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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beautiful Sunday!!

Today was just a beautiful Sunday here!  The weather was amazing....hot and sunny.....just how I like it :)

Just stopping in for a quick post tonight because I was so busy today and I'm ready for bed now :)  But............

Today is my weigh in day!!  I weighed in this morning and wanted to share my results!!

Yay!  That is a 4 pound loss :)  Like I've said in the past tho, I always start out with a bang, and then slow down, so, yeah :)  But, I'll take it!!  

I like seeing the numbers in full view.  It helps keep me accountable, and it shows me what my hard work, or my failures add up to.  In any case, that is why I am showing my scale :)  

I've really set my mind this time to make this work!  Now that I have a goal, I need to see it through.  I just need to listen to my body and quit eating out of habit.  I've found that that is a big thing for me.  Tomorrow, I am going to set up my game plan for attaining my goal.  I can do this!!


"Dear stomach, you are not hungry, 
you're bored, so shut up."


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