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Monday, January 5, 2015

Deadly Pretty Vision :)

Good morning friends!!  Today was supposed to be the day that I jumped back on my diet again after my disastrous holiday eating.  I woke up determined to start fresh.  I got a cup of coffee, went up to my computer room and was face to face with this vision.....

Doesn't it look just too good not to eat??  I fought it for little bit, and then ate every piece, plus a few more left over holiday goodies.  Now you all know my secret......I have no willpower!!!  If it looks pretty, I'll eat it.  I have been working on losing weight all my life.  Well actually since my first pregnancy.  I never lost my baby weight and continued to gain throughout the years.  One thing on my "before 50" list is to lose weight.  I have been losing steadily for 2 months eating no sugar.  No added sugars and no natural sugars, which pretty much means that I have been eating meat, cheese, some veggies, eggs and...thats about it.  I've lost 30 pounds in 2 months doing this and have absolutely no cravings which I love!!  But you know, I don't really want to do this for life.  I decided to continue this until I reach a weight/size that I am happy with and then slowly start adding things back in my diet.  Ok...my starting weight 2 months ago was 230.  I am 200 right now  I was 195 on Christmas Eve, but jumped off my diet so I could eat all the things I haven't been eating for 2 months, and you know what??  It was fun, but 2 days later I felt horrible.  Tired, sluggish, lazy, my stomach was bloated and I felt like a failure.  Did I jump back on my diet??  Nope.  I've continued to eat junk until last night when I made the decision to get back on track.  Then this morning I was tempted, and I lost.  I have always been an all or nothing kind of girl.  Once I slip, I'm off for the whole day or the whole week, I need to change that so I keep telling myself that this slip doesn't need to continue the entire day.  We will see how it goes :)  I am not the girl that my husband married 29 years ago.  I am about 75 pounds heavier.  I don't want to get back down to 125.  I'd like to be around 160.  I think that would be a good fit for me.  My husband has seen me through it all and supports me and loves me at any weight, but I want to do this for him, Most of all, I want to do this for me, so I feel like the 19 year old that he married :)  


"Keep your goals closer than your temptation." 


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