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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Family Tradition!!

Happy December 1st!!  We have a little tradition in our family that my mom started a long time ago. We celebrate December 1st.  We usually buy little gifts for each other, go shopping and or go out to lunch to celebrate!  Since we don't work on Mondays, we decided to celebrate yesterday, so Blayne took the day off work for all the fun!  We went shopping and out to lunch!  We  had a fun day celebrating December 1st.  I guess we just do this to acknowledge that it is finally December and that it's the beginning of all the fun and love that December brings :)

My first Peppermint Mocha of the season!!
Non Fat, No Whip....
8 points?!  Is that right??
This may be my last ;)

A fun early Christmas present to myself!!
Everyone needs a new fun Christmas tumbler!!

Yes, I have an obsession with cups and mugs, 
but isn't this super pretty!?

This is a cute lantern that Blayne made me for a December 1st present!!  I'll show all 4 sides because she is so talented and I love showing her off! :)

Just adorable!!!


Oh!  I forgot to tell you that Greg bought me a laptop!!  It's my very first one!  Of course my kids have them, but this is my first!  I  never really wanted one before I started my blog, but I got to thinking that it would be nice to be portable while I post and it might be easier for me to get more posts written each week.  I don't like being all the way up stairs in my computer room when Greg is downstairs getting extra bonding time with Laker and Ava :)  

See??  This is me, downstairs, posting and watching Vampire Diaries!!  I can multi task now too!!   I've been talking about buying one for a few weeks and Greg said he wanted to get it for me!!  Yay!! Thanks Honey!!


So, happy first day of December!!  Remember to welcome it with a positive attitude, a relaxed mind, and a child like belief in all the love and wonders of the Christmas season!!


"The most treasured heirlooms, 
are the traditions and sweet memories of our family
 that we pass down to our children."



  1. That lantern is so cute! How creative!

  2. Your daughter is so talented! I love all the traditions you have in your family--thank you for sharing them with us! I'm in need of a new laptop... I got this one in 2008 (maybe even late 2007); it's a bit slow sometimes, but it's still kicking! MacBooks apparently last forever. It's been rattling a bit lately (I can hear something knocking around inside it when I pick it up), but it must not be an important piece since it still works! Haha.

  3. Super cute lantern! I love your tradition. We celebrate St. Nicholas day on the 6th. Little goodies get left in our shoes :)

  4. Wow Greg what a keeper! I also love your little traditions , you sure know how to have fun and enjoy life!!