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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello September!!

Happy September everyone!!

Apples, leaves, back to school......FALL!!!  A perfect time to start something new!

I love the Summer....the sun....the heat....the beach......bare feet all the time......
But Fall is my most favorite time of year.  It may be because it is the beginning of the trifecta....Halloween, Thanksgiving and then......yes....Christmas!!  Or it may be because I love anything and everything pumpkin :)   Regardless, I get giddy when Fall arrives!

I've decided to do what some other bloggers are doing  make some monthly goals to help me stay on track.  I've thought about what they should be, about what are the most important things for me to get where I need to be.  This is what I've come up with........


#1.  Track and stay within my calories on MFP at least 6 days a week.

I need to give myself one day where I give myself permission to go over,  if I want to.  I think I need that day to look forward to, that way I'll do better all week.  Does that make sense?  

#2.  Visit the gym 3 times a week.

I usually go Mondays and Fridays, sometime Wednesdays.  I really need to push myself to get there every Wednesday.


#3.  In bed by 11:00 and up and out of bed by 6:30.

The first part is tough because Greg is usually asleep by 9:30 and the night is mine to relax. It also used to be my time to eat, so I'm better off calling it a night earlier!  The second part is tough too because for the first time in years I don't HAVE to get up early.  I start work at 8:30, and only live 1 minute away, so technically I don't have to be up early, but like I've been saying, I need this time in the morning to organize and such to help me make better choices food wise :)


#4.  No eating after 8:00

This will be the most challenging!!  Enough said :)


#5.  Spend 20 minutes a day in quiet mediation, prayer, or spiritual reading.

It's hard to take time to just be still, so if I carve it out every day, then I will do it.  This will be in the morning when I'm up early :)  See how I am making it work already?!


Good luck to everyone who has made goals this month!!  You've taken the first step....now just follow through and remember not to beat yourself up if you bobble a little.  Tomorrow is always a new day!!

I think Fall is a wonderful time to begin something new....do something that makes a difference in your life.  Even if its the smallest of changes, at least you can say that you tried!


"You never fail,
 unless you stop trying."

~Albert Einstein


  1. I love the fall! I grew up in Pennsylvania and still miss the fall up north. (I'm in the south now, summer all the time, it feels like!) I take a day a week as a free day or cheat day, because it keeps me sane the rest of the week. It's not as hard to fight cravings during the week if I know I can have what I want later that week.

  2. Great goals, Lori! I could use some of these myself! Not eating after 8 is hard for me - nighttime is when my cravings are at their highest. I also like the self-reflection/meditation goal. I think we could all use some more such quiet/reflection time. I'm sending you good vibes to meet all these goals this month!

  3. I love fall for the crisp cool temps that seem so refreshing after a long hot summer! :-) Just like the cool/warm temps in the spring are a refreshing change after the cold winter. :-)

    I love your goals! You can nail these goals!!!!!

  4. Great goals! Carving out the quiet time is one of the hardest things for me... I already wake up super early to exercise and get everyone ready for school and work and out the door by 7:30, and night time is usually a bust because after the kids go to bed, I *try to* clean and prepare for the next morning, and then I pass out. I know I just have to make it a priority, and I'll find a way.

  5. Can't wait for full on fall...the best time of the year. Your goals made me think of something I should set for myself. No snacking in my crafting/sewing room. I've been good so far, but I stop short of saying I won't do it at all.