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Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Decision On A Snowy Superbowl Sunday :)

If you've noticed from the new little gadget I added, that I joined myfitnesspal.  I used to use this site a while ago until I started Atkins.  Well, since Christmas, I've just been floating and eating, trying to get back on Atkins, and diving bombing big time.  I sat down with Greg, my husband and asked his opinion about what he thought I should do.  Here's the thing, I love Atkins, because I lost so easy and my cravings were gone.  It was kind of addicting as to how easy it was to lose.  The problem is, I'm kind of a picky eater, so my choices were very limited.  I therefore became tired of the food and really sick to my stomach with thoughts of eating.  My husband had always kind of pushed Atkins, because he saw how in control I was of my eating and how happy I was with my quick losses.  But he than said that even if I don't lose weight fast, it is still a loss and I can still feel in control if I try hard.  I appreciate his input and really thought about it.  The following day, I talked with my sister and she is on myfitnesspal and tracks her food daily.  She is in maintenance after losing about 5 years ago.  She believes in not limiting any one food group, but to limit quantity and count calories.  I totally trust her opinion!!  After much discussion with them both, after prayer and thought, I have decided to try myfitnesspal and count calories.  I decided to begin tomorrow, Monday.  I will weigh in, measure, and begin a new journey and try to stick with it, no matter how much weight or how quick I lose.  I really want to feel healthy.  To have more energy.  To love what I put into my body.  Healthy food.  This may not seem a big deal to some, but it is a big decision for me because I really did love the feeling I had on Atkins and I am afraid of not having that feeling, and I am afraid of not losing as quick, but right now, I think this is the best step for me.  I know a lot of people who are on Atkins and are doing great and just love it, and I support them totally.  Just for me, right now, I need a change.  :)    So anyway, my new little gadget on my page will help keep my accountable for my weight loss, because it's right out there for all to see :)

Greg bought this for me for Christmas.  

Isn't is just adorable??  It is a Fitbit and it's pink!!  It tracks your steps and syncs it to your computer and you can count calories in and calories burned.  There are a few different styles but this is the easiest to start with :)  It's call a Zip!!  I am going to begin this tomorrow as well. I had one before, but it broke, and I didn't use it much because I was losing quickly with no exercise, but at 49, I need to start moving more, not just for weigh loss, but just to feel good.  I can be pretty sedentary when I want to be, and I want that to change!  I joined a gym just before Christmas and haven't really been using it.  That is changing too!  Maybe not tomorrow, because we are getting a huge snowstorm today and tonight, and the gym is about a 35 minute drive. :)  But soon!!!  I am relieved that I've finally made these decisions and I feel extremely motivated to make these changes and be successful.  I need to!!   I have to quit being afraid of change.  For my health, for my mind, and just for me!!


"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions
that can change your life forever."

~Keri Russell

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  1. I totally understand how big of a decision this is! You don't want to do something that could stall progress, etc. totally get it. I made a similar decision recently and I am so much happier about how I feel and I know I'm headed in the right direction. I really want a new Fitbit! I had an older model and lost it. :( good luck!