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Friday, May 15, 2015

Food, July and Jewelry!!

Whew!  It's been one of those weeks.  I actually haven't been busy but sometimes that is worse for me.  When I'm busy and have a particular place to go, be or thing to do, I tend to be more organized with my time.  This week has just been a total time suck, by actually doing hardly anything.  Does that make sense?  I seldom do when I'm rambling, but that's OK :)

Anyway, I've been kicking it in the butt with my food this week.  I have continued to track every day, which came about from my challenge.  I forgot how in control I feel when I actually track.  Hopefully I can keep it up :)  My gym trips have been few and far between.  I can use every excuse in the book, but plain and simple, I'm lazy :)  Once I stopped going, it was so super easy to keep not going.  This morning, as I was lounging nice and comfy reading and drinking my coffee, I made a promise to myself that I am going back on Monday.  I realized that July is right around the corner, and that means my birthday.  One of my main goals before I turn 50 is to get fit, so I better quick messing around and get busy doing anything I can to make that happen!

 I just wanted to share some pictures from a jewelry party that my sister, sister-in-law and I hosted.

My Momma looking for the perfect piece to buy :) 

My youngest niece Kierstin looking at the demonstrator.  
She just loved looking at all the pretties! 

My sister Connie, on the left, and our friends,
 Angie, Lori, and Michelle :) 

My niece Ariel (standing) 
and daughter Blayne (sitting) 

 We had so much fun trying all the jewelry on! Jewelry, food, family and good friends.  What else could you ask for?


"I have enough jewelry."

~Said No One Ever


  1. You are tracking! You are rocking it!!!! The exercise will come!!!!!! Keep pushing and trying to get it in!!!

  2. I struggle with finding the motivation to get my exercise in. I try to just be more active throughout the day.