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Monday, November 30, 2015

Goals Equal Success

Hi Friends!

Just a little update after my few days of failure.  I stayed on track all day Sunday and all day today! I didn't go over my points at all!!  I am pretty proud that I was able to get back in line.  Sunday I was busy most of the day and that helped.   This morning my sister and I hit the gym early and that always helps me eat healthy the rest of the day!  Thanks to everyone for all the positive thoughts and for giving me the encouragement I needed to get back in control!!

 I have a few December goals that I need to share.  It helps me stay accountable when someone else knows my goals :) 

#1.  Track every thing, every day.
       This is the most important thing
 for me right now!

#2.  Only three junk type foods per week.
        I need to limit these foods or I go overboard!

#3.  Stay within my points each day.
       Even with my junk foods,
I will not go over my points!

#4.  Gym at least twice a week.
        I really need this to feel strong,
 to help me stay on track with my food, 
and to make sure
that I have this time to just unwind! 

My WW leader gave us a little Christmas bell to remind us of  where we wanted to be on January 2nd, which she had us write down.  I wrote that I wanted to be under 199 pounds and still in control.  My December goals will help me see this when January comes around.  I put the little bell on my key ring, so I can see it daily and remember what I have to do!!  I need goals and reminders to help me stay focused, keep me motivated and to help me get where I want to be!!

Let's start December off on the right track!  Stay motivated, stay positive and stay focused on whatever you are working on in your life :)


"The victory of success is half won
when one gains the habit of setting
and achieving goals."

~Og Mandino


  1. I am with you on making December a healthy month. Here's to feeling better, doing better, and not letting the treats get out of control!

  2. Yep, the holidays can get us out of control so fast, we need to take advantage of the days that we know we can control! You got this!

  3. Its a nice list Lori! I need to do all of those too. Especially point two!!!!

  4. Hooray for getting right back on track! You rock! Those are great goals; reminds me that I need to write some down!