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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

They Say It's Your Birthday.....In Pictures!!

Good morning!!

I just wanted to quickly share some pictures from my birthday!  My actual birthday was Sunday, but since I am special, I got to celebrate doing a few fun things over the weekend!!  Yay!!

Sunday I had my mom, sister and sister-in-law over to my house for brunch.  I wanted to do something special for them....to thank them for being such a big part of my life.  We had a wonderful time, but missed my other sister-in-law who had to babysit and couldn't come.

Greg and I :) 

Me with Blayne and Dominic :) 

Here are a few gifts I received.  I am so blessed!

On Monday, I spent the morning having breakfast with a good friend, whom I've know since my older kids were little.  We had an awesome breakfast and much needed girl talk!!  It's always nice to catch up over coffee :)

In the afternoon, my sister and I ended up meeting up with some friends and spent the day at the beach.  The weather was amazing, the water not too cold, and we had a wonderful time!!

Our little area!!

After we soaked up enough sun (4 hours of it)  We went to this little restaurant on the harbor.  Their BBQ is their specialty, but since I don't care for meat much, I had a huge chicken sandwich and yes, french fries :)

 My sister and our friends surrounding the birthday girl :) 

Beautiful view from our table!

With my "50" tiara !!  

Afterwards, we went to a new ice-cream place.  A younger couple bought a small church, made it into an ice-cream store where they make all of their own ice-cream!  It was so fun and super delicious!  It is called Heavenly Creamery!!

They even kept the pulpit, with chairs so you can eat right there!

I am so very blessed!!!


"The way I see it, 
you should live everyday 
like it's your birthday.

~Paris Hilton


  1. Sounds like a really fun birthday! I love all of your gifts.

  2. :) lovely gifts. Happy birthday!!!

  3. Happy birthday! I adore that stand with three baskets. And the ice cream place in an old church is awesome! I went to a restaurant in Pittsburgh that used to be a church, and it was gorgeous.

  4. Happy Birthday! You look fabulous! I love your hair. Looks like it was a lot of fun celebrations, as turning 50 should be! :)