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Friday, January 23, 2015

Poor Me!!!

I have Mondays and Fridays off during the week and Fridays are my grocery days.  I usually go to the gym first, but today started out with me in a "poor me" mood.  Since I've been off and on with my eating, I've been in these moods a lot lately.  So, what did I do to help myself??  I ate.  I over ate.  Then I didn't feel like getting dressed and going shopping, let alone the gym.  I hate days that begin like this one.  The feeling of failure.  The feeling of ugly.  The feeling of fat.  I was wallowing big time.  I decided to get up and at least clean the mess I made in the kitchen.  Once that was done, I started feeling a little better just by getting out of the chair.  I went out to the family room and was greeted with this adorable little sight..........

My little sweetie Mia.  How can you be in a bad mood when you look at her?  Well you can't.  She was so sweet, like she could sense my sad mood.  I took her out and snuggled with her.  I started thinking about how I was feeling, and I remembered a few months ago I ran into a girl I graduated with, whom I haven't seen for 30 plus years.  We were at a Jazzercise class and were talking about how we weren't as young as we were, our sizes had changed etc...and she said, well, you look exactly how you looked in high school.  You were always so happy and fun.  You were so pretty and still are.  Dang!!  If I could always see myself in some people's eyes I would never be in a "poor me" mood.  When I look in the mirror, I DO NOT see the girl I was in high school, but that is only because we are our own worst critic.  We pick apart our appearance as to what we want us to look like and be, not what others see.  I remember after she told me that I was high on life for days.  She's right!!  I am fun and happy!!  Why do I feel the need to let my failures dictate my mood.  I just need to take a step back and get remember this when I'm feeling fat, ugly, and just plain yucky about myself.  I'ts not always what's on the outside that people see.  It's the whole package :) 


"Wanting to be someone else, is a waste of the person you are."

~Marilyn Monroe

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