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Monday, September 21, 2015

A Little Bit of Nothing

Happy Monday!!

I just hate being away so long!  My week flew by and the next thing I know, the weekend is over and I haven't put out a new post all week!  Holy cow!  Forgive me for being so lax in writing :)

My week was good!  Work, shopping with Ava, casino birthday fun with my niece Ariel, movie night with my daughter Blayne.  Geese, no wondering I haven't gotten anything done this week!  I finally did get my fall decorations up outside.  I've been so lazy lately, with no energy.  My sister bought me a beautiful yellow mum, so I was forced to take down my summer stuff.  Pastels and summer theme just didn't go with my mum :)  Thanks Connie for the mum incentive!!  My house looks more in season now :)

My beautiful mum.  It's a little smashed on one side because it blew over in a wind frenzy!

Just sharing some fall fun :)

The chair that Greg hates :) 

Greg's sunflowers.  Ours look a bit sad this year. 
The heads always tilt, but the yellow flower part stayed small.
My sister had one that towers over these! 

 My pumpkin sign.

Fall flag time!

My new sign I just bought! 

Laker was feeling left out of the photo taking :) 

I just love fall.  I am sad that the hot weather is gone, but I do love fall :)


I've been shopping for doggy things for Ava.  Trying to find small bowls and a better carrier than I have now.  Mine, you can see into, and I'm looking for one that is a little more discrete :)  Anyway, I'm also in search of a new purse.  It's fall now and I need a new fall purse!!  I've always been a big bag, kind a girl.  I've recently been looking for a cross body purse, just to change it up a bit.   Do you think I could find one that actually crosses and hangs low on my hip????  Heck no!!  Are they all made for tiny girls?   Every purse that I tried on was way to short and looked ridiculous!  GRRRR!!!   I refuse to buy a new cross body purse until I can either find one that fits, or I lose weight so it will fit!  Incentive?  Oh yes....I do love my purses!!

Let's end with a photo session of Ava on our shopping trip :)   She has a little car seat that she just loves to be in.......

She watches me while I drive :) 

She found the strap!


Remember, if I get to obnoxious with my new baby here, just slap me into reality :) 

What a wonderful start to the week!   Do something little this week to help you be a better friend, a better neighbor, a better person.  

Find something that motivates you to stay on track and have an amazing week!  Mine is a new purse that fits!!  What's your motivation this week? 


"Do something today 
that your future self will thank you for."



  1. I also love fall ---not really the cold of January but yes Fall is somewhat crips. I think the sunflowers look beautiful :)

  2. You have a car seat for her... that's pretty much one of the cutest things I've ever seen! I love cross-body bags, but I also have the same problem of them *almost* never being long enough.

    My motivation for this week is just reaching 40 pounds lost! I'M SO CLOSE!!!!!

  3. Love your fall decorations. My mother-in-law gave me a pumpkin the other day and I need to figure out something to do with it other than set it by the door :) Don't worry about too many pics of your baby - she's adorable - and all the bloggers do it!

  4. I love fall. My complaint is that it is TOO SHORT! You keep posting pics of your baby!!!! I like them!

  5. Ava is too cute! Love the "found the strap" shot, especially. :)

    I haven't bothered decorating for fall ever since the pumpkins I bought and set out rotted in the heat - yes, heat. Traditionally our first cold front comes in with Halloween. It's still sun, surfboards and flipflops around here. OK not surfboards, but you get the idea.

  6. Have you checked Target for a new bag? I bought a cross body purse there and it's plenty long enough--and I'm larger than you are!

    Love your fall decorations and your little baby girl!