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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Yay For Positives!!

Hello friends!  I't been a few days, I know.  I need to carve out time for my blog.  The week just seems to get away from me :)  Let me tell you though, I have had a week full of positives!!  Positive food choices, positive people surrounding me and a positive attitude towards life :)

First....Positive food choices.  I've been really trying to stay within my calories on myfitnesspal. It's been tough after my eating spree lately.  It's so hard to retrain your stomach to adjust for actual serving sizes.  I've been trying to eat mostly fruits and vegetables, with some meats and of course my Greek yogurt.  This is my favorite brand!!

 Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt  It has 80 calories and it has the lowest sugar in greek yogurt that I've found so far....only 7 grams.  It also has 9 grams of carbs, with 0 fat and it tastes amazingly good!!  It's a great source of protein also with 12 grams per serving.  If you haven't tried it yet you should :)  I've tried almost all brands of Greek yogurt and I love this one, especially because it's low in sugar :)  

Next.....positive people surrounding me.  Greg has been totally supportive of me and my new food routine.  I swear he was sent to me straight from heaven and I am so lucky to have him!  My sister is a huge help, inspiration and strength.  This week she's been brainstorming healthy recipes with me and we are going to try to be creative and cook more with clean natural food.  Greg is a meat and potato kind of guy, so I am looking into just cooking for me.  I am going to be cooking  a few dishes on Sundays and spreading them out throughout the week.  That way I will always have something on hand when I am pressed for time!   On Friday night, we had a family girls night out!  We went to dinner, then went to see "The Loft".  The dinner was delicious, and the movie was a thriller and they are always fun!  My food choice wasn't the best, but I kept telling myself that just because I ate bad at that time, that doesn't give me the go ahead to continue it all weekend, and you know what?  I jumped right back on track Saturday morning and have been doing great!  Usually a slip would have cost me the entire weekend, so this is a big step!!  Yay me!! :)  Being around the girls in my family  just empowers me to be me!  I love the feeling of getting dressed up, going out and having a good time.  It's what makes being a girl so much fun!  Plus, we all are like-minded and I learn from them every day...they help me grow!

Lastly....a positive attitude on life.  I feel like since I began my journey of finding me, my attitude has been super positive.  I love finding out new things about me and realizing all that I am capable of.  I am feeling more and more like the strong woman I know I can be, instead of just a mom who always puts everyone else first :)  


"The greatest discovery of all time
is that a person can change his future 
by merely changing his attitude."  

~Oprah Winfrey

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