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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fun Friends and Remembering

Hi Friends!

Yesterday was beautiful here, so of course it was a beach day for Lori!  Just a few pictures for you :)

This is the boardwalk down to the beach!!  
So calming!  So beautiful! 

Some friends came to visit.

They invited more friends
because I was nice to them :) 


So....my sister and I started back at the gym.  This was kind of a spur of the moment thing.  We were talking about it at work....about how we miss it, how good we used to feel, and the next thing you know we made plans to go.  I think that's the way you have to do something you really don't want to do.  Don't think about it, just do it.  Anyway, we went and now I can't remember why I stopped!  I think once you stop it's just so easy not to go.  I walked into the gym and saw this quote written on the wall............

I had forgotten until I saw this.  I remember why I started.  To feel stronger, to feel more flexible.  To feel more in control.  Going to the gym helps me make healthier food choice.  It just helps me all around, physically and mentally.  Even if I don't do enough cardio to help me loose weight, or enough strength training to build muscle.  It helps me stay motivated.  It helps me feel positive.  It makes me feel powerful.  That's all the reason 
I need.  :) 


"We start our journey for a reason, 
a cause that only we know, 
so due to the hard times when you feel to quit, 
just remember the reason why you started."

~Ryan Dsouza


  1. I'm proud of you! I always feel so much better when I exercise.

  2. Great job getting back to the gym! Is your sister going to be your gym partner? That would help both of you stick with it :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, she is going with me and boy it sure does help us both stay motivated! :)