

    1. Oh I have to have my quiet areas :) We all need that!

  4. All of the dogs seem very content and happy :) I am a flicker too with the remote. I never watch just one show at a time!

    1. The dogs all get along so well, which helps when they are together so much! I think I'm to distracted to be a flicker. lol. I'd forget to switch back :)

  5. Hi Lori - I'm sorry I've been missing lately. I just caught up on your posts.
    Thanks for sharing this. It sounds like a wonderful life. :-) I'm glad you are so surrounded by love and family! I love the pic of Ava on top of Laker. Made me smile!!!

    1. Aww...Thanks! Ava likes to "heighten" on Laker all the time now. Laker is so passive, she just lets her :)

  6. How nice to read. You have a great job: close to home and you can bring your dogs to work and you got to work with dogs. How cool is that.

    1. I'm pretty lucky with my job in all those areas! I don't know what I would do with a normal job :)

  7. Such a lovely post. I think your parents home is lovely and I really loved all the pictures.
    I need to watch Seinfeld.

    1. Thank you! You should check it out. It is just what life is :)

  8. What a fun post - I love a peek into life. Looks like everyone has taken little Ava right into the family :)

    1. She is fitting in better than we thought for being so little :)

  9. I love seeing all the pictures and getting a little glimpse into your life. It's so adorable that Ava and the other dogs get along so well!

    1. I know! She just melts everyones heart :)