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Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Fun and Monday Candy Free!

Just a few pictures from the weekend to share with everyone.

Like I said, for Halloween we went over to my sisters house.  She decorates her garage and we all usually sit there and hand out candy.  It's like a one stop shop! :)  We usually get about 80 kids or so, but only got 40 this year.  The weather was super nice,  and warm, so we aren't quite sure whats up with that.  Anyway we had so much candy left over, which wasn't good for Sunday!  Oh well! 

My cute little pumpkin tin to hold my candy :) 

My little Bee! 

Greg and I :)  
I attempted to be a bunny, 
but my makeup kept disappearing :) 

My sister and our Momma :) 

My SIL Julie, and her daughter Ariel.


Ariel's youngest
The Ninja!

My niece Alyssa's 
Buzz Lightyear boy!


Sunday Dominic, our youngest came over to celebrate his birthday which was on Friday.  Since he was staying at school until Sunday, Greg and I took a birthday cake over for him and his roommates on Friday.  He was so excited, but mostly for the Star Wars plates and napkins that I bought too :)   We had nice day celebrating.  He wanted Chinese for dinner, so we ordered take out and I also bought a Dairy Queen cake for us eat too!    I just can not believe that my baby is 20 years old!  It doesn't seem possible!  It seems like only yesterday he was a baby.  It makes me feel sad and happy at the same time.  I miss him as a little boy, but yet am so very proud of who his is today!  A man really!  Dang it!   Where did the time go?  As you all know, I was struggling with him leaving the nest, because he is our youngest and at least we always had him at home, when our older 2 were off and about.  But do you know what?  Friday, his birthday, wasn't to awful.  I did get a little teary eyed thinking about him being 20 now, but it was short lived and then I was OK :)   As you know, I like to show pictures of my kids on their birthdays, but since I did Dominic already during a melancholy day I had, I wont bore you with them again, but in case you didn't see it, or want to see again........Here he is

Dominic and Ava,
 ready for presents!

Here is one of his present that we bought him.  He is in love with Pink Floyd and found this tapestry on Amazon and sent me the link to buy lol.   He sent me this picture of it up in his room already!  

Oh and for you Star Wars fans out there.  That pillow case that Dominic has in his dorm, was my little brothers from the Return of the Jedi when it came out in 1983 :) 


Later my sister came over with her dogs to visit.  It was so nice outside we got to sit out and use The Sanctuary!! 

Connie and Greta, 
Blayne with Ava


I started back at the gym this morning.  I haven't been because I've been sick, and then the past few days, I just haven't wanted to go.  This morning I didn't want to go.  I wanted to stay wrapped in my blanket, drinking coffee and reading with Ava.  But once I got dressed, I was excited to go and get back in the swing of things.  I really missed my Pilates workout.  I forgot how wonderful I feel afterwards :)   I also started a new weight lifting routine today.  I found it online and it's working more muscles that I usually do.  I usually mainly concentrate on my arms and legs, this one adds more sets for each muscle and also incorporates the back and shoulders.  I've read that building muscle helps boost metabolism and burns fat through out the day.   Who knows, but that's what I'm hoping for anyway! 

Have a great week everyone!!  Stay motiviated!  Stay happy!  And stay away from to much left over candy! :) 


Sorry if this offends any one, 
but I just loved it! 


  1. What a fun weekend and happy birthday to Dominic! (I love that SW pillowcase!!)

  2. That pillowcase is awesome :) Glad you had a great weekend!

  3. I love your Halloween bucket! Both of our babies were bees for Halloween! :) great job on your workouts and new weight lifting routine.

  4. What a fun and busy weekend!!!!! :-)

  5. The Star Wars items definitely caught my eye! Those were my favorite movies growing up. I love the "Wake Up B*tch" image at the end. I want that on a t-shirt!