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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another Lazy Sunday

Hi Friends!  Happy Sunday!!  In the summer, Sunday is the day of the week that I spend 100 percent of my time in my pool.  But.....since it is winter here in Pa.  I have been hibernating on Sundays.  Hmm....who am I kidding??  I've been hibernating every chance I can get.  Winter usually means holding up in the house, watching tv, (either once the cleaning is done, or just plain ignoring the cleaning) and eating.  I've been trying to load my house up with healthy snacks and food to eat while this hibernating stage is in effect.

Buying apples is a step for me.   I never buy fruit.  I mean I like fruit but I just never buy it.  I thought I would display them and make them look pretty and that would help me :)  Don't they beautiful and yummy??  I bought grapes this week also...Yay me :)

I always make Greg cookies for the week.  Usually chocolate chip.  They are his favorite and he is picky when it comes to treats :)   I made these yummy things today.  I just love baking, especially for my baby!!

I had a cookie after they cooled and of course I had to eat some cookie dough while I was baking.  What I am beginning to realize, is that I can have some things like this and not have it ruin my progress or my mood.  This realization is such a new concept for me.  I have been dieting my entire adult life.  That is years worth of mental and emotional habits to break.  I think my main old diet thought is that I can only eat "diet food".  I always thought I couldn't have a sandwich, or some chips or a few cookies.  When I used to eat these things I would feel like I failed and then ate whatever I wanted the rest of the day so I could start again the next day or the following Monday.  I now realize that those foods are not bad for you. What is bad is the quantity that you eat.  Different types of foods, even sweets and fattening foods are good for your body.  They help your body and your mind feel satisfied. I think I always knew this, but I never let myself believe it.  I think I always just let my mind take over and talk myself into thinking that I was "bad" so that I could overeat junk food because I just blew my diet.  But in reality I didn't, I just used it as an excuse to overeat.  Does that make sense?  It's beginning to make sense to me and I am feeling like I have more power over my food and more control over myself!  My thoughts are changing, I am truly finding myself, and I am loving every minute of it :) 


"We can not solve our problems 
with the same thinking we used when we created them."

~Albert Einstein

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