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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It All Began With Harry Potter

Like I mentioned,  I began my "finding myself" journey in August after I realized that I had one more year before I turned 50.  After looking at my life, I realized there were some things I wanted to change before that happened.  Things about myself physically, emotionally and mentally.

The most important to me is the physical part.  That means to lose weight and get stronger and healthy.  I am a sedentary person and I know that has to change now if I want to be an active healthy older Lori down the road.  I don't want to be at the health level and weight that I am now.  I really do want to be more active and not so lazy.  Joining the gym, not sitting around as much and counting calories is a step in that direction.  Physically, I want to be the Lori Greg married and the Lori I know I can be!

The emotional part I need to change is because I am a softy.  I take everything to heart and take everything personally.  I really want to take steps to change this.  Sometimes when I try sticking up for myself or voicing my opinions, I just end up wondering for the rest of the week if that person is mad at me.  I have been working on this and am doing better.  In the past, if I really didn't want to do something, if asked I would do it.  Now, I've learned to say no if it is something I don't want to do.  It's hard when God makes you a certain way to change, but I really do want to be stronger with my opinions.

Lastly, the mental part.  Mentally to me is the way I view myself.  This is just me finding myself as a whole.  Doing things just for me.  Doing things I normally wouldn't do, because I was busy with my children, just never took the time to do them for myself, or was to concerned what other people thought. Finding out who I really am now that the kids are grown and basically gone.  It is finding my independence.  Finding my confidence to just do things I really want to do without validation from Greg, or other moms.  It is deciding what to do with the second half of my life.

As I told you before I made that first step in that area in August.
Here is a picture of that.....

Oh yes, it is a tattoo!  I've always wanted one....forever....but I am a baby and was always just to scared to get one.  It is on my wrist, and it is a symbol for Harry Potter.  Daughter Blayne and I got them together because we just love (obsessed with) the Harry Potter Books.  I was nervous that I was "to old" for a tattoo.  What will people think?  It being on my wrist I was nervous because it is there for all to see. But I realized, who cares??  It's my wrist and my decision.  Right?  :)  Besides, if I think I will be going somewhere where it really isn't appropriate, then I cover it up with a bracelet :)   I just love it.  I love catching it out of the corner of my eye because it is a visual of who I am becoming.  Independent, strong, fun, confident Lori :)  


"A girl should be two things:  Who and What she wants."

~Coco Chanel

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