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Friday, December 4, 2015

Still Learning!

Today was my weigh in day at WW.  Remember, last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I took advantage of the Free No Weigh In Pass at my meeting, so as per their scale, I didn't know how much I had gained over the holiday's and beyond, (Remember that I continued my holiday eating until Sunday?  Yeah!).  Anyway, I had stepped on my scale at home, which I hadn't used since for about 6 weeks, since I started WW, and I was up close to 8 lbs.  I stuck to my point the rest of the week and at my meeting today I was super happy because I only showed a gain of .6 pounds!

Even tho it look me a few extra days I am proud of myself for getting back on track after Thanksgiving.  I used to extend my eating frenzy  a week or more. So that is one thing that is changing!

So...a few thing about this past week....I get that if I would have gone back on track the Friday of my meeting, I would have done so much better.  I wouldn't have wasted one week.  I mean, I went to the meeting.  I made the drive all the way there on Black Friday...my WW Center is right in the middle of the busiest shopping area.  I sat there and and got a lot out of the meeting, yet still it took me a few days after to snap out of it.  This is a learning thing for me.  Instead of being behind in my losing, I could have been ahead.  I guess that's how it is with anything you do.  It is all a learning experience, and I am definitely still learning!!!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to enjoy all the beautiful Christmas decorations all around you!



  1. Ah, lessons learned. But one week out of 52 isn't bad, and you're still doing great overall.

  2. I would count that as a win to not even gain a full pound over a major holiday! Ive had a few very minor victories in eating habits but still haven't got on track