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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

In Love

I'm in love with Pilates!  So,  my sister Connie and I have started Pilates.  It's a virtual class at the gym, in a big, private room where you can pick any exercise video to work out to.   Ours is the Beginners Mat Pilates class that runs 30 minutes.  I was looking for something to do that strengthens my core, and helps with my flexibility that I have lost from both getting older and from just sitting around.  I have a torn MCL in my knee that needs surgery, so yoga is out for me.  The first time we did this class it kicked our butts!  I was so sore, but it felt so good to be sore.   It still is hard, and there are many moves that I can not do yet,  but I can feel it getting easier, which is so exciting.  We have been going 3 times a week in addition to our weight lifting regime, and cardio thrown in there sometimes.  I hate cardio, and tell myself that the Pilates and weight lifting is good enough cardio for me right now :)   Anyway, that's what I've been up to at the gym lately.  I am so glad that I went back.  I like when I don't go, because I am a lazy butt, but I love it when I'm going because I just feel so good about myself, just being there, it pushes me to continue to be active and to eat healthy.

Here is our virtual instructor.  
We named her Ashley, because, well, 
she just looks like an Ashley.  
She is our new friend :) 

Connie and I after our class :) 


"Pilates:  Meditation, with a double side of pain."

~Pinterest Quotes


  1. LOL, she does look like Ashley ;)
    Good going Lori!

  2. Say hello to Ashley for us! :) It's so great you have a workout buddy. I laughed when you said it feels good not to go to the gym, because that's true, but you're right, it feels good to go work out too!

  3. Now I want to try Pilates! Haha. It's so hard to make myself exercise, but I know I always feel better once I do it!