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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Folklore and Friends

Thursday night, my sister Connie, my daughter Blayne and I went to a fun event at our nearby Peninsula.  The Erie Peninsula is a beautiful area about 30 minutes from our house, with 11 miles of beaches, concert spaces, a lighthouse, lagoons, pavilions, and an environmental center.  Of course any place like this would have tons of history and folk lore.  So, on Thursday night, we went to The Evening Fireside Talk.  Equipped with our favorite mug for coco and a nice warm blanket, we arrived to find it in an indoor pavilion with a huge roaring fire!

We had such a nice time listening to the history of the park, and some creepy folk lore and stories that have been passed along for years!


On Friday, after my WW meeting, Connie and I met our friend Angie for coffee!!  It was Angie's birthday earlier in the week so we brought her some fun gifts and we sat and talking for hours :)

Angie on the left, my sister Connie on the right!!

Everyone always thinks that they are sisters!  Connie and Angie have been friends since Jr. High (That's what we used to call Middle School), so of course we've all grown up together.  They have kept their friendship strong and I am a bit jealous of that :)   There is nothing better than good friends, and friends with that much history are even better :)


This reminded me of Connie and Angie :) 


  1. I have stayed friends with one of my buddies from middle school, and it's so funny to talk about when we were younger. We live far away from each other but stay in touch. You are right, friends with history are the best!

  2. I remember when "middle school" was still called Jr. High!

  3. Sounds like a fun adventure. We still have a couple of Jr. Highs in our area :)

  4. Sounds like a good time with family, friends and history! :-)