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Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May 1st!!! (Tracking Challenge Day 5)

Happy May 1st!!!

Spring has finally arrived in Pennsylvania!!  Today was 68 degrees and beautiful!!  It's been snowy, cold, and yucky since November so I am ready for Spring!!

Greg decided three days ago that he was going to buy a truck. So, I was a little mad at him.  Not for the truck, because he works hard and he deserves a truck.  But it was the way he went about it.  He didn't ask me about it.  He just blurted it out.  Now, I kind of think that big purchases should be discussed, but he said he was afraid to bring it up because he thought I would be mad.  OK, I am not a tyrant or anything.  He does what he wants and I usually go along with whatever, so I'm not sure what he was thinking.  Anyway, we picked up his truck tonight and he was just beaming!!  But he did say he now feels nauseous and has buyers remorse lol.  I told him how much he deserves it and I think he's OK now :)  He told me his decision to buy it was that I would look good in it so I guess I am OK too :)  Oh and a "new truck", means new to us.  It is used not brand new :)

Forgive the messy back of our house.  Spring clean up hasn't happened there yet :)

We took a ride in it to bring some groceries to our youngest in college and you know what??  I think I really did look good in it :)

Today was a good day with my tracking as well!!  Here is today's food diary.......

Your Food Diary For:

Friday, May 1, 2015 

Today is my day off and grocery day.  I left the house early this morning because I had an emergency dental appointment.  I have some teeth that need attention and I keep putting it off and now one is hurting.  Having my smile improved is one of the things on my list to do before I turn 50, so really, this tooth that is hurting me is a good thing, because it made me make an appointment.  I feel better already just going in and getting a treatment plan as to what to do.  :)  This is just something that I put off over and over again.  Not wanting to take the time and spend the money, but you know, I am realizing that I am important.  Part of Finding Lori is finding my smile again :)


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